Corruption in RTA office alleged

HYDERABAD, NOV. 15. Strange are the rules and more strange are the ways the officials who implement them. Can a daughter belong to a different caste from her father's? By any rules and standards, she shouldn't be. But, this is what the officials of a Mandal Revenue Office in the city believe!

A caller from the Golkonda area wanted to know whether a daughter and her father belong to the same community or not? And the question was put to the Minister for Roads and Buildings, Mr. K. Vijayarama Rao, on the weekly Administration's Face-to-Face with the People, aired live on some cable channels on Wednesday.

An embarrassed Minister and all the top officials could do nothing but agree with his viewpoint. But, the problem was that his daughter was being denied Backward Class (BC) certificate by the officials though the same officials issued a BC certificate to him.

Apart from this call, it was the usual problems like encroachments, traffic snarls, bad shape of roads and corruption among the Government staff that featured on the one-hour programme.

A caller informed about the rampant corruption among the RTA officials and the failure of the Government to contain it. He volunteered to help the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officials if they wanted to track down the corrupt officials. He also complained about the "corruption" in the South Zone women's police station.

Another caller from Aghapura brought to the notice of officials the encroachment of Government land. Mr. Vijayarama Rao instructed the concerned officials to act on the complaint immediately. Non-functioning of the Effluent Treatment Plant at the APDDCF's milk processing plant at Lalaguda and graveyard in the midst of Municipal Colony, Malakpet were some of the issues highlighted by the people.

The Minister for Labour, Mr. C. Krishna Yadav, the MCH Commissioner, Dr. P.K. Mohanty, were present.