Cong. demands review of GO 610 at political level

HYDERABAD, JUNE 16. The Congress official spokesperson, Mr.K. Kesava Rao, has demanded that the review of implementation of GO 610 relating to organisation of the local cadre and regulation of direct recruitment in Telangana region be done at the political level and not by an official committee as decided by the Cabinet.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Mr. Kesava Rao said the non-implementation of the GO had become a sensitive issue which could not be handled by the official committee. A political decision was required to be taken to set right the largescale violations of the order in posting non-locals in the region.

He said the Government could not offer any convincing explanation about the violation of the GO over the years resulting in the entrenchment of thousands of employees from other regions in the local cadre in Telangana. The Action Taken Report presented to Opposition parties mirrored the bungling that was allowed since the order came into force in 1985.

Mr. Kesava Rao said that the Government was trying to absolve itself of the blame by passing the buck to the Telangana NGOs Union. There was no monitoring mechanism to oversee placements in the local cadre. The Government should take a fresh look at the issue and take the Opposition parties into confidence.