Confer classical language status on Kannada: Ananth Kumar

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Senior BJP leader H.N. Ananth Kumar on Thursday made a strong plea for conferring the status of classical language on Kannada on the lines of declaration made in the case of Tamil and Sanskrit.

Making a special mention in the Lok Sabha, he pointed out that the entire South Indian music was known as Carnatic music and Purandara Dasa was known as the "pitamaha" of this music system.

He noted that there was a mention of Karnataka in the Mahabharata and even Pandharpur Vittala was known as Kannada Vittala.

In addition, he said, the earliest recorded word of Kannada was "Isila" occurring in the Brahmagiri rock inscription of King Ashoka and the date of inscription was 252 BC. Also, there was a stone inscription known as Halmidi, which was in a village called Halmidi in Belur taluk of Hassan district. The date of inscription was 450 AD and it was entirely in Kannada script.

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