CBSE bans dissections

NEW DELHI, MAY 20. Frogs, rats and earthworms would no longer be killed in school laboratories for biological tests, thanks to a decision of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The CBSE, in a circular to all the heads of institutions affiliated to it, has notified that all experiments relating to animals in biology practicals in the senior school curriculum had been deleted with immediate effect.

``Hence, no questions related to the dissection of animals will be asked in the practical examinations in biology from March 2002 onwards,'' the circular said, adding students will perform the alternate experiments already identified and prescribed in the syllabus.

The CBSE Director (academics), Mr. G. Balasubramanian, said the decision had not been taken on the spur of moment but had been the outcome of a three-year old process during which the proposal was examined by a group of subjective experts.

He said seven alternate activities have been provided to the students and a large number of schools have already gone for the option. He said students would not lose anything by not dissecting animals as the alternative activities provide exactly the same psychomotors skills. ``Utmost efforts have been made to make the options as close as possible to the dissection of real animals.''