BWSSB to adopt rainwater harvesting

BANGALORE Sept. 21. Environmentally-conscious Bangaloreans can rejoice, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has decided to harvest rainwater.

By now radio listeners will be familiar with the BWSSB's "save water" messages that are regularly aired. And school and college children know and are involved in its water conservation programmes. And former athlete Ashwini Nachappa is the "smart water manager" for the same project.

The BWSSB has decided to transform Cauvery Bhavan — not to be confused with the corporate office of the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (KPTCL) which stands next door and is referred to as Cauvery Bhavan — into a showpiece of water conservation.

The BWSSB Chairman, M.N. Vidyashankar, told The Hindu on Sunday that a report on rainwater harvesting (RWH) at Cauvery Bhavan would be ready "in a week's time". The project, he said, would reduce the office's water requirement by at least 40 per cent and the board would recover its investment in less than three years.

"Many corporates and citizens come to us for advice on RWH. We tell them that it is viable and help them contact non-governmental agencies involved in the field." Later, the board decided that it made sense to go in for RWH at its own building. "We want to show people that this can be done even on an old building and not just new structures," Mr. Vidyashankar said.

Although the BWSSB office building was over 20 years old, installing RWH features would not cost much, he said.

He would not go into specifics but said the project would be more than Rs. one lakh.

The BWSSB will have rooftop collection of rainwater and a ground level storage area. The project is to be tendered once the report is complete.

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