Bull runs amok, claims one life

NEW DELHI, JULY 12. A bull ran amok in a congested locality in South Delhi today killing a man and goring at least four more before it was shot dead by exhausted policemen.

It took the police nearly two hours to corner the animal inside a park. While they fired about ten rounds, a local resident fired four more from his rifle. The bull died after a bullet hit it in the forehead.

Earlier, the angry bull ran around the G-2 locality in Madangir targeting passers-by on the street and spreading panic. Fiftyfive-year-old Ram Karan was dragged a few metres before the bull repeatedly banged his head against a wall, killing him on the spot. Hari Nagar, in his 40s, was luckier. He managed to crawl under a parked matador to escape the animal's frenzy. But not before his forehead was split open and a few ribs were broken.

At least three more persons, including an old woman, sustained injuries. One of them was identified as Rashida. The police, however, maintained that only one person, Hari Nagar, was injured in the bizarre incident.

Local residents claimed that the white-and-black bull had the Municipal Corporation of Delhi mark on its back. No one was sure whether the bull was earlier seen in the locality or what made it go berserk.

It all began at about five in the morning when the lower-middle class locality was slowly stirring up to a new day. Recalled Hari Nagar, a tea stall owner: ``I was on my way to the local `shakha' for exercising with three others when the bull hit me from behind. Even as I fell on my head, the animal kept dragging me. I could feel a searing pain in my head and back.''

Hari Nagar's trauma continued till he managed to free himself and crawled beneath a tempo to stay there before the bull found another target. He was then pulled out by his friends.

Next it was Ram Karan's turn. He was on his way to a community toilet when the bull's gaze fell on him. It hit him with its head and dragged him to a wall. The helpless man could only scream for help as his head was banged repeatedly against the wall. The banging stopped only after Ram Karan's body went limp.

The police arrived at the chaotic scene at about 5-50 a.m. The game plan was to trap the animal at a dead-end and to lasso it. Several vehicles were positioned at different mouths of the lanes to ensure that it did not run out to the main road.

Soon it was realised that the only way to stop the killer was to kill it. A dozen bullets, including four from the licensed rifle of a local resident, Shamsuddin, had to be pumped into the cornered animal before it was eventually killed.