BSNL to hold subscribers' meet

PONDICHERRY, JULY 6. The BSNL General Manager (Pondicherry), Mr. A. Subramanian, has introduced a new system of holding subscribers' meet exchange-wise so as to acquaint them with details of new services offered. The first meeting will be held at 11 a.m. tomorrow on the telephone exchange premises at Olandai Keerapalayam (Mudaliarpet).

The meet will help the subscribers bring to the notice of the authorities their problems in getting assured service from the exchanges. The subscribers served by the Olandai Keerapalayam and Ariankuppam segments are to be covered at this meeting.

Telephone numbers starting with 35, 28 and 60 are being served by the exchanges. Delay, if any, in clearing the faults, effecting a shift, sanction of new connections, bill disputes, and commercial complaints will be taken up tomorrow. The BSNL also welcomes suggestions from the subscribers to improve service.

In a communication Mr. Subramanian said that to popularise the ISDN service, which could be used for voice and high speed data transfer and videoconferencing at an economical cost, the BSNL had reduced the charges. There was no registration charge now.

The deposit amount was reduced from Rs. 9,000 to 5,000 and the rental halved to Rs. 500. This service was available on demand in all exchanges except in Bahoor, Kandamangalam and Kariamanickkam.