Brides Wanted

6000 N NAVAL Officer Telugu Brahmin, B.Tech/ PG - IIT/ (MBA) 27/ 176, seeks MBBS/ B.E./ MCA/ CA girl, subsect/ Tamil, Kannada Iyer no bar. Details/ Horoscope Box No. HA35693, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002. Phone: 4846180.

CHRISTIAN COORGI, B.A. Diploma in Airlines Travel Agency, employed, 30/172, seeks employed girl in Tamil Nadu or PG from Kannadika Malayali Tamilians, fair complexion, caste no bar. Box No. HB5370, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FAIR HANDSOME, 36/176, wellsettled Indian in Switzerland seeks goodlooking slim, welleducated, bride between 25-30. Caste religion no bar. Send full details with photo. Contact: Premraj Toesstalstrasse, 167/3, 8400 Winterthur Switzerland email: HenryPremraj@freesurf.ch

WANTED SUITABLE Homely life partner for 33/155/10,000/- wheatish secure job. Religion language no bar. Respond with full particulars and returnable, photo (must). Box No. HY 288, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-560016.

ARYA VYSYA Graduate, legally divorced, 38/170, smart, handsome, looks younger, businessman, earning 45,000-00 per month, Prop. 43 lakhs, strictly no dowry seeks very beautiful girl, caste no bar. Send bio-bata, full and half size colour photo. Box No. HY 287, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

CATHOLIC BANK Officer, M.Com., CAIIB, 172 seeks Catholic, Graduate bride. Reply only with photograph. Box No. VZ64, THE HINDU, Visakhapatnam-530013.

I AM Looking out for a Born-Again Christian virgin bride, never married, under 35 but Young at heart and mind, slim, below 168, willing to raise a family, cultured and educated. I am in my early 50's, young at heart and mind, look about 8 years younger, never married, was born again at age 18, slim and 170, Am a highly qualified Professor, settled in Madras. Box No. KR43503, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ANGLO INDIAN handsome, 32/ 180, highly educated, well settled in USA. Visiting India soon, seeks alliance from well educated, god fearing, fair, good looking Anglo Indian bride. Box No. HY281, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. E-mail: jhenri@att.net

MADHWA KANNADA, Jamadagni, 27/ 168/ M.Com, CWAI (Inter), Advanced Computer courses, Rs. 30,000/= p.m., International Bank- Chennai seeks pretty, professional/ post-graduate, employed/ unemployed below 24 years with good family background from Madhwa Kannada only. Send horoscope, bio-data Box No. DM34969, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MADHWA KANNADA Vasista, 30, Govt. employed looking for graduate girl. Contact: 0422 806872. V. Srinivasan, A-56, Kovaipudur, Coimabtore-641042.

WANTED MUSLIM Bride, Kerala Muslim Businessman, 31 years, handsome, Aristocrat family, educated, Religious, wealthy, loving, highly matured, looking for beautiful, Religious, educated (Islamically too), smart, broad minded girl from good family with high resources irrespective of language/ State. Person interested in research of Quran & Psycology preferred, willing to support in business. Those who are agreeable for second marriage, respond with details, photo to Box No. KA1581, THE HINDU, Cochin-682016. Email: alameen3@rediffmail.com

LEBBAI MUSLIM 29/ 165/ fair B.Sc., Business man 35,000/- own house well-settled invites Muslim Bride from Tamilnadu, Kerala. Contact (044) 3720314. Send Bio-data Photo. Box No. CC27590, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

DEDICATED MALAYALEE Christian, Post-Graduate, financially sound, healthy bachelor (49) seeks ``Born-again'' bride, here/abroad. Box No. KA1588, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

WANTED MALAYALEE Christian bride, here/abroad for double Post- Graduate, well placed, healthy bachelor (51). Box No. KA1587, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

NAIR 29 working in MNC Handsome Salary seeks alliance from Fair, affluent well educated Bride around 23. Reply with horocope, photo(returnable). Box No. WW56187, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIR, ASWATHY, 29/ 180, Central Government, Chennai settled seeks goodlooking bride. Apply with Photo: Box No. DM34949, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HOROSCOPES INVITED from goodlooking, well-to-do Graduate employed, preferably Government/ Bank, Nair girls, educated family for Post Graduate Menon, Teacher, 28/ 165, Rohini, having Chovva, Chennai settled. Box No. HB-5459, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

NAIR BOY, 32, Vadakara, Software Executive in Multinational Company - Chennai. Only son, employed girls preferred. Respond with horoscope. Box No. HB5396, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIR BOY, 32 years, 180 cms., Makam, Suddhajathakam, MDS, Senior Lecturer, Dental College. Doctors/ Professionals reply. Box No. HB5450, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from goodlooking, Graduate girls for a South Malabar Menon boy 36+ 168 cms, Avittam, Doshajathakam, C.A. Finalist, Senior Executive, Ltd. Company in Chennai, preferably from employed girls in Chennai. Box No. HB5529, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARENTS OF Punjabi Khatri, only son, 30/173, Engineer, settled in S.California, invite alliance from educated, cultured, religius girl, prefer from U.S., age 25-30. E-mail: opsikka@yahoo.com Phone: (02634) 82240. Box No. HB5484, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SOURASHTRA, 30/157, M.S. (C.S.), working in USA, since 5 years seeks preferably BE/MCA brides from same caste. Contact: 044-3711593/08-3602399 with horoscope. Box No. BA3358, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

SUNNI MUSLIM parents seek graduate bride religious, fair, pretty, for graduate son, 27/ 179, airline consultant, abroad prosperous, parents respond with photograph (returnable). Box No. HB-5498, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL MUSLIM, fair, beautiful, slim, Graduate girl, below 24 years, above 160 cms for Software Professional in States, coming on Holiday in November. Parents please send bio-data and photo. Email: hsds1974@hotmail.com Box No. MA-35, THE HINDU, Madurai- 625020.

TAMIL MUSLIM parents, respectable family invite alliance for son, MCA, 28/176, handsome, religious, Senior Consultant, USA from Graduate, below 24, around 165, fair, good looking, religious bride. Send bio-data, photograph returnable. Box No. HB5508, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

LEBBAI MUSLIM 29/ 165/ fair B.Sc., Business man 35,000/- own house well-settled invites Muslim Bride from Tamilnadu, Kerala. Contact (044) 3720314. Send Bio-data Photo. Box No. CC27590, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

C.S.I. PROTESTANT, 30/ 164, Medium Complexion, Slim, Class I Officer, Central Government Seeks C.S.I. Bride. Age 24-27. Reply with Photo (Returnable). Box No. ZM64433, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

CSI NADAR, B.E., M.B.A., 30/ 178/ 15,000/-, Working Private, Coimbatore, Propertied Parents Seek alliance from Girl's Parents with B.E./ B.E.,M.B.A., Similar Status. Box No. ZM64438, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC VANNIER, 32, MSW, 18,000, Chennai based seeks suitable alliance. feellixx@iycos.com Box No. HA35698, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

RC BALIJA Naidu, 34/ 179, handsome, 2nd Officer in Foreign Ship, Rs. 1,25,000/- seeks tall, slim, fair, educated girl, below 29 with good family background, immediate marriage. Caste no bar. Apply with bio-data, photo returnable. Box No. HB5398, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC VANNIAR, 29/ 165, M.E., Lecturer, seeks fair educated girl preferably B.E.,/ M.E.,/ M.C.A. same caste. Box No. MA26, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

CHRISTIAN BACHELOR 44/ 163/ 30,000, Caste denomination disliker, seeks goodlooking spinster full details. Box No. HB5414, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FROM RESPECTABLE Roman Catholic family for groom, 31 years 162 cm, RC Mudaliar holding master degree in International Management, engaged in own industry. Apply with photograph (returnable) to: Box No. HB5401, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC CHRISTIAN Nadar/ 26/ B.E./ Lecturer, 12,000/-, handsome seeks good looking, clean habits bride. Apply with photo returnable. Box No. CB-8675, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

CSI VANNIYAR, M.D. (Ped.), 28/173, fair seeks good looking, fair, below 27, Protestant Christian preferably Doctors. Send biodata, photo returnable. Rudy, 41, Officers Colony, Puthur, Trichy- 620017. Phone: 792649.

CSI CHRISTIAN, 30/165 Radiographer, Muscat seeks alliance from religious, respectable family Nursing Professionals, working Muscat, B.Sc. Nursing preferred. Caste no bar. Box No. HB5504, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Email: blessed_marr@yahoo.com.in

TAMIL ARYAVYSYA Sozhia Chettiar Uthiradam 34/168 15,000/- Engineer PSU employed seeks suitable Bride subsect acceptable. Send horoscope / photo / details Box No. WW56183, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR / PILLAI 26/179 only son highly successful Software Professional British Citizen Clean Habits, Fair, Handsome, well connected affluent family parents seek equally qualified pretty fair bride. Box No. WW56181, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MD DOCTOR 31/176/Hindu Vellalar Pillai seeks Doctor / Engineer bride. Caste no bar. Reply biodats, horoscope, photo Box No. WW56191, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TULUVA VELLALA Parents invite alliance for their only son, Visakam, M.Tech/ 26 /168 working as Software Professional with TCS, from the same Community preferably Professionally Qualified Girl with good Family Background. Box No. SH46945, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, 28/ 180, Bharani, B.E., Electronics Software Engineer, Working in USA, Active Athletic & Friendly seeks Fair, Cheerful, Professionally Qualified Well Accomplished Nadar Girl. Send Horoscope, Photo Box No. SH46948, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VEGETARIAN, AGAMUDAYAR, 33/ 162, BE/ MBA (IIM), 1 Lakh + Per Month, MNC Executive in Chennai, Cultured Religious Family, Seeks Cultured Girl from good family. Reply only with horoscope and Photo. Homepage: www.angelfire.com/nd/intro E-mail: ceo10@rediffmail.com Box No. SH46952, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUNTHER 28/ 174, D.M.E., A.M.I.E., Poosam, fair, Chevvai 4th place, working Abudabi, seeks Professionally qualified girl. Send Bio-data, Horoscope. Box No. HA35680, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, BDS, 26/ 165, Chittirai, well settled family, waiting to join MDS, seeks good looking bride from well settled family. Send Horoscope, Photo (returnable) Box No. HA35684, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU/ SC/ AD/ 30/ 162, MBBS, affluent family seeks MBBS - same caste from decent family. Contact: 04114-26522/ 28212. Send photo biodata horoscope. Box No. HA35688, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULAKSHATRIYA, AYILYAM, M.Sc. 31/ 180, Central Govt. Chennai, 10,500/- seeks bride. Send Horoscope/ Photo (returnable) Box No. HA35696, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SEEKS TALL fair, beautiful bride BE/ MCA/ MSc from Saivapillai, Thuluva Vellalar, Sozhia Vellalar, Mudaliyar for Saivapillai, handsome groom BE/ Computer 25/ 173 cm, Sadhayam, working Sathyam Computers. Send horoscope, biodata, photo Box No. HA35699, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

DEVENDRAKULA VELLALAR (Pallan) 27/ 172, B.E. Software Professional, Pune, seeks Professionally qualified bride. Send Bio-data, Horoscope and photo (must). Phone:044-6418658. Box No. HA35700, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULAKSHATRIYA ME, 29/ 168, Magam seeks alliance from BE/ B.Tech same caste. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HA35701, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR DOCTOR MRCP Working in U.S.A. 32/ 175 Anusham seeks fair, slim goodlooking Graduate/ Post-Graduate preferably Working in U.S.A. or Indian girl from well Educated families reply with Horoscope Bio-Data Photo (returnable) Caste no bar BoxNo. AA24204, THEHINDU, Chennai-600002.

THONDAI MANDALA Saiva Vellala, 32/ 179, Kettai, M.A., PGDCA Software Programmer, Chennai seeks bride from strictly vegetarian family. Reply Box No. KR43506, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, MBA, Own Business 25/ 173, Avittam seeks educated girl. Contact: 044-4402982/ 4510911. Box No. KR43481, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, UDAYAR, Nathaman, 30/ 176 cms, Bharani, DME, 12,000/- P.M, Employed in MNC. Seeks Educated Girl from Middle class family & same caste. PH: 8225363, Cell: 98401-18857.

HINDU TAMIL, 55 Years, legally divorced, without encumbrance, highly qualified, Doctor, employed- USA, nonsmoking, teetotaller, clean habits require partner, educated, under 50 years, kind, caring. Caste no bar. Box No. DM34939, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU TAMIL, Post-Graduate, Engineer- USA, H1 Visa, 28/ 180, handsome, fair, non-smoking, teetotaller, good habits require bride 26 years, slim, fair, tall, Engineer, decent family. Caste no bar. Box No. DM34940, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR, B.E, 27/ 175, Multinational Company, 28,000/= seeks suitable bride. Mohanraj, 2/549, Mogappair East, Chennai-600050. (044-6562105)

DOCTOR VEERASAIVA Mudaliar, vegetarian, seek suitable bride preferably Doctor from respectable Veerasaivar, Vellalar Mudaliars, Pillai for his only son MBBS, DO, Eye specialist, Uthradam, 27/ 170. N.V acceptable. Send horoscope. Phone: 044- 6265349. Box No. DM34943, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGAMUDIYA-MUDALIAR, MS Computer, 28/ 183, USA, seeks MBBS/ BE/ MCA/ MBA bride, willing to work- USA. Early marriage. Phone: 044- 6191835.

KARTHIGAI III, Hindu, Tamil, Giramani, 29/ 167, M.Com., B.P.Ed, ACS- Final, Teacher, 6500/=, Chennai. Send Bio-data, Horoscope. Box No. DM34951, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUNTHA MUDALIAR, 27/ 172/ MCA, employed in MNC seek unemployed graduate/ Post-Graduate bride with or without Professional qualification, age between 23- 26 years, from respectable family. Subsects no bar. Apply: Box No. DM34953, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZHIA-VELLALAR, 29/ 165, BE, Software, working- Chennai based Company, seeks slim, goodlooking, graduated, homely girl. Subsects accepted. Reply bio-data, horoscope, photo (returnable): Box No. DM34955, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARCOT MUDALIAR, tall, handsome, postgraduate, 32, well settled, solicit correspondence from tall, fair, graduate brides. No caste restrictions. Reply: Box No. DM34957, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGAMUDAYA MUDALIAR, 28/ DECE, Engineer- Private, 12000/=, seeks fair, educated, above 1979 born. Box No. DM34967, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA VELLALA, B.Com., Karthigai, 36/170cm., leading shipping company, salary Rs. 9,000/- and business, income Rs. 20,000/-. Ph: 044-6431371. Box No. HB5433, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 26/172, B.E., Swathi, working as Programme Manager in a leading software company in California - USA, seeks good looking, graduate girl from decent family from same community. Send bio data and horoscope. Box No. HB5371, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU A.D., IAS Officer, Son of Senior Civil Servant, 26 yrs., fair, 170cms., seeks convent educated, B.E./M.B.A./PG, beautiful girl, 21-23 years, slim, fair, 165cms., from status family, caste no bar. Respond with horoscope, photo (returnable) and bio data. Box No. HB5373, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADAVA, Purattathi 3rd Padam, B.E./26/180, Software Engineer, USA, seeks tall, fair, below 24, educated, computer proficient bride. Send horoscope, biodata with photo returnable. Box No. HB5374, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR 28/ 178, DECE, 6000/- + 8th Chevvai, Airman Technical IAF, Delhi. Box No. HB5390, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU VANIYA Chettiar, 28/ 176, goodlooking, Assistant Surgeon, undergoing M.D. (Paediatrics), Madras Medical College. Seeks suitable alliance. Send bio-data. Box No. HB5354, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SAIVA PILLAI, parents Chennai, settled. Invite alliance city based Professionals for their son, 30/ 170/ Visagam, B.E./ MBA, employed in Bombay. E-mail: holymet@yahoo.com. Box No. HB5394, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ADIDRAVIDA HINDU, 33, SWE, USA. Seeks goodlooking, Engineer/ Doctor, girl age 25-30, employed Abroad/ India, no bar. Send horoscope photo (returnable). Box No. CB4425, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

HINDU MUDALIAR, 29/ 181, Green Card Holder, B.E., M.S. Software Engineer, USA. Seeks goodlooking qualified girl, preferably working or studying in USA. Caste no bar. Send bio-data, horoscope, photo returnable. Contact Ph: (022) 5207473. Box No. HB5400, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADAVA, 30/170, Doctor M.Ch. Neurosurgery, reputed private hospital seeks professional brides, same caste. Send biodata, horoscope, photo. Box No. HB5383, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

29, D.M.E., employed Reputed Firm, Kuwait. Seeks suitable bride. Kallar/ Maravar/ Agamudayar Community, early marriage. Box No. MA23, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU ADIDRAVIDA, 29, Computer Engineer, USA, seeks Chevvai Dosham girl preferably Computer Science. Reply with horoscope, photo. Box No. HB5421, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUNTHAR 27/20000 (B.E.), D.P.T., B.B.A., Senior Executive seeks good looking. Subsect no bar. Dr. Karthika, 36, Govindan St., Ayyavoo Colony, Chennai-29. Contact: (044) 4751094.

MUDALIAR SOFTWARE Professional M.Sc., M.Phil., 29/173 seeks well educated fair good looking bride. Send bio-data horoscope photo to: Box No. HB5412, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU BACHELOR 43, B.E., (B.L.), Gazetted Officer, seeks suitable bride preferably professionals. Reply Box No. 5360, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU KALLAR Star Hastham, 28/ 167, B.E., M.B.A. Software Engineer, Bangalore invites alliance from Mukkulathor working Engineer/ Software professional fair bride. Box No. HB5368, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, parents invite alliance for 26/ 170, fair, well- built, smart, B.E., MBA, 3,50,000/- p.a. Manager, Reputed MNC, Mumbai from fair, goodlooking, Professionally qualified girls, same community. Apply with bio-data, horoscope, photo (returnable). Contact: family@krmfamily.com Box No. MA27, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

MUDALIAR BOY, Thiruvadurai, 25/170, B.E. (MS), USA employed, seeks good looking, Mudaliar girl. Box No. HB5352, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU VELLALA Pillai parents Madurai origin, seek alliance to their son, 28 years, D.M.E., 168 cm., Central Government employee, Rs. 10,000, Ailiyam 4th Padam girl, below 22 years, degree. Box No. HB5378, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CASTE NO Bar. Hindu Panicker, SC, AD, 31, B.E., Software Consultant, USA, fair, goodlooking, well settled, seeks fair bride. Engineers, Professionally qualified. Reply bio-data, horoscope. Box No. HB5449, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR 29/ 168 B.E., M.S.(USA), Product Manager, Teetotaller seeks fair, slim, P.G./ Professionally qualifed Hindu bride below 25 years. Reply with horoscope, photo (R). Box No. HB5444, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AFFLUENT SAIVA Mudaliar boy, 30/ 172, B.E., MBA (IIM), holding Senior position in Telecom Firm in London seeks alliance from smart, academically well qualified girls with good family background. Girls, working abroad may also reply. Subsect no bar. Reply with biodata, horoscope and photograph. Box No. BA3347, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

ARCOT MUDALIAR Boy, 30/175, Revathi, B.E. Comp., Software Engineer, seeks, fair, homely well educated girl. Same caste. Box No. 3354, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

HINDU NADAR, 26, Civil Engineer, employed Singapore, seeks fair, looking Graduate bride, same community. Send horoscope. Box No. HB5475, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC ADIDRAVIDA, Vellore Dist., B.E., 28/169, Software Engineer at Columbus, USA, Star Uthratathe-2, Rasi Meenam, Lagnam Mesham, needs B.E., goodlooking girl. Send bio-data, horoscope, full size photo (returnable). Phone: 04172-22226. E-mail: Saranatht@hotmail.com Box No. HB5470, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR MOOLAM II, Padam, 29/ 180 cms/ B.E.M.S. working in USA. Seeks tall qualified girl. Ph: 080-2226918. Reply with horoscope and bio-data. Box No. BA3348, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

HINDU ADIDRAVIDA, 37, B.E., AE/TNEB, 14,000/-, Chennai seeks Government employed girl. Box No. HB5472, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA Boy from well educated family, B.E.,/ 26/ 180, Software Engineer, USA seeks bio-data and horoscope from well educated girls, fair, below 23, from decent families. Box No. CB 8674, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

VANNIAKULAKSHTRIYA PUNARVASU, 32/ 171, MBA, 15,000, own house. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HB-5460, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA SHAKTHRIYA, B.E., 26/ 172/ 65, Scientist, Engineer, I.S.R.O., Central Govt., smart, brilliant, Avittam, Maharam, seeks suitable bride, MBBS/ BDS/ B.E., employed or unemployed. Contact with horoscope, family details. Box No. HB-5399, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMAVAR BOY, 32/ 167, B.E. Computer, employed USA seeks Engineering girl from same community. Send horoscope, photo. Box No. MA-33, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

SENGUNTHA MUDALIAR, 27, Doctor, M.S, own hospital Doctor parents seeks goodlooking Doctors, Graduate girls from cultured family. Sub sect acceptable. Send horoscope, photo. Box No. HB-5458, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA, VISAGAM, 34/ 180, B.A./ own business/ Rs. 10,000 p.m., seeks educated. Horoscope/ family details to Box No. HB-5439, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIAKULA KSHATRIA (Padayachi), 31/ 160, fair, M.B.B.S., D.Diab., doing M.D. (Gen. Med.), Govt. Service wearing cosmatic contact lens for right white eye seeks Doctor/ graduate bride from same community. Send biodata, horoscope. Box No. HB-5377, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAICKER (VANNIAR), 28/ 171/ M.Sc., M.Phil, M.Ed, smart, New Zealand, P.R. employed seeks goodlooking Convent educated from respectable & affluent family of same caste, willing to settle in New Zealand. Apply E-mail: essessrr@yahoo.co.in/ Box No. HB-5477, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA VELLALA Mudaliar Engineer, 37/ 181/ 60000, handsome, prefer any Vellala Mudaliar Pillai. Subsects - Tall, fair, goodlooking, below 31 graduate girl. Mail photo, bio-data to Box No. HB5502, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

INTERCASTE PARENTAGE, Pallar/ Brahmin invites bride for son 29/ 178, Government, Post Graduate Doctor (Caste no bar). Send horoscope and photograph (returnable). Box No. HB-5522, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, 33/ 170, Swathi, Ph.D., 15,000/-, Scientist, good looking seeks well-to-do educated/ employed Nadar girl. Contact: Phone: (0427) - 402741. E.mail: sankaranrajendran@yahoo.com

SAIVA VELLALA Mudaliar parents invite correspondence from parents of tall, fair, goodlooking girl, working or studying in U.S. and of minimum age of 27 years, same caste, (Subsect no bar) for their son 29 years, 180 cms., Uthiradam, Doctorate in Computer Science, employed in an American University. Email to sivagami_sundari@hotmail.com or write to Box No. HB5494, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARKAVAKULAM NAINAR, Udayar, 28/166/8,000, employed in IAF. M.Com., MBA seeks goodlooking girls from same or sub caste. Contact: 044-2290391 saravanan@ebytemail.com

HINDU NADAR, Uthiratadhi, 28/183/MCA, fair, Nationalised Bank Officer, 12,000/- seeks suitable bride. Contact: (0452) 735649. Box No. MA29, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

TIRUNELVELI SAIVA Vellala, B.Sc., 32/ 165, Poosam, working in scheduled bank seeks suitable bride, bio-data, horoscope required. Box No. MA-34, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

ARYA VYSYA, 21/170/BE, Air Force Officer (Flight Lieutenant), Pune seeks educated bride. Send horoscope. 0422-398240. Box No. CB4437, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TAMIL YADHAVA, MBA, 35/170, Bank Manager seeks smart, good looking girl. Send bio-data, photo. Box No. HB5514, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR, WELL settled in Bangalore, own business, earning in lakhs per month, 175/40, legally separated, good family background disciplined fair boy seeks beautiful educated girls. Caste no bar. Apply with horoscope, family details and photo (returnable). Box No. CB4435, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

SOZHIA VELLALAR, non-veg, 29/ 165, handsome, Software Engineer, USA seeks good looking, B.E., MCA brides. Caste no bar. Ph: 0422- 426801. Box No. CB-8677, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

HINDU NADAR Bachelor, Ph.D., 40/165/15,000, Deputy Collector's son, University Lecturer, rich, fair looking, young seeks suitable Nadar girl. Photo, horoscope Box No. MA36, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU TAMIL Karkatha Vellalar, NV, B.E., 29/ 171/ Pooradam, wheatish, handsome, senior software engineer, working at Chennai, now under deputation to France, seeks a fair good looking, slim, graduate, homely bride from decent family of Pillai community sub sects accepted. Respond with biodata, horoscope and colour photos (returnable). Contact Box No. HB-5448, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZHIYA VELLALAR, good-looking Professional (or) Graduate, below 23/160, decent family girl for engineering Manager/ abroad, 27/163. Hustham. Contact Phone: 0422-444637.

YADAVA, 30, B.E., 36,000/monthly (heart ailment - first wife expired. 5-year boy available). Ramalwar, 24, Posts and Telegraphs Colony, Tirunelveli-627011.

HINDU AD/ 28/ 170/ M.Sc., Customs Examiner Seeks Fair, Smart, Goodlooking, Graduates 23- 25, Employed/ Unemployed Girl.Caste no bar. Send with photo. Box No. CC27589, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, GAUTAMA, Brahacharanam, Bank Officer, 31/ 178, Mesha Kartigai, seeks Graduate, girl. Subsect no bar. Box No. KR43505, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER ASHTASAHASRAM Kasyaba Pooratathi 30 / 170 B.Sc.,PGDCSA Government employed 5500 P.M. own flat in T.Nagar seeks employed Girl subsect acceptable. Parents Retired Senior Government Officers. Contact S.V.Subramanian B 20/18, Kamakoti Nagar, Rameswaram Road, Chennai-17. 044-4328934 / 044-4361332.

SAIRAM HINDU Pillai vegetarian divorcee 35 / no issue young looking Graduate MNC 9000/- own house seeks good character employed girl below 28. Apply with photo(returnable) Box No. WW56182, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, VADHOOLAM, Mirugaseersham, 27/ 165, Smart, Handsome Boy, B.Com.,Grad.C.W.A, A.C.A., L.C.S., Associate Business Analyst, Seeks Fair, Good Looking, Qualified Girl below 24 years from Decent Respectable Family. Send Horoscope, Family Details. Box No. ZM64423, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA, Vathoolam, Pooram 28/ 170, B.E., Computer Engineer, working U.S.A. Seeks Slim, Good Looking, Well Qualified B.E.Computer, MCA, or any Software Development Course / MBA with Computer Knowledge Girl. Subsect no bar. Boy arriving India November 3rd Week. Send Horoscope / Bio-data. Box No. ZM64424, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAKALAI/ SRIVATSAM/ MIRUGASEERISHAM/ 31/ 170, Well Qualified - Journalist/ Well Employed Boy Seeks Fair Good Looking Graduate Girl. Contact: 044-2272552/ Box No. ZM64427, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VADAMAL/ BARADWAJAM/ Avittam, 33/ 175/ B.Sc., Working At Dubai, Seeks Alliance. Contact: 044-2310519. Box No. ZM64428, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, BHARADWAJA, Swathi, 27/180, Software Engineer, U.S.A., Seeks Good Looking, Fair, Vadama Bride, MCA/ B.E.(C.S.). Box No. ZM64430, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA, Srivastham, Rohini, 28/ 172, B.E.(Mech.) - Software Professional Presently U.S. on Deputation Seeks Slim, Fair, Good Looking, Professionally Qualified Girl, Decent Family. Send Horoscope. S.Balasubramanian, Amma Illam, 2/155, Brindavan Street, Balaiya Garden, Madipakkam, Chennai - 600 091. Phone: 044-2423284.

IYER, BRAHACHARANAM, Moudgalya, Hastham-4, 28/ 160, B.E. Software Professional, USA. Alliance invited from Parents of Well Educated Girl with Strong Religious Belief and Home Loving Nature. Reply Horoscope, Details. Box No. ZM64437, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THENKALAI, SRIVATSAM, Sathayam, 30/ 175, B.E.(ECE - III Year - Part Time, Anna University), Assistant System Engineer, MNC, Chennai, Seeks Bride. Send Horoscope Box No. ZM64439, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KERALA ORIGIN Iyer Bride for Vadamal, Koundinyam, Uthirattadi, 27, Software Engineer, USA. Contact: (044)4934963, Chennai.

IYENGAR, THENKALAI, Naithraba Kasyapa, Kruthika-I, 27/ 178, Vadakalai Acceptable, class one Officer, Captain Army, Medical Services, Dental Officer, BDS, Non- Alcoholic, Non- Smoker very Fair seeks well Qualified Girl from Decent Family. Box No. SH46940, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHACHARANAM BHARATWAJAM Ayilyam 1959 B.Sc., B.L./ Sathayam 1960, B.A., both Well Settled in Business, seeks Good Looking Girls. Box No. SH46943, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL BRAHMIN 42 Years settled in Australia, working in MNC, seeks Educated Brides from Respectable Brahmin Family preferrably in IT or with other Professional Qualification. Boy visiting India soon on short duration. Box No. SH46944, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, NAITHRUPA Kashyapa, Karthikai 32/ 164, BA/ PGDBA, Abudhabi Employed, Interested in Music, Dance Preferred. Box No. SH46947, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GROOM IN Chennai, Vadama, Koundinya, Mirugaseesham, 28/ 178, B.Tech/ MS, Employed in Leading Company in San Fransisco. Phone: 044-4993240. Reply 103, V.M. Street, Mylapore, Chennai-600004.

KOUSIKA IYENGAR, Sathayam, MBA., US Employed, Handsome, Fair, 175/ 33, looks much younger seeks Fair, Slim, Beautiful, Educated Girl. Contact 044-8474504 with Details and Photo (Returnable).

IYER, BUSINESSMAN, Postgraduate, Propertied, 31/ 177, seeks, Educated, Good Looking Girl. Reply Box No. SH46955, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Koundanya, Bharani, Fair, Smart, Well Placed Boy, CA, ICWA, SAP, 28/ 174, Employed IT MNC, 6 Lacs P.A seeks Very Fair, Beautiful, Well Educated Girl. Boy is SAP Consultant and Works on Overseas Projects only. Reply Box No. SH46956, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MOUDGALYA, VADAMAL, 1962 Born, B.Com., Employed in Singapore, Family and Independent House at Chennai, Handsome, Very Tall, Fair, Seeks Graduate Girl from Religious Family. Apply with Horoscope, Family Details: Box No. SH46957, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HARITA, VATHIMA, 30/ 167, Executive - Pharma, goodlooking, good habits, seeks graduate girl. Subsect no bar. Box No. HA35681, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, BHARADWAJAM, Brahacharanam, Swathi, 28/ 173, M.C.A. (M.B.A) Sr.Software Engineer, employed MNC Chennai, 25,000/-, seeks alliance from parents of middle class family, home loving, religious, slim, good looking, Graduate girl, interested in music. Reply Horoscope/ Family details Box No. HA35682, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BHARADWAJAM, POOSAM, B.E. 34, Rs.25000/-, seeks fair, good looking, Iyer bride, simple marriage. Boy Divorcee without encumbrance. Respond with Horoscope, Photo Box No. HA35683, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Athreya, Bharani, Feb 76/ 176, B.Com., ACA, Manager MNC Singapore, seeks Professionally qualified girl, 78/ 79 born. Reply Ramanan "Sivalaya" 132 S, Brooklands, Coonoor 643101. 0423-236206. sivalaya@eth.net

BRAHACHARANAM BHARADWAJAM 26/ 180/ B.E., Krithigai Software Engineer California, US Visiting India November, seeks tall good looking B.E./ M.C.A./ M.S. bride, subsect acceptable. E-mail: cdh6@hotmail.com , Contact:044-4845670. Box No. HA35695, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BHARATWAJA Pushyam, 40, Simpson Group, Madras, home loving, preferably employed girl. Horoscope optional. Box No. HA35702, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAAL KOUSIGAM Tanjorian Magham (3) 28/ 180/ 30,000 B.Com, AICWA, ACA, Team leader MNC Bangalore. No Mars Dosham, seeks professionally qualified good looking fair girl. E-mail: sekar@kmronline.com Box No. HA35703, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAKALAI IYENGAR, Naidrava Kashyapa, Sadayam, 27/ 177/ M.Com, FIII, MNC Insurance Co., Rs. 20,000/- seeks employed girl - difference 3 years. Phone: 4711686. Box No. HA35704, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED NON-SRIVATSA Iyengar girl B.E., 28/ 162, USA. Apply Horoscope. Box No. HA35705, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMAL, Garga, Hastham, 31/ 180, B.Com., Asst., LIC, Chennai, 10,000 P.M. Seeks Graduate, employed girl, preferably Govt/ Public Sector. Phone:044-4806511. Box No. HA35709, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAGALAI, SRIVATSAM, Poorattadhi, 28/ 176/ B.E. Employed "Infosys" Technologies, seeks girls BE/ MCA/ PG. Age 22 - 25, height above 162, fair, Phone:4868197. Box No. HA35711, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA Kettai seventh raahu 31/ 157/ MCA clean habits, stable employment USA. Apply E-mail: srinidhisriram@hotmail.com 044- 4763185. Box No. HA35710, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FAMILY OF Iyer Brahacharanam, Kousigam, Visagam, 29/ 172, Computer Professional, working in US invites alliance only from parents of girls with respect for traditional values. Box No. HA35712, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MATCH FOR October, 1971 born, raised in the US, Environmental Engineer. Iyengar Srivatsam, Uthirattadhi, tall and good looking. Wears invisible hearing aid for minor hearing loss. Mother and father visiting Chennai in November. Seeks Professionally qualified Iyer/ Iyengar girl. Box No. HA35714, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMAL, 31/ 180, Kaushika, Sathayam, B.Com, MBA, employed in Bangalore, seeks good looking, preferably professionally qualified, Tamil Iyer bride, subsect no bar. Send Horoscope with Photo. Box No. KR43483, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CHENNAI BASED Tamil Brahmin (swathi, Haritha), 28/ 175 from well placed cultured family seeks Brahmin girl from similar background. Box No. KR43487, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, KOUNDINYAM, Anusham, 30/ 175, Handsome, B.Sc, Business, Chennai, seeks girl from well-to-do family. Intercaste Brahmin no Bar. Box No. KR43494, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PALGHAT IYER, Vadama, Vishwamithra, Chadayam, 35/ 187/ B.Com, PG in Computer Science, Software Professional seeks graduate, employed girl. 4481441. Box No. KR43497, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Tamil Iyer Vadama Uthiradam, Baradwaja 33/ 175 DME working Calcutta MNC. Contact: 044-4916504. Box No. KR43498, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA KOUSIKA Punarpoosam 28/165 MCA System Administrator working in Qatar seeks Good Looking Girl. Panchapakesan 21 ThiruvalluvarNagar Mugappair Chennai-600050. Phone: 6523325

VADAGALAI, VAADHOOLAM, Punarvasu, 29/ 176, handsome, well qualified HR Professional, SPIC seeks employed/ unemployed bride. Send horoscope/ details Box No. DM34936, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER, BHARATWAJAM, Brahacharnam, Makam, 28/ 180, B.E., employed Hosur, 17,000/= seeks Professionally qualified employed bride, preferably at Bangalore. Subsects acceptable. Box No. DM34952, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA ATHREYA Pooradam, 29/ 29000/- B.Com. - NIIT, Software Engineer (Wipro). Seeks suitable bride. (0431) (463468). R. Ramachandran, 49/B, Ramakrishna Nagar, Kallukuzhi, Trichy-620020.

BRAHACHARANAM, GOWTHAMA, Thiruvonam, 3rd patham, 173/Aug. 1976, handsome, Project Leader in MNC, Bangalore. Seeks goodlooking professionally qualified bride from cultured family. Send horoscope to Narasimha Moorthy, 6/215, Telecom Avenue, Veerappampalayam, Bye-pass Road, Thindal Post, Erode-638009. Phone: 0424-225300.

IYER, VADAMA, Koushika, 31/176, Pooram, Govt. Doctor, Postgraduate, seeks broadminded, professionals, below 28. Box No. HB5397, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMAL, Bharadwaja, Karthigai, M.Sc., 35. Presently in Dubai, seeks early marriage. Send horoscope. Box No. HB5384, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

EDUCATED, SMART, Brahmin girl, under 36 yrs. for Iyengar, bachelor, Surgeon, 165 cms. Box No. CB4420, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

VADAMA, KASHYAPA, Swathi, 31/176, M.B.A., PGDSM (NIIT), handsome, clean habits, well placed with BPL Mobile. Contact with horoscope. Box No. KA1578, THE HINDU, Kochi-16.

THENKALAI SRIVATSAM Pooram 35, B.Com. State Bank Visakapatnam seeks suitable girl. Box No. HB5366, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM Moudgalya, Kettai, 26/ 170, fair, Engineer, System Architect, presently Japan Assignment. Boy expected shortly. Engineer, Computer girl willing relocation India/ Abroad. Subsects welcome. Details horoscope. Box No. HB5425, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Vadama, Kashyapa, Anusham, 30/175, M.S., Software Engineer in California, Green card holder, clean habits seeks professionally qualified girl below 25. Send horoscope to P. Balakrishnan, 73, Kamatchi Amman Koil Street, Pondicherry- 605001. Email: B_Karthik@satyam.net.in

IYER VADAMA, Bharadwajam, Thiruvonam, tall, slim, goodlooking, B.Tech, M.S., 29-6-1972. Seeks girl tall, beautiful, slim, Professionally qualified upto 25 from respectable family. Box No. TV37, THE HINDU, Thiruvananthapuram-695008.

TAMIL AYYAR, Vadama Koundanya Hastham, 28/ 173, very fair, handsome, Ph.D., Physics doing Post Doctoral, Germany. Seeks very fair, good looking girl, 167, M.Sc., MBA, MCA, Ph.D. from Ayyar Vadama, below 26, horoscope. Box No. ND4576, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001. E-mail: ksrangaswamy@netkracker.com

IYER BHARTWAJAM Hastham June 71, 173, C.A., ICWA, employed Kuwait, salary lakh per month seeks C.A., B.E., M.C.A., MBA, Professionally qualified fair girl above 160. Sub-sects acceptable. Apply Box No. HB5413, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-6571138.

THENGALAI, HARITHA, Ayilyam, 30/175, A.C.A., AICWA boy, seeks fair, good looking, qualified bride. Contact: A. K. Sreenivasan, 18, Rajaji Street, NGO Colony, Guduvanchery-603202. Phone: 04114- 65086.

VADAMAAL, 27/165, Vaadhulam, Thiruvonam, seeks below 24, graduate. Vijaya, 15A, Rajamani Second Cross Street, Swami Nagar Main, Chennai-600091. Phone: 2423948.

BRAHMIN BRIDE, educated good-looking above 150 cms, below 34 for well-placed, Ashtasahasram, unencumbered divorcee, M.A., 38/ 175/ 20,000, horoscope, optional. Box No. HB5453, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

NON KOUNDINYA Tamil Iyer U.S. settled Citizen Ph.D. Engineer with clean habits 44, Divorced American wife seeks suitable match. Divorcees without encumbrance also correspond. Reply with horoscope. Box No.HB5456, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PALGHAT IYER, Vadama, Vadhoolam/Simmam/Magam, 34/182, Computer Programmer in Kuwait, seeks fair, home loving and graduate, Ph: 0424-218932. Send horoscope with photo to Box No. CB4428, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

QUALIFIED FAIR, slim, goodlooking, home loving girl for Iyer, Vathima, Haritha, Tiruvonam, 29/ 185, Teetotaller, Chief Engineer, Merchant Navy, no Moolam, Ayilyam, boy in Town. Send horoscope, photo. 011-5551928, 011-5526279. sri-apso@yahoo.com Box No. ND4579, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi- 110001.

WANTED GRADUATE unemployed, employed below 35 for Brahacharanam, Haritha Punarpoosam, 41 Central Government Officer at Bangalore. Box No. BA3352, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VADAKALAI KOWSIGAM, Bharani, 29, 175, B.Sc., MBA, Executive, MNC, Rs. 35000 p.m. Contact with horoscope. T.V. Srinivasan, 10/29, 11th Cross, 1st Main Maruthi Nagar, Madiwala, Bangalore. Phone: 080-5525818.

IYER, U.S. employed, B.Tech. Engineer, Kashyaba, 32, Uthiram, visiting November, seeks smart, good family, preferably computer professional. Reply Box No. HB5482, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED ENGINEERING Graduate, decent Brahmin bride about 23/tall for Vadoolam, Rohini Vadama Iyer boy working in California, M.S. (Electrical and Tel.com) 26/185 cm. Reply Box No. HB5464, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

PARENTS OF Aathreya, Vadama Iyer, twins, Hastham, 25/167, MFM, MISM, (USA), U.S. employed, H1B, fair clean habits, seek alliance for both from respectable, cultured, (vegetarian) families. Looking for fair, slim, good looking, endearing, professionally qualified girls with respect for tradition and family attachment. Music/fine arts talents welcome. Send horoscope. Box No. HB5486, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: junetwins76@yahoo.com

VADAGALAI, SADAMARSHANAM, Swathi, 30/160/6,000, B.B.A./D.C.A., Propertied, owns fancy store, kidney transplant, (recipient), medically fit, groom seeks suitbale bride. Jagannathan, 26, Ghouse Colony, Udumalaipettai-642126.

TAMIL IYER, smart, good looking, Lohitha Gotram, Sadayam(3), 26 years, 172, DCE, well to do land lord, from affluent family with clean habits, also having pharmacy, laser and offset unit, seeks graduate, good looking homely girl, from respectable family. Box No. CB-4434, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

SUITABLE QUALIFIED, fair and good looking Iyengar girl sought for Thenkalai, Srivatsa, Thiruvadhirai, B.E., 31/ 175/ fair, software engineer, USA, $80,000 + per annum, owns house in USA, getting green card in January 2002. Boy coming in November for a month to finalize early marriage. Please apply with photograph and horoscope. Respond to Box No. HB-5497, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER, ASHTASAHASRAM, Vadhoolam, Thiruvadhirai, 35/ 160/ 14,000/ B.Sc., B.Ed., private/ karnal seeks qualified girl. Subsect acceptable. Reply Box No. MA-32, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

TAMIL VADAMA traditional family, affluent Kowsika, Chithirai, 31, H1B Software Engineer, visiting India shortly. Mail Horoscope, photo banu419@yahoo.co.in Box No. HB-5455, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAGALAI IYENGAR (Telugu speaking), Haritasa, Chittrai, 31/175, B.E., M.B.A. (IIM), well placed, professionally seeks qualified girl. Box No. HY 290, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. Email: rcmail2001@rediffmail.com

VADAGALAI, 28/178, Maudgalyasa, Punarvasu, doing Pharmaceutical Research,U.K., seeks Professional Brahmin bride (U.K./India). Send photo Box No. Hy 289, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. Phone: 040-3523002. Email: asurivasantha@rediffmail.com

USA SETTLED, Tamil Iyer parents seek alliance from tall, well educated, highly accomplished, South Indian girl with Cosmopolitan outlook, willing to settle in USA for son (Sept 1968), 189 cm., U.S. Citizen, handsome, articulate, highly qualified, magnetic personality, Uttarathadi Nakshatram, well employed with prestigious firm in New Jersey. Parents presently in Chennai and son visiting India Dec. 15. Please note that son was born with partial fingers in his right hand, which in no way impairs him physically. If interested please send photograph, biodata and family particulars to Box No. HB5500, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMAL, Athreya, Moolam, 30, B.Tech., MBA (IIMB), Bank Executive seeks educated, homely, Vadamal girl, below 25. Send horoscope. Box No. BA3339, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

PALGHAT IYER, 45 years,(Bachelor), SSLC, own house, decent salary, horoscope optional. Box No. BA3349, THE HINDU, Bangalore- 560001.

ALLIANCE INVITED from parents of tall, pretty, fair, affluent, well-educated, cultured girl with Suddha Jathakam for 29/180/B.Tech., MCA, Vathoola Vishakam III Padam, Suddha Jathakam, very fair, handsome boy, well employed in USA arriving India end November. Box No. TV43, THE HINDU, Trivandrum

TAMIL IYER, Brahacharanam, Kaundinyam, Bharani, B.E., 40/171, handsome, looks young, well placed Executive seeks good looking bride. Box No. HB5417, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOUTH INDIAN Brahmin bride, Tamil, Iyengar, 36/168, MNC, well settled, U.S. return, brief marriage, 1994 separated invites fair, educated, open-minded, simple, employed/ housewife. Reply with photo confidential. Box No. HY293, THE HINDU, Hyderabad- 560016.

WANTED EMPLOYED Bride for Iyer boy, M.Com., 37, Hastham, Kausikom, 180 cm, working in Public Limited Company, near Ernakulam. Box No. KA1586, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

33, MBA (LLB), Dubai, Moudhgalya, Thanjavur Vadama, Sudha- Jadhakam seeks computer literate, Carnatic music girl. Subsect no bar. Contact: Sethuraman, 98430-65910. sethur_k@sify.com

ALLIANCE INVITED for Bhardwaj Vadama Iyer, Army Captain fair, smart handsome, 175/27, from fair, slim, beautiful convented girls willing to adjust in Army Society. Sub caste no bar, horoscope, optional write to: Box No. ND4573, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

IYENGAR, SRIVATSAM, Electrical Engineer, USA, Hi-employed telecom, DOB 29 March 77, 165 cms, Punarvasu seeks suitable alliance good looking bride. E-mail: svi@vsnl.com Ph: 022- 6374604/ Box No. HB5528, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED BRIDE for Bharadwaja, Vadama, Iyer, Uthirada II Pada, November 1972, 170 height, MBA, employed in Infotech Company in Hyderabad. Contact with horoscope, biodata and photos of the girl to: Box No. HB5429, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Vadama, Iyer, Bharadwaja, Visakam IV Pada, 167 cms, 1968, 14,000 p.m., well settled in Chennai. Girl to be a Graduate, goodlooking, fair, without wearing spectacles. Contact: Box No. HB5428, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FOR FAIR, handsome, Vadama, Doctor, Kaundinya, accomplished, 179/ 31, citizen Australia. Girl should be tall, fair, good- looking, professionally qualified, accomplished. Sub-sects/ Gothra no bar. Send details with photo to: Box No. HB-5531, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Scan photos and details to E-mail: akshya01@hotmail.com

IYER VADAMAL Kerala Bharadwaja Chathayam B.E. M.S. (USA), 27/ 173 seeks bride Engineering/ Postgraduate computer skills interested carnatic music religious well-versed domestic work. Reply Box No. HB-5511, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, IYER, Kausika, 25/ 176, affluent, smart, MS, MBA, well employed in USA seeks well-educated, smart and dignified, family oriented/ outgoing Tamil Brahmin girl. Box No. HB-5490, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED FAIR, slim, fairly qualified bride for 26/176, Uthiram, Kousikam, Vadama, highly qualified Software Engineer, U.S. Subsect acceptable. mm_a2001@hotmail.com / Box No. HB5266, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PROPOSALS INVITED for U.S. employed H1B Visa, 29/ 178, BE, MBA (Maryland U.S.A.), Avittam, Second Padam, Brahacharanam. Please correspond with details and recent Photo to: Box No. XA71198, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002 or Call: 044-4916931 Chennai/ 022-5123295 Bombay or E-Mail: skandia@vsnl.com

TELUGU PATTUSALI, 29/ 175, IT Professional USA employed, well settled, visiting India, November seeks fair, beautiful, graduate girl (Pattusali) from decent educated family. Send biodata/ horoscope/ photograph (returnable). Box No. KR43504, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. (Or) Contact: 06810-70750/ 044-2476831/ 001-201- 529-2442, madpat@hotmail.com

BALIJA NAIDU Industrialist / 24 / 178 / M.Sc - England / seeks beautiful bride. Coimbatore - 214696 / Chennai - 8238454 / 6192524. navee@vsnl.com

PADMASALI / 27 / 165 / Engineer / TCS / 30,000 / seeks Bride. Chennai - 8238454 / 6192524 / Coimbatore - 9842314444.

KAMMA NAIDU 32/ 168/ 10,000 PM, Diploma Engineer, Ayilyam star, clean habits, own house seeks suitable alliance from respectable family same caste. Box No. HA35641, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA 1978 Born Software Engineer B.E., 173 fair, handsome, clean habits seeks beautiful Kamma bride reply Bio-data, Horoscope , Photo (returnable). Box No. AA24206, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAPU NAIDU, 26/ 170/ B.E/ Satyam/ Hyderabad, seeks good looking, fair, Graduate bride, decent family. Subsect no bar. Box No. HA35706, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA B.E/ MNC chennai 2.5 lakhs p.a 28/ 178 Moolam 3rd padham, fair handsome seeks fair good looking Employed/ Educated Bride. Sub-sect No Bar. Send Horoscope, photo. Box No. KR43499, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMAVAR NAIDU, Software Engineer- Hongkong, 28/ 174/ BE, Chithirai (Sevvai in Seventh) Seeks Goodlooking Engineer/ Doctor Girl. Box No. ST52232, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMAVAR 27/ 176, Swathi B.Pharm. U.S.A. H1 Visa, Wheatish seeks M.Pharm./ B.Pharm. bride. Send bio-data, horoscope (Ph: 04332), 60888. Box No. HB5367, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU DEVANGA Chettiar, M.Pharm., 29/170/7,500, Lecturer, seeks professional graduate girl. Send horoscope to Sadhanandham, 73, JKK Natarajanagar, Komarapalayam-638183.

GAVARA NAIDU, 34/179, very fair Govt. Senior Class I Officer, clean habits, well educated with professionally qualified seeks well educated bride. Send details Box No. CB4426, THE HINDU, Coimabtore-641018.

BALIJA/GAVARA, 30/169/Doctorate (Ph.D.), from IIT/40,000, MNC, Bangalore, seeks fair, well qualified, professional girl. Horoscope, photograph. Box No. HB5392, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAPU SWE, working MNC, Bangalore, 33/ 180, fair, seeks goodlooking fair, Professional, broadminded, 26-29 years, 160-165 cm., bride from respectable, educated Kapu/ Kamma/ Reddy families, preferably working. Send biodata/ photo. Box No. HY283, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. Phone (040) 3811417.

AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN, Balija Naidu, 29/ 171, with roots in Chennai seeks alliance from fair-complexioned homely girl of same community, not educated beyond secondary school, able to speak English. Send horoscope/ biodata/ latest photo. Box No. HB5481, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU, 28/174/16,000, B.Tech. Hastha Sevvai in 2nd employed Executive Engineer at Bangalore, seeks slim, fair girl correspond details horoscopes, photo (returnable). Box No. HB5473, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA/ GAVARA Naidu, 27/ 163, Punarpoosam, Midunam, software engineer, USA, seeks bride, 25, M.Sc./ M.C.A./ B.E. Computer Science, goodlooking, decent family. Send horoscope, photo returnable. A. Ramaswamy, Advocate, North Street, Chidambaram/ 0414430959.

WELL SETTLED Gajulu Balija Naidu parent seeks well settled bride in the same caste for their fair and good looking son, Sadhayam, 27/ 165, DPMT, PDPMD, employed at Singapore. Send bio-data, horoscope, photo - Box No. HB-5442, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU HINDU Padmasali, 29/ 165 cms, B.E. Software Consultant, USA 4 years. BE/ M.Sc/ MCA/ Medical. Caste no bar. Contact: 044- 4943284/ 4950528/ 98401-38301. Email: writeto_us@hotmail.com

BALIJA, MCA/ 30/ 165, Moolam, Software Engineer seeks good, fair, professional bride. Box No. HB-5435, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

KAMMA NAIDU, 26/180, B.E., M.S., MNC, USA seeks fair girl, studying/ working USA from good status Kamma Naidu. Reply Box No. HB5441, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GAVARA NAIDU, parents of handsome, B.E., 29/173, Kettai, working abroad invites from Professionals/ Masters of the same caste. (080-3475259). Box No. BA3356, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

KAMMA B.E., 32, Software Engineer, employed London, returns next month seeks bride, BE/MCA/MBA/MBBS of Kamma family. Send photo. Contact: 044-4752212. Box No. HB5523, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMAVAR NAIDU, Utthiradam, 31/ 178/ 10,000 p.m, Central Govt. Engineer seeks fair, good looking, Postgraduate girl from same caste, decent families. Contact: 044-2447884.

VVBRAHMIN HARITHASA M.S. Software Engineer US employed 27/178 seeks MS / B.E./ MBA working / studying girl. Apply with horoscope Box No. WW56186, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHMIN AURAMA, Dravida boy, M.Tech/ 168/ 30 years/ Authreyasa/ Purwashada/ Swe-USA arriving. Required B.E./ MCA/ MBA/ PG Computer girl. Reply Box No. HB5419, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 08574-27039.

USA CITIZEN Telugu Brahmin, Haridasagothram, Engineer, 26, Subsect no bar. Send particulars with horoscope and photograph. Box No. CB-4422, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

BEAUTIFUL ANDHRA Brahmin Bride around 26 years, wanted for Niyogi MNC Executive, 30/ 170. Correspond with photo and details to: Mrs. Lakshmi, 37/16, First Floor, Meanee Avenue Tank Road, Bangalore-560042.

WANTED FOR a Telugu Brahmin (Smartha, Velnadu, Bharadwaja, Aswini - III Pada, 165, 35, working in a reputed IT company in Bangalore a bride who loves to sing and preferably plays the veena. Caste and langauge no bar. Please reply to Box No. BA3341, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

URDU MUSLIM, Sheik, 29/ 177/ 13000/ (M.A.)/ Web Designer, MNC, Chennai. Seeks religious, fair, qualified preferably IT employed girl. Box No. HB5350, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGAMUDAYAR, POORAM, Handsome, Smart, MBBS, M.S. (Ortho), D.N.B., 28/ 173, affluent family, working Railway Hospital, seeks MBBS bride, same caste. Send horoscope, bio-data, photo: 19, Samad School Street, KhajaNagar, Trichy-620020. Phone: 0431-422066, 98431-57666.

VANNIAKULA KSHATRIA (Padayachi), 31/ 160, fair, M.B.B.S., D.Diab., doing M.D. (Gen. Med.), Govt. Service wearing cosmatic contact lens for right white eye seeks Doctor/ graduate bride from same community. Send biodata, horoscope. Box No. HB-5377, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

INTERCASTE PARENTAGE, Pallar/ Brahmin invites bride for son 29/ 178, Government, Post Graduate Doctor (Caste no bar). Send horoscope and photograph (returnable). Box No. HB-5522, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL ARYAVYSYA Sozhia Chettiar Uthiradam 34/168 15,000/- Engineer PSU employed seeks suitable Bride subsect acceptable. Send horoscope / photo / details Box No. WW56183, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AUSTRALIA SETTLING, very handsome, unencumbered divorcee, forty, searching beautiful, compatible needy companion. Marital status/ religion/ family unimportant. Write with returnable photograph (essential). Box No. BA3346, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

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