Brides wanted

Tamil Mudaliar parents invite proposals for Son, 31/170, 58 Kgs., wheatish, Born-again, Baptized Believer in Lord Christ, B.Com., DFM, DCFA, working for American Company, Dubai, as Accountant, with family status. Girls should be from similar background, either Baptized or not, Graduated, employed/unemployed. Please correspond with recent photograph to: Mr. Sukumar Narayan, H.No.108/1, Narayan House, Kasarwadi, Pune - 411 034, India / E-mail: murthy1@emirates.net.ae / murthyn@abudhabitrip.co.ae

Reddy, 31/183, M.Tech., Software Engineer, USA, seeks BE/M.Tech / MCA Professional bride. Send complete details with photo to: Box No.HOL-3072, THE HINDU, Chennai - 600 002, India (or) E-mail: nag1970@123india.com

NAIDU, FAIR, Handsome, 32/ 186/ Divorcee, Working for MNC as Country Manager, Well Settled with Own Residence in Chennai. Looking for Suitable, Fair and Educated Girl. Respond with Bio- data and Photo (Returnable). Box No. ZM64059, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HINDU NADAR 32, Own Business, 40,000/-, Below 27 years Bride wanted, Caste no bar. Box No. ST52038, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002 Phone: 98410-92435

GOODLOOKING SETTLED boy B.E., 26, 180 cm, Software Engineer, Rs. 30,000 seeks very beautiful girl, below 23. Send biodata, photograph. Caste no bar. Box No. HB1208, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

CASTE NO bar, 27, Software Engineer, USA, wealthy, handsome, loving, possessive, understanding. winso12000@hotmail.com

KAYASTHA, 30/ 172, B.Sc (Maths), 20,000 + smart businessman seeks smart having own identity, Subroto Deb, 44, East Mada Street, Chennai-600049, Ph: (044) 6190224 (10 p.m. - 9 a.m.)

MOTHER ANGLO Indian father Vellala Christian CSI parents seeks alliance for their son DEEE, DOT, DID 29/ 172/ 10,000 Box No. HB- 1147, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GUJARATI NRI seeking alliance for divorcee 46. Caste no bar, required single status upto 40 years, speaking Hindi, English, Tamil. Apply Box No. DM34140, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KANNADA DEVANGA Ampugaleru, Moolam, 28/163, Diploma, Textile Processing, Rs. 20,000/-, Tirupur seeks (+)2/ Graduate Brides. Send horoscope. Box No. HB1146, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KANNADA DEVANGA Chettiyar, MCA/ 27/ 169, Pooradam, working in USA seeks well educated preferably MCA/ M.Sc.,/ (Comp)/ B.E. B.Tech, good looking bride of same caste. Father-Ladhikar, Mother-Irumaner. Reply with horoscope. Box No. CB-8495, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

MADHWA, KOUNDINYA, 33/ 167, having flourishing industry seeks Bride. Early marriage. Box No. CB8496, THE HINDU, Coimbatore- 641018.

KANNADA MADHWA, Kashyapa, Chithra, 28/ 175, M.Sc., Computer Professional, USA, Seeks Fair, Slim, M.Sc./ B.E./ MCA with Good Computer Skill, Employed/ Unemployed above 23/ 160. Deshista also Considered. Send Horoscope, Photo (Returnable). Box No. ZM64067, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Contact: 044-2393050. E-Mail: raaghu45@yahoo.co.in

ALLIANCE INVITED from Kannada, Madhwa, Graduate girls, for Bharadwaja Boy, B.E./ 30, 168/ MNC. E-mail: amruta25@yahoo.com Reply with horoscope, photograph (R), Phone: 022-5432716; 0225389605.

USA EMPLOYED H1B visa, B.Tech, Chemical (IIT), MS, 27/178 Smartha seeks educated fair pretty tall Kannada Smartha/ Madhwa below 25. Send details photo Box No. BA2806, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

SMARTHA BRAHMIN (from Mangalore), Ph.D.Computer professional, well settled, 35/171, seeks well-qualified, below 28, good looking bride from South Indian Brahmin, willing to relocate. Send horoscope, photo, biodata Box No. WW55759, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

G.S. BRAHMIN boy, 29/ 168, B.Sc., fair, handsome, doing hardware business, well settled seeks alliance from Graduate girls, not less than 157, age not more than 24, domestically accomplished, fair, beautiful, car driving preferred. Send horoscope, photo (returnable) and bio-data to Box No. CB8500, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

G.S. BRAHMIN Boy, 28/ 182, very fair, handsome, M.Sc. Computer, University first rank, working in a Multinational company in USA, well settled, arriving July end, seeking alliance from same caste, not less than 160, professionally qualified, B.E./ MCA, final year girls also preferred. Send horoscope, photo (returnable) and bio-data urgently to Box No. CB8499, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

RC, TRICHUR, 27/ 173, own Business in Chennai seeks suitable alliance. Send bio-data Box No. DM34124, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

RC TAMIL, 31/167, 20,000, Website Designer seeks Keralite Graduate. Reply with photo returnable. Box No. HB1104, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MARTHOMITE ENGINEER, MS from USA, 28/175, very fair, working in USA seeks Syrian Christian bride, educated outside Kerala, below 26 years, very fair, goodlooking, god-fearing. Reply with detailed biodata and full-lengt photograph to expedite decisions and marriage. Email: compar01@yahoo.com Box No. HB1260, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARENTS SEEK suitable alliance for committed Marthomite Boy, B.E. Computer Science0 29/ 177, working in Europe. Mail details to seektheone@sify.com or Reply Box No. AA23955, THE HINDU, Chennai - 600002.

EZHAVA BOY, 28/ 176, fair, Chartered Accountant settled in Chennai. Reply Horoscope, Bio-data: Box No. DM34126, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HANDSOME NAIR, Chithra, Sudha Jathakam, 30/ 178/ B.E, MBA, Aristocratic family, settled USA seeks similar background bride. Box No. DM34133, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

EZHAVA, WELL settled Parents of Chennai seek alliance for son 29/ 167, Ayilyam, B.E. Computer, Software Engineer, USA from Parents of beautiful Professional girls from similar background (with photograph, horoscope). Box No. DM34139, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: mrsvijayan@yahoo.com

NAIR, 30/ 169, B.Com., Mageeram, Govt. employed- Chennai, seeks graduate below 26, same caste bride. Reply with biodata/ photo to: Box No. DM34156, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU EZHAVA, Chennai based Computer Engineer, employed- USA, 32/ 170, Visakam, fair, seeks any caste bride. Reply with biodata/ photo to: Box No. DM34157, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KERALITE, HINDU, Backward Class, 28/180, handsome, fair, M.S. (Civil) & M.S. (Computer Science Engineering) from U.S.A. top level University. 8,000 U.S. Dollar per month salary seeks alliance from beautiful, educated, professional or non- professional girl from very good family. Caste no bar. Write with full bio-data, horoscope & photo. Box No. KA3641, THE HINDU, Trivandrum-695008.

THIYYA BOY, Calicut, 30 years, 174 cm., pooyam, B.Tech., Ph.D., (USA). Highly placed Research Scientist in USA. Extremely decent with clean habits. Seeks alliance from professionally well qualified, beautiful, tall, fair girls. Respond with full details. Phone: (0495) 360581. E-mail: calicut2001@hotmail.com Box No. KA1339, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

NAIR BOY, 27/178, Mechanical Engineer in South Africa, seeks alliance from fair, suitable Nair/ Menon girls, employed, well settled in USA, preferably Green Card Holder. Box No. KA3642, THE HINDU, Trivandrum-695008.

KANNUR, NAMBIAR boy, 29/177, Bharani, Engineer/ Chennai, seeks girl, employed/ professionally qualified/ B.Ed. Send horoscope/ photo. Box No. HB1171, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIR TRIVANDRUM, 26/ 160, Graduate, Executive in Nilgiris, Atham, Sudhajathakam, seeks alliance from fair, goodlooking, Graduate girls aged 20-24, same caste. Write with biodata and horoscope to Box No. CB3883, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

PUNE BASED Menon boy, 33/165 cms., B.A., LL.B., Advertising Consultant, Pooradam looking for a God-fearing girl with similar background. Respond with horoscope to Box No. HB1202, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MALAYALI MUSLIM Orthodontist, MDS, 30/ 172, handsome, seeks suitable alliance with returnable photo. nicesmile2@rediffmail.com Box No. CB3878, THE HINDU, Coimbatore- 641018.

EZHAVA THIYYA, Chennai settled Kannur based parents invite suitable alliance for son 28, 160, Uthrattadhi, MCA, working MNC. Reply with horoscope, biodata. Box No. HB1238, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-4342685. E-mail: hi-rupesh@usa.net

CHENNAI BASED, Thiyya parents hailing from Kannur invites alliance for their son, 30/165 cm., Star: Bharani, B.Com., having own business, financially sound, own house, seeks homely graduate girls. Send photograph (returnable). Horoscope and bio-data to Box No: HB1288, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. email:akrishna@vsnl.com

PALGHAT IYER, Vadama, Kaundinya, Poosam, Fair, 29/170 cm., B.Com., MBA, DFT, well employed, Nigeria, handsome salary, seeks qualified Bride. Visiting India Oct/Jan. Early marriage, reply with horoscope. Box No. HB1172, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Kerala Iyer, Vadama, very fair, handsome boy, Kousika, Krithika, 4th Pada, (177/ 44), Australian Citizen, Business Executive from fair/ tall/ good looking Graduate Kerala Iyer girl, age 30-33. Boy visiting Chennai in 3rd week of June. Early marriage. Reply to Email: lalithahari@eth.net or to Box No. HB1264, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Telephone: 4941300, Chennai.

KERALA IYER girl for M.Com, MNC employed, 35/ 168, Uttaratadi Kashyapa boy. Box No. BA2788, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

MARATA, NON-BRAHMIN, 25/ 167/ 23,000/ MCA, Software Professional, expecting equally qualified, subsects accepted. Contact: 044- 4791587/ 4790442.

GOWTHAMA MADHWA Desastha Bride Groom 32, M.A. Business, seeks Graduate bride. Box No. HA39895, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SMARTHA BRAHMIN bachelor, 38/165, well settled post-graduate, Permanent Officer Multinational Company, Chennai seeks alliance from educated/ employed Brahmin girl respond bio-data horoscope. Photo. Ph: 044-4731762. E-Mail: vvkdekaashyaps@netcracker.com Box No. HB 1056, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SMARTHA DESISTHA, Marathi, Harithasa, 32 years Rs. 5,000 private employed, seeks employed/ unemployed girls. Subsects accepted. Box No. HB1150, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOWRASTRA FAIR, M.S., Software Engineer, 29, Working in Singapore visiting India seeks same caste good looking, professionally qualified girl with B.E./ MCA/ Science postgraduate from decent family background. Send horoscope to Box No. CB-8494, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TAMIL MUSLIM 28/ 185, Software Consultant (25,000) Fair, Tall, and well settled family bride wanted. Phone: 044-4849087.

ALLIANCE INVITED from USA based, slim, tall, beautiful, Sunni Muslim Doctor/ Ph.D./ Engineer girl for a tall, handsome, affluent, MBBS, M.D, only son, 26/ 180. Send bio-data/ recent photograph returnable. Box No. MA-4078, THE HINDU, Madurai- 625020.

PROTESTANT AD, 30/ 166/ 32,000/-, M.Sc., MCA, Software Engineer, seeks Born Again, God Fearing Girl. Box No. ZM64070, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PROTESTANT TAMIL Christian parents seek fair, smart Software Engineer Bride, about 23/160 from FC or BC, good Christian family for Engineer son B.E., M.S., 26/169, MNC, USA, H1B Visa, visiting India July. Box No. HB1207, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN, Vellala, Fair, 29/ 180, 6 Lakhs P.A. H.R. Manager in a Software Company seeks Fair, God Fearing Professionally Qualified Bride. Reply with photo returnable0. BoxNo. AA23959, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI NADAR, 35/ 165/ 6000/=, clean habits seeks suitable alliance. Bio-data, Photo (returnable). Box No. DM34142, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

R.C. MUDALIAR, 28, MCA, 33,000, Software, MNC, Chennai, fair seeks girl MCA, B.E., caste no bar. Send biodata. Box No. HB1057., THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

C.S.I. NADAR Engineer B.Tech (IIT), M.S. (Computers) 178/35 seeks Doctor/ Engineer bride. csinadarboy@yahoo.com

C.S.I. NADAR Engineer, B.Tech., (IIT), M.S. (Computers), 178/35 seeks Doctor/ Engineer Bride. csinadarboy@yahoo.com

CSI NADAR, Christian, 28/165, M.Sc. Computer, employed in Singapore, Rs. 75,000/- seeks fair Bride of same caste with high Computer qualification from respectable family. Write to Box No. HB1168, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL CATHOLIC Adi-dravida, SC, 30/160, Class I, Central Govt. Gazetted Officer seeks Bride of same community, fair, God fearing, minimum Graduate, below 25 years send photographs/ biodata, (photo returnable). Box No. HB1179, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

MALAYALEE/ CHRISTIAN/ settled T.N., M.A./ 36/ 180 cm/ business/ 25,000 p.m. seeks Graduate, Malaylee/ Tamil. Box No. HB1258, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ROMAN CATHOLIC, Vellalar, 180/ 28, Software Engineer in Singapore, PR Holder, seeks for goodlooking, tall, age within 24. Any degree with computer knowledge. Contact: Albert, 50, Indira Gandhi Street, K.K. Nagar, Trichy-21. Ph: 0431-455026.

TAMIL MUDALIAR parents invite proposals for son 31/170, 58 kgs., wheatish, born-again, Baptized believer in Lord Christ, B.Com., DFM, DCFA, working for American Company, Dubai as Accountant with family status. Girls should be from similar background, either Baptised or not, Graduated employed/ unemployed. Please correspond with recent photograph to: Mr. Sukumar Narayan, H.No. 108/1, Narayan House, Kasarwadi, Pune-411034/ E-mail: murthy1@emirates.net.ae/ murthyn@abudhabitrip.co.ae

INDIAN NADAR Christian parents from Srilanka are inviting correspondence from prospective brides, preferably Indian origin (Nadar, Christian) for a computer professional - presently based in U.S. age 24. Parents - Percy Langton. P.O. Box-11. Ja-ela, Srilanka. Tel: 0094-1-240959. 0471-324236 (India).

C.S.I. NADAR, age 29, 65 kg., 170 height, B.Sc. (MBA), Project leader (IT) in Singapore, 1.5 lakhs per month, fair & handsome, well settled. K.K. Dist. Groom wants suitable bride netadvt@yahoo.com E-mail: suresh-db.kumar@db.com Box No. MA4091, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

ALLIANCE FOR CSI Nadar boy, 29/183, Engineer, working in the US from parents of professionally qualified, fair and tall girl with recent photograph (returable). Box No. CB3884, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

ROMAN CATHOLIC Vannier 28, B.Arch 35000/- seeks bride 18/1, Kamaraj Salai, Lakshmipuram, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041 Phone: 4461832

CATHOLIC ODAYAR Fair Handsome MSW 29/170/20,000 Govt Chennai seeks appealing educated Girl. Contact Box No. WW55779, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CATHOLIC PALLAR Devar 29/168/B.E. System Designer Sweeden seeks M.C.A.,B.E. Girls. Contact Box No. WW55780, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HINDU AD, 28/ 172, M.Tech, Software Engineer (USA), Seeks Graduate/ Professionally qualified girl, Caste no bar, Reply with Photo(returnable). Box No. CC27415, THE HINDU,Chennai-600002. E- mail: svenky3@hotmail.com

MUDALIAR, ASHWINI, Graduate, Fair, 32/ 176/ 21,500, Reputed Concern, Seeks Graduates. Reply Box No. ZM64069, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, B.E., 29/ 165/ 26,500/-, Manager, MNC, Chennai, Seeks Fair, Good Looking, Homely, Graduate Bride from Same Caste. Box No. ZM64068, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-2474797. E-Mail: murali_gan@yahoo.com

SENGUNTHA MUDALIAR, 34/ 168 M.E., System Analyst. Singapore permanent resident. Divorced, No Children, No issues, caste no bar, seeks B.E., MCA., M.E., B.Sc. Girl. Reply BoxNo. AA23952, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Contact: 04112-25795, Kanchipuram.

CHEVVAI DOSHAM, Sengunthar, 31/ 165, M.Com., Director, Private Limited Company, well settled seeks educated independent family loving girl from Mudaliar Family. Reply BoxNo. AA23956, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Computer Professional Chennai based business. Pillai Boy/ Moolam 4th Padam/ 28/ 170 from suitable educated Pillai/ Mudaliar Bride. Send Bio-data, Horoscope, Photo. BoxNo. AA23957, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUTHA MUDALIAR, 30/ 157, MCA, Software Engineer, USA seeks graduate girl from decent, respectable family. Send horoscope, photo to G.R. Soundararajan, Selandampalli, P.O., Tirupattur, Vellore Dist., Tamilnadu, Pin:635653. Phone: 04179-22980

NELLAI SAIVAPILLAI, B.E., 28/ 169, Maharam, Government, Chennai seeks bride. Send biodata, horoscope. Box No. KR42863, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, 27/ 176, B.E., Software Engineer seeks fair graduate girl. Box No. KR42865, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR, M.TECH, 31/ 167, Sathayam, Senior Lecturer, 50000/- pm, fair, handsome, annuled marriage, highly affluent, well propertied, only son, clean habits seeks graduate girl from decent, respectable family, non-vegetarian, subsects acceptable. Reply with bio-data, horoscope and photo (returnable) to Box No. KR42872, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SENGUTHAR 28/ 160 B.E Software Engineer USA Seeks Fair, Good Looking Computer Knowledge Graduate working Bride. Box No. KR42879, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-4481631.

TELUGU DEVANGA, UK Doctor, MRCP, 26/ 182 seeks tall fair, pretty Tamil knowing girl. Caste no bar. Box No. KR42877, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, B.E., 29/ 179, Director in a Leading Company in Chennai, well settled in business seeks fair, beautiful professional/ Graduate girl from decent, educated family and same caste. Send photograph (returnable), bio-data and horoscope. Box No. HB-1095, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: pravi29@usa.net

WANTED A graduate Goundar girl below 23, for a B.Tech., working in US. Contact: 044-2417245/ Box No. DM34127, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

THULUVA-VELLALA MUDALIAR, 24/ 183, very fair, M.E (Australia) Rs. 75,000/= per month, seeks professionals, subsects no bar. Apply: Box No. DM34149, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARCOT MUDALIAR, Chennai based, Postgraduate, Specialist, Government Doctor, Clean habits, own house, car, 20,000/= p.m. plus private practice and agricultural income, 38/ 172, Karthigai, Divorcee, short- lived marriage, seeks suitable bride. Subsect acceptable. Box No. DM34150, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGAMUDAIYAR, ROHINI, Chevvai- 8, 29/ 173, B.E., M.B.A., 45,000/=, seeks simple, home loving, pleasant bride with family values. Sub-sect acceptable. Send details with Photo, Horoscope Box No. DM34151, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULAKSHATRIYA, 29/ 170, Software Engineer, working- Australia, seeks suitable bride, same caste. Groom in Chennai until June end. Please send details, photo (returnable) immediately: A. Vinayagam, 10/16, Lakshmi Street, Villivakkam, Chennai-600049. Phone: 044-6289162. E-mail: aus- alliance@yahoo.com

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYAR 29/ 165 M.Sc. (Agriculture) Govt. Employed seeks Educated/ Placed Bride. Send Horoscope and Biodata to Box No. HA39871, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGAMUDAYAR (THEVAR) B.E.(Civil), 29, Self-Employed, decent income, seeks alliance. Caste no bar. Send Bio-data and Horoscope to S.Periathambi, 7, Fourth Cross Street, kalaimagal Nagar, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai - 600 097. Phone:044-2335004.

THULUVA VELLALA MUDALIAR 29/ 167 Magam, M.Tech Engineer in Central Govt Establishment Hyderabad seeks Fair, Good Looking Professional/ Post Graduate/ Graduate with Computer Knowledge. Biodata, Horoscope with Photograph only (Returnable). Phone: 0416 - 265720. Box No. HA39885, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIAKULA KSHATRIYA 27/ 178, Rohini, MCA, MNC, 50,000 PM. Same caste fair good looking, MCA, BE, send Bio-data, Horoscope with Photo. Box No. HA39888, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HIGH CAST Valalar from Srilanka, now living in U.K. Running firms in London City. P.R. Holder, 31/ 173, fair, yearly earning 60,000 Pounds, Father seeks same caste Srilankan Bride staying in India. Contact: 3711993. E.Shanmuganathan, 1202, 76th Street, 12th Sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai - 600 078.

ARCOT MUDALIAR Moolam 27/ 165, MBA, Pvt Company, seeks good looking, well qualified girl. Send Horoscope, recent Photo. Box No. HA39898, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-4893652.

SEEKING FAIR and Charming Bride. Age below 23 years with good Mudaliar Family Background for a USA Medical Graduate (MD), tall and handsome, only son of parents settled in the United States. Please respond, preferably with Photograpah and Horoscope. Care Box No. HA39907, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC/ AD 33, Govt. Teacher (Secondary Grade) Same Qualification, Any B.Ed. S.Thirugnanasambandam, 175, Kallakurichi Main Road, Sankarapuram - 606 401. Phone: 04151 - 74114.

MUTHURAJA 32/ 173/ ICWA Working in Aviation Company Seeks Suitable Graduate, Fair, Good Looking Girl from Decent Hindu Family. Send Horoscope with Family Details and Photo Returnable. Box No. HA39912, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THANJAVUR KALLAR 29/ B.A/ Computer/ Madras Employed/ 20,000/ seeks Bride from same Caste. Box No. ST52037, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ARCOT MUDALIAR, 30/ 168, DPMT; PDPMD, senior mechnical design engineer, U.S.A., Visagam, seeks suitable bride. Reply with photo, bio-data, horoscope. Box No. HB1085, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HINDU NADAR, 27, B.E., 178, USA $6000, brother 28, MBBS, MD, 175, fair. Seeks Doctor/ Engineer girls. Contact: biodata with horoscope. Bose, 39, Parthasarathi Mudali Street, Purasai, Chennai-7.

HINDU NADAR, B.E., 28/ 183, USA employed, fair, handsome, clean habits, seeks B.E./ MCA/ M.Sc. (Computer) Software Professional, tall, fair, good looking girl. Send bio-data, horoscope and photo (returnable). Box No. HB-1114, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, 26/170, B.E., Software Engineer, working in New York, USA seeks B.E. Graduate girl, fair and goodlooking with maximum age 23. Contact: 04566-71220. Send photo, bio-data. Box No. HB1068, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR 28, 174, B.E., Manager, 25,000. Seeks Professionals, caste immaterial. Phone: 044-4346662. Kannan, 62/41, New Boag Road, Chennai-600017.

ADI-DRAVIDA PARAYAR, Hindu, M.Com., 31, Central Government, Junior Assistant, 7500, non-transferable, Chennai based. Star Barani, clear horoscope, seeks State/ Central Government/ Bank/ Teaching Professional/ well employed bride. Reply to: Box No. HB- 1091, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA VELLALA Mudaliar, 25/ 177, Ashwini, M.Sc. Forensic Science, Central Govt., employed in Kolkata 7,000/-, seeks tall, fair, well qualified, Graduate girl, subsects acceptable. Contact: S. Sivapatham, 40, Swarna Chetty Street, Walajapet- 632513, Vellore District, Ph: 04172-31224.

TAMIL VISWAKARMA, 26/168, B.E., Software Engineer, working in a reputed firm in USA seeking alliance from educated girl with family values. Reply with horoscope and photo. Box No. HB1127, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CHETTIAR (ODDAR), MBBS, Mother Devendrakula Vellalar, 26/174, handsome, Thiruvonam having own Clinic seeks fair, goodlooking employed or unemployed, homely girl, below 23 years, Degree preferred. Caste no bar. Box No. HB1123, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

SC/ AD/ Hindu Executive Engineer, Govt., 31/ 158/ 20,000 seeks suitable bride from decent family, send bio-data, horoscope. Box No. HB1125, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU UDAYAR, 29/ 160, working private, Chennai, handsome salary seeks good looking, educated, preferably working girl. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HB1121, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, 33/170, Company Secretary, E Commerce, seeks alliance. No bars. Box No. ND4463, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

BALIJA NAIDU, Architect, PG, 32/ 167, employed seeks fair, educated bride. Box No. HB1155, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR, COMPUTER professional, groom 30, rupees two lacs monthly, employed in US, seeks bride MCA, BE (Computer). Phone: (0452) 564169. Box No: MA-4086, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU NADAR, 27/173/ 50,000 B.Sc., Business Nagamalai seeks fair good looking bride any degree Box No. MA-4085, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU NADAR, 27/185, fair, MCA, Bank Officer, Chennai, seeks fair, tall, professional bride. Box No. MA4083, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU VANNIYAR, 36, Ayilyam, 10,000, Chennai Port Trust, seeks suitable Bride. Send details with horoscope & photograph. Box No. HB1173, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ADIDRAVIDA: 28/165/ BE(ECE)/ 16,000, light wheatish, Network Engineer, Wipro Care, Chennai, broadminded, widow/divorcee, below 27 welcome. Caste no bar. Reply: AP-1265, 77th St., 12th Sector, West K.K. Nagar, Chennai-78. E-mail: indiyapiriyan@hotmail.com Apply with full size colour photo (returnable).

SAIVA PILLAI (Karkathar) 30 yrs Textile Engineer settled in Bombay doing business earning Rs. 35,000 p.m. looks for smart, qualified girls preferably from same community. Contact: Post Box No. 1807, Coimbatore-641005.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, 27/182, MNC employed, Software Engineer seeks bride from same community. Reply with horoscope, photo. Box No. BA2803, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

THULUVA VELLALA Mudaliar, 32/ 176, Kettai, B.Com., PGDCA Software, Marketing, 8,000, seeks Graduate girl, subsect acceptable. Box No. BA2796, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

TAMIL SC 30/165, Limited Company, 6,000/-. Reply with photo. Box No. HY7490, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. waitingforyou30@yahoo.co.in

BERICHETTY, 34/162/MBA, employed Jakartha, seeks beautiful modern Graduate Girl below 29, same or other forward communities. Reply Box No. HB-1277, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: nkrishnan@hotmail.com

SENGUNTHA MUDALIAR, 29/171, DME, studied AMIE, 5,000 p.m., very goodlooking, beautiful girl, MBBS/ BSMS, caste no bar. Box No. HB1176, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SAIVA VELLALA Mudaliar, 31/ 170, Hastham, M.E., Software Engineer, M.N.C. Chennai, 40,000, seeks alliance from Saiva Vellala, graduate girl, below 28, preferably from I.T. field please send horoscope, bio-data and photo (returnable) to Box No. HB1241, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU VANNIYAR, 28/ 175, fair, MBBS, M.D., JIPMER, Pondicherry, seeks goodlooking MBBS bride. Send horoscope, bio-data, photo. Box No. HB 1279, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 33/ 183, Swathi, MBBS, MD working abroad, good salary, seeks Bride with any Degree, age below 25- 30 yrs, height above 158 cms, same caste. Apply: Box No. XA71015, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

LIFE PARTNER for 40-year young ex-employee luxury hotel, religion. Caste no bar. Apply with colour photo. B-1-A/ 40-B, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058. Phone: 011-5501443.

HINDU KALLAR, 27/ 168, DCSE, B.Com., Software Engineer, Motorola, Singapore, seeks fair, good looking girl, B.E., MCA. Mukkulathor accepted. Send horoscope, photo, biodata to S. Selvaraj, 7/1, Church Street, Thuvakudimalai, Trichy-620022. Ph: 0431-551587.

SAIVA PILLAI, well settled businessman, age 34, divorcee, no kids, seeking homely looking, broad outlook bride from a decent family. Subsects no bar. Reply Box No. HB1292, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SC, AD, 37/170, Graduate, Insurance Company, 10,000/- seeks handsome, qualified, religious, caste no bar. Box No. CB8502, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

HINDU ADIDRAVIDA, 35/ 165, M.A. B.L. Advocate, Chennai seeks bride, employed same community professionals preferred. Box No. HY1193, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KARKATHAR VEGETARIAN, Central Government, 34/ 160/ 8,000, issueless divorcee seeks Graduate bride, horoscope is essential. Box No. HB1213, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SAIVA VELLALAR, 32/175/15,000, Librarian, Govt. Professional College seeks suitable fair, goodlooking, employed bride from same caste. Box No. CB3874, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

ADIDRAVIDA, ROHINI, B.E., M.E., MBA, 40/ 165, Business, seeks Engineering, MBA Computer Literate girl. Box No. HB1230, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUNTHAR MUDALIAR, B.E. (Comp.), 27/165, employed in U.S., Utharattathi seeks good family, B.E./MCA/M.Sc. preferably employed girl. Send horoscope, biodata with family details. Reply: Box No. BA2809, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

GAVARA, ASWINI, 26/ 159, DEEE, EID Parry, only son Gavara, Gajula. Box No. HB1201, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THONDAIMANDALA SAIVA Vellala Mudaliar, 27/175, Sadhayam, BE, Software Consultant, USA, seeks suitable Engineering bride. Horoscope, photograph, bio-data. Box No. HB1281, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL CHETTIAR boy, 36/165, M.Tech., Software Engineer, working U.S.A., divorcee no children seeks suitable, educated, professional girl. Caste no bar. Send details. Box No. HB1197, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULACHATRIA, DME, 40/165, 13000 p.m., Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., Group B Officer, posted Bhopal seeks graduate, suitable bride. Caste no bar. Box No. HB1196, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, M.E. (C.S), in USA, 29/ 165, fair, Aswini, Mesa Rasi, seek Professional, fair, goodlooking girl, from same caste, decent family. Reply with photo, horoscope & Biodata, Box No. HB1251, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC/AD/ 29/171/ M.D. (Medicine), MRCP London - Govt. employed, Rs. 2,50,000/- p.m., handsome seeks beautiful, home loving, B.E./ M.B.A./ M.C.A./ any Graduate (except Doctor) bride from decent family. Reply: Bio-data, photo, Box No. HB1259, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PILLAI GROOM, Puradam, 168/ 30, M.Sc. Software Engineer, USA seeks, same community girl, preferably Computer/ Doctor. Send details, photo to murughu@yahoo.com 0427-411604 (India).

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA boy, handsome, fair, B.Sc., PGDPM, 27/175, Medical Transcription, seeks good looking, educated girl. Box No. BA2807, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

PARVATHARAJAKULAM, 26, M.S. studied, employed U.S.A seeks B.E., B.D.S., respond with photo, bio-data. Box No. HB-1316, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU MARAVAR, 29/ 177, B.E. Computer Science, Software Engineer, United States, seeks fair, good looking girl, B.E./ MCA/ M.Sc., any other qualified degree, same community, good family background. Send horoscope, photo, details to Box No. HB- 1273, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU, 32 yrs./ 170/ 10,000 monthly, seeks same caste, Tamil speaking, graduate, working (optional) girl. Reply with horoscope, photo to Box No. BA2793, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

HINDU, NADAR, MCA, 27, Computer Engineer, monthly 35,000, seeks good looking graduate girl. Send horoscope. Box No. HB-1323, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, SC, AD, 27/ 172, B.E. Software Engineer, New Zealand seeks BE/ MBBS/ MCA. Send horoscope, photo before 23rd June. Box No. HB1313, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR/ ISAIVELLALAR, only son, Magam, 26/ B.Sc., NIIT DIP/ Software Engineer seeks educated girl from well to do family- send horoscope. Phone 044-2423676. Box No. SH46494, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR 29/ 183 B.E. Computer Consultant, Singapore seeks very fair well educated girl. Bio-data, horoscope, Photo (Returnable) Box No. SH46496, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARCOT MUDALIAR, Hastham, M.B.A., well settled, Native Chennai, 27/187/25,000, Senior Manager Bangalore, Transferable Chennai seeks Home loving Bride. 8271249. Box No. WW55757, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU KALLAR, 29,MCA, Software Consultant in the United States, good character and clean habits. Alliance invited from parents of educated girl with traditional values & pleasant personality and a generally healthy positive enthusiastic attitude to life. Subsects acceptable. Kindly reply with horoscope, biodata Box No. WW55761, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AFFLUENT MUDALIAR 41, Post Graduate, Manages Personal properties 20,000 P.M seeks fair graduate Bride Box No. WW55763, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC,PARAIYAR 32, Bank employed seeks Government employed/Teacher Girl. Contact 044-2474051 Box No. WW55770, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VATHIAMAL KAUNDINYA Krithika(I), 28/ 175, MCA, Sathyam at Dubai, Seeks Professionally qualified , Good looking bride, any subsect. Box No. CC27412, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED For Vadama Srivatsa Poorwashada 30/ 164, Very Fair working in Forex - Abudhabi Seeks Qualified Homely girls. Box No. CC27419, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL, KOUSIGAM, Chithirai(3), 27/ 170/ MCA, MCSD, Software Engineer, Chicago, Teetotaller, Seeks B.E./ MCA/ Slim, Fair Bride. Box No. ZM64058, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WIDOWER, IYER, Sound Health, 60/ 152/ 10,000/-, Own House, Koundinya/ Pooradam, Seeks Unmarried, Below 45 without Encumberances Partner. Box No. ZM64063, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

THENKALAI, BHARATWAJA, Rohini, 32/ 170/ 24,000/-, M.S.(Computer Science), MNC, Chennai Seeks Computer Literate. 044-2484861.

IYER, VADAMA, Kanva, Maham, 165, Aug 1967, M.A (Sociology), PG- HRM, USA Educated, employed Canada (Moving to USA shortly) seeks graduate girl. Send horoscope with photo returnable Box No. KR42847, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAGALAI, NAITHRYPAKASYAPA, Sadayam, 32/ 177, B.Sc (Hons), LLB, DPM, Advocate, Central Excise, under Senior Lawyer, New Delhi seeks suitable employed girl, professionally qualified. Contact: M. Parthasarathy, C-287, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-18. Phone: 011- 5611237.

IYER, VADAMA, Bharadwajam, Rohini, B.E. (Hons), Singapore employed, 26/ 180, fair, handsome, Chevvai 7th House seeks professionally qualified good looking, fair, tall, slim Iyer girl, below 24, willing to settle in Singapore. Boy's parents and siblings in Madras. Reply with horsocope, bio-data and recent photograph (returnable), Box No. KR42858, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002. Phone: (044)4463105. E.mail: shivarc@yahoo.com

BRAHMIN 42, Wealthy professional, 15 years- Practise (Europe/ Dubai), Widower, clean habits, moral values, two loving children seeks god fearing, homely, beautiful Brahmin below 32. Widows- no encumbrance acceptable. Reply recent photo Box No. KR42873, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Email: k-sbs@yahoo.com

CORRESPONDENCE INVITED from Non-Athreya Vadama Parents Interested in Alliance with very Handsome, Excellent Character, Strict Vegetarian, Religious, Teettotaller from Highly respectable North Arcot Family, 37/165, Working as Systems Analyst Concurrently doing Management Information Sciences from Texas, Graduating shortly. Likely to visit India August. Seeks Early Marriage, Reply Box No. KR42881, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from Vadama, Non-Kousika, Iyer girls homely, good looking for wealthy businessman, Own Electronic Service Centre, handsome, aged 36. Preferably girls from 26- 32 years send horoscope, complete family details. Box No. KR42884, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-4917013.

SEEKS SUITABLE Bride for Iyer Vadama Bharadwaj Uthiratadhi 29/ 177, Science Graduate Computer Systems Logistics employed MNC (US) Coimbatore with Good Accomadation, Salary Rs 23,000/- Plus with High prospects- preferably Vadama, Graduate, 162 minimum, early Marriage. Call- 044-2331186. Box No. KR42876, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

EMPLOYED, GOODLOOKING, intelligent match from cultured vegetarian Tamil/ Kannada Brahmin family for smart, brilliant Software Professional, 26/ 176, Graduate, PGDCA, well employed in US, soon starting MBA Program, very good family background Tamil Iyer. Apply preferably with photograph (returnable) Box No. DM34136, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOFTWARE PROFESSIONAL- USA employed, June 1972/ 179, handsome, vegetarian, teetotaller, Iyer/ Menon parentage, Visiting India- July 1st, seeks pretty, tall bride between 24- 27, Computer Professional from decent Hindu family, Prefer simple early marriage. Horoscope/ caste no bar. Box No. DM34148, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: jodithedi@yahoo.co.in

BRAHACHARNAM GOUTHAMA M.Com, C.A. 28/ 176 Swathi Employed Muscat seeks Good Looking Educated from Decent Family. Reply Horoscope, Family Particulars. Box No. HA39873, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044 - 3771093.

IYER ASHTASAHASRAM, Athreya, Swathi 31/ 172, Software APM- Cognizant Technology, seeks home loving, unemployed girl. Box No. DM34160, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Kaushika, 32/ 168, Handsome and well settled family seeks Graduate, Homeloving, good looking Brides. Reply with Horoscope and Photo. Phone: 044-4891979. Box No. HA39876, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

LOOKING FOR Qualified Girl above 26, Fair, Good Looking Cultured Family for 33 years Engineering Degree Holder from England, Senior Executive in Family Owned Engineering Group. Alliance from South Indian Iyer/ Iyengar, Madhwa or kannadigas Welcome. Box No. HA39877, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAKALAI, SRIVATSAM, Avittam, 28/ 188, Software Engineer Bangalore, seeks Slim, fair, good looking, Professionally qualified and Employed Vadakalai Bride. Age upto 25, height minimum 165cm. Reply Box No. HA39882, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-4803392.

ALLIANCE INVITED from Parents of Iyer, Non Bharadwaja, Fair, Good Looking Graduate, Employed/ UnEmployed Girls for Boy Vadamal Swathi B.Com 33/ 178/ above 20,000/-, Business in Chemicals, Own House. Send Horoscope, Biodata to Box No. HA39884, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 4892296.

IYER BRAHACHARNAM Bharathwajam Avittam 27-09-1974/ 168 Working as IT Networking Specialist in IBM Singapore, Doing MBA Seeks Graduate Girl. Contact: Kamala, 22, Sabari Street, Periyar Nagar, Nesapakkam, Chennai - 78. Phone: 044 - 3713149, 4748117. E-Mail: ganeshjeevan@hotmail.com

IYER VADAMAL Bharadwaj Kettai B.Com 37/ 180 Own Printing Press Chennai 10,000 seeks Employed/ UnEmployed Girl. Box No. HA39890, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BHARADWAJAM, Brahacharanam, Aswathi, 30/ 180, B.Sc, M.B.A Working in USA Seeks Good Looking Well Qualified Girl. Guru in Seventh House preferred. Reply with Horoscope details. Box No. HA39900, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL IYER, Ashtasahasram, Kasyapa, Poorattadhi, fair and handsome, 25/ 180, M.S. Computer Engg. Employed in Texas. Seeks fair, beautiful and tall girl, Professionally qualified below 24 years, studying/ Employed in U.S. Preferred. Subsects no bar. Reply with Horoscope and Photo (returnable). Phone:044-4713527. E-mail: bkannan@vsnl.com Box No. HA39901, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

IYER, VADAMAL, Uditya Gothram, Thiruvonam, 34/160 M.A.,D.Pharm., Diploma in Medical Lab Technology employed as Lab Technician in Ramachandra Medical Research Institute, Porur, Rs.6000/- seeks fair looking, Graduate employed girl. Subsects acceptable. N.Srinivasan,23/12, Venkatesa Nagar, First Street, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 92. Phone: 3765169.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Koushiga, Punarvasu, Vadagalai Groom, 35 years, +2, Marketing Person in leading Textile Company, 6000/- PM, No encumbrance from both kalais, working/ non-working Brides. Box No. HA39909, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, BHARADWAJA, Moolam, 33/ 163/ 5000/-, Electrician, Muscat return, Own flat, subsect accepted, preferably employed. Box No. HA39904, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THENGALAI KOWSHIGAM Pooratathi, 29/ 172, B.E, Software Engineer USA, Seeks Good looking, well qualified Girl. Box No. ST52029, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THENKALAI VATHULAM Aswini, 31/ 175, B.E, Software Engineer, USA, H1B holder. Seeks suitable bride. Boy in Chennai till July 2001 to finalise alliance earliest. Contact with Horoscope/ Photo (Returnable). K.S. Seshadri, 3-B, Santhanakrishna Street, Nehrunagar, Chromepet, Chennai-600044. Phone: 044-2233553.

VADAGALAI IYENGAR, Vaadhula Gothram, 34/ 182, Hastham, Ph.D., Computer Engineer, California, USA, postgraduate bride with computer knowledge, 27/ 162 above fair looking domestically trained. Boy visiting India June. Box No. HB1087, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL ATHREYA, Avittam, Kumbharasi, 40/ 150/ 7,000/ M.A., employed as LDC in Central Government Department, Chennai, seeks graduate and employed girl. Details, horoscopes to Box No. HB1094, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM, Srivathsa Maham, 36/ 165/ Rs. 25000/- p.m., software consultant seeks suitable girl upto 34/ 162, good looking slim/ medium, horoscope, bio-data, family details to Box No. HB1086, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER KERALA Kashyapa, Thiruvonam 29/ 182, USA, green card holder, MS Chemical seeks bride H-1 Visa, preferable. Reply Horosocpe/ Detail: S.V. Natarajan, 33, Rohini Ramaneeyam, West Adayavalanjan, Srirangam, Trichy-6. 0431-432672.

ALLIANCE F0R Tamil, Brahacharanam, Bharadwaja, Aswathi, 32/168, B.A., MBA from well qualified girls. Box No. HB489, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PH.D., 36/ 185, Singapore based for last two years. Tanjore Aiyar, born brought up Delhi. Aswathi Kashyapa Ashta Sahasram seeks tall, slim, well educated articulate girl. Early marriage, subsect no bar. Send horoscope, photo family details to: vsand@del3.vsnl.net.in or Box No. 4457, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

VADAKALAI KOUSIKAM, Pooratathi 1st, 25, B.A., employed Chennai. Seeks employed Graduate girl, non-transferable. Subsect acceptable. Phone: 044-8442886. Box No. HB-1069, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHACHARANAM KAPILA Sarvanam, 39 years, B.Sc., 165, fair, business, 12,000/- p.m. seeks domestically accomplished Bride. Box No. HB1110, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM Srivathsa, Moolam II, 40/ 163/ 6000 p.m. Private concern, seeks suitable girl, upto 35/ 160, good looking, slim/ medium. Horoscope, bio-data, family details. Box No. HB- 1088, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KERALA IYER, Vadamal, Kausika Moolam, 2nd Padam, 26/ 188, MBA, working with MNC, Chennai. Transferable job, seeks tall, slim, Graduate girl. Box No. HB-1083, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from parents of Graduate, slim, beautiful, goodlooking girl for Iyer, Vadamal, Athreya, Pooradam, 27/ 170, Software Engineer in USA. Reply with photo and horoscope to: Box No. HB-1117, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Tamil Iyer, Vadama, Koushika, Rohini, 26/177, Engineer, employed in USA from Iyer professionally qualified, slim, fair looking girls. Box No. HB1128, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA, Bharatwajam, Swathi, 30/ 176/ B.Sc., M.A., fair, employed, 10,000/- plus seeks good looking bride, decent family. Contact: A. M. Krishnamurthy, B48, C.M.C. Colony, Sathuvachary, Vellore-632009. Phone: (0416) 253008.

PARENTS INVITE alliance for 173, Srivatsa, Vadagalai, Iyengar, Pooram, 42, B.Com., Sales Executive, Bangalore. Salary-9000/- from Iyer/ Iyengar girl. Working girl preferred. Reply Box No. BA2794, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

MUDALIAR IYENGAR, parents seeks, fair, slim, goodlooking, Graduate girl from decent Brahmin family, for their son 28/ 168, well educated, well employed. Box No. HB1151, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

TAMIL IYER, Brahacharanam, Aathreya Hastham, 29/ 175/ BHMS doing MBA, good private practice, very fair, good looking seeks professionally qualified girl. Contact: N. Vaidhyanathan, H-311, TNHB, Phase-I, Krishnagiri-635001. Phone: 04343- 26699, 26600.

VADAGALAI, KOUSIGAM, Uthiram, 29/180/CA, ICWAI, E.Com., Consultant, USA, seeks professionals. Raghunathan, Rajaji Enclave, Rajaji Street, Srirangam, Trichy-620006. Phone: 433741.

THENKALAI IYENGAR, Haritham, Visagam, 29, M.Sc., B.Ed., FICS, Lecturer, seeks suitable bride. Box No. HB1154, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM Kargya Maham handsome B.Sc.,/ 25/ 163/ 9500 employed reputed firm seeks good looking graduate decently employed 23/ below. Subsect acceptable. Box No. HB-1165, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL SRIVATSAM, Poosam, 30/185, C.A., ICWA Inter, Assistant Manager, Finance, Bangalore seeks Graduate employed. Reply horoscope. Box No. HB1256, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HANDSOME, FAIR, 46/165, Kerala Iyer Vadama, Naitruba Kashyapa Gothram, Magam (Widower without any encumberances) having own business & own house in Bangalore, invites proposal from good looking bride, below 37. Reply with full details, horoscope, photograph. Box No. BA2811, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

TAMIL IYER, Vadamal boy, reputed firm, fair, 38, Chowa (7), 165, Koundinya, Avittam (2). Phone: 0484-779870. Box No. KA1343, THE HINDU, Ravipuram, Cochin-16.

IYER VADAMAL Kaushika Punardham, 35/ 169, ACA, Dubai seeks professionally qualified girls. R. Mahadevan, 39/ 3789, Manikkiri Road, Kochi-682016. 0484-371347.

ALLIANCE FOR Tamil, Brahacharanam, Bharadwaja, Vishakam, 30/174, CA, ICWAI, CS from well qualified girls, preferably employed. Box No. HB487, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Tamil, Brahacharanam, Bharadwaja, Aswathi, 32/168, B.A., MBA from qualified girls, preferably MBBS/ M.D. Box No. HB498, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

UNDER GRADUATE Boy, Vadama, Bharadwaja, 35, Pooram, Salary 3,000/- seeks suitable earning girl. Early, simple marriage. Moolam welcome. Contact: Raman, 113, Thambu Chetty Street, Chennai-600001.

PALAKKAD IYER, Vadama, Vadoola, Visakam-1, 33/ 167/ B.E/ 21,000, Mumbai employed seeks Graduate, fair, good looking Girl. Subsects acceptable. Send Horoscope details: Box No. XA71016, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAKALAI POORADAM, 26/ 170, B.E, propertied, Managing Partner of an established Family Concern and owning a Reputed Software Consultancy and Development Company, Chennai, seeks Vadakalai Non-Srivatsa, Non-Koundinya Graduate with Computer knowledge, smart, home loving Girl from highly placed affluent family. Horoscopes to: Post Bag: 1028, Chennai-600017.

VISWAMITHRAM, KRISHNAPREMI family, Kettai, 155/ 30/ MCA, Chicago, seeks U.S. raised girl, pious, Vadama, Vaishnava. Send horoscope, photo. Srinivasan, 60, East Dabir Street, Kumbakonam- 612001. Phone: 429387.

IYER, VATHIMA, Bharadwaja, Chithirai, 32/ 165/ MNC, Engineer, seeks suitable bride. Subsect no bar. Reply with horoscope to Box No. HB-1298, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMAL, Srivastam, Bharani, 27/ 170, B.Sc. (Computer Science) MBA (Systems), Junior Executive Manager, Systems MNC, Trichy, Rs. 12,500/= p.m. seeks preferably graduate employed girl, subsect acceptable. Box No. HB1284, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for 29/ Bharadwaja Iyer/ 173 cms, working in private firm, B.Com, P.G. Dip. in Fin, Mgt. Salary Rs. 10,000 p.m. has own flat. Contact: Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, 8-3-676/2/2, Engineers Colony, Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad-500873. Phone: 040- 3743850.

IYER VADAMA Srivatsa Uthiradam, 33/ 175/ 12,000, Central Government, Chennai seeks educated, employed girl. Reply: Box No. HB1217, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAKALAI, SHADAMARSHANAM, affluent parents, seek alliance for son MCA, 29/ 176, Visakam-2, Kethu seventh house, Software professional, MNC Chennai, from good looking, educated girl. Box No. HB1226, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SRIVATSAM, KRITHIGAI, 28/ 180, ACA, ICWA, settled seeks tall, Vadamal Bride. Box No. HB1236, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL BHARADWAJAM, Ayilyam, 180/27, M.E., Software Engineer, HCL Parot Systems seeks Iyer, Graduate, homely girl aware and interested in Iskcon. Reply with horoscope. Box No. BA2808, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Vadama, Chandilya, Moolam, fair, propertied boy, 33/168 with clean habits, M.C.A., Software Consultant at Singapore, 1.15 lakhs per month from home-loving, well educated, fair, good-looking girls, below 28. Reply Box No. MA-4095, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

VADAGALAI BHARADWAJAM, Hastham, B.E., M.S., (USA), Software Professional, 28/181, fair, handsome boy, seeks tall (165 cms and above), fair, goodlooking, well accomplished, qualified, employed bride with Cosmopolitan outlook. Kalai no bar. Respond with horoscope, details. Box No. BA2817, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER VADAMAL Koundinyam, Ayilyam, very fair, B.Sc. (CS), ADSE, working in MNC, now at Bangalore, lead consultant 27/167, seeks suitable, equally qualified girl. Box No. BA2813, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VADAGALAI SHATAMARSHANAM, Chittirai, 46/ 178/ Rs. 25,000, Chief Manager, Nationalised Bank, Simple marriage, no expectation. Box No. HB1189, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL IYER Brahacharanam, Kapi, Uthiradam, B.Com. (Hons), C.A. final (Group I), 33/170/14,000/-, Asst. Manager (Finance), Bangalore, seeks pretty graduate/ post graduate bride. Reply horoscope Box No. BA2815, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER, NON-KOUNDINYA, fair, smart, goodlooking, graduate, computer literate, domestically accomplished girl, below 23/162 cms, wanted for 27/165/ Pooradam/ BE/ US employed boy. Contact with horoscope & family details to: Box No: HB1287, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FOR HANDSOME, Kerala Iyer boy, 28/170, Design Engineer from respectable family settled in U.S., girl should be very pretty, slim, above 160 cms, professionally qualified, below 25, from decent family. Horoscope optional. Box No. CB3885, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

HANDSOME VADHOOLA Iyer, 26/185, C.A., well employed seeks tall, good looking bride, below 23. (080-5448772). Box No. BA2801, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

BRAHACHARNAM, KOUSIKA, Anusham, BE/ 27/ 175/ 20000, Software Engineer, Chennai seeks fair, graduate bride. Apply with horoscope. Box No. HB1300, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Vadakalai, Kousikam, Widower, 43 years, Rs. 18,000/- p.m., Officer, Nationalised Bank, having two sons, aged 12 and 10, working women (widow, divorcee may also apply). Subsects no bar. Box No. HB-1210, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, SRIVATSA, Avittam, 28/160, B.E., well established family, industry seeks fair, goodlooking, educated, non-career. Box No. HB1297, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL, GARGI, Mirugashersham, Midhunam, 29/ 171, graduate, business, 15,000/-, own flat, seeks suitable bride. Box No. HB 1309, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KERALA IYER girl for M.Com, MNC employed, 35/ 168, Uttaratadi Kashyapa boy. Box No. BA2788, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VADAMAL, KOUNDINYA, Swathi, ACA, Citibank, UAE, 27/ 178, seeks professionally qualified girl. Reply with horoscope Box No. HB 1310, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER/VADAMAL/ Kowsikam/ 36/ Pooradam/ 178 cm/ Rs. 7000/ M.A./ Medical Rep./ Tirunelveli seeks very fair graduate girl/ Suttha Jadhakam/ Reply with photo. Box No. HB 1318, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

BRIDE WANTED for Vadagalai Aiyangar November, 1970, Mechanical Engineer, Executive Director in Family Owned Company. Subsect No Bar. Contact: 044-8110407, Madras.

AFFLUENT IYER Vadamal Kaundinyam Thiruvonam, 25/ 172, Handsome, Very Fair, B.Sc Gold Medalist Senior Executive in Leading MNC Based at Chennai Seeks Alliance from Fair Goodlooking Graduate Bride from Decent Family. Subsects Acceptable. Send Bio-Data, Horoscope to: Box No. SH46490, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL IYER Haritha, USA BS (EE) MS (EE), Employed Bayarea, 29/ 175, Clean Habits, Seeks Bride, Indian Values Vegetarian Prefer USA Brilliant Computer/ Engineer. Iyengars Acceptable. Request Bio-data, Horoscope Box No. SH46491, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HARITHA TAMIL Iyer, Clean Habits USA BS (CS), Employed USA 27/ 183, Seeks Bride Vegetarian, Indian Values prefer USA Computer/ Engineer Iyengars Acceptable. Request Bio-Data, Horoscope. Box No. SH46492, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADULA, Bharani, Vadamal, 1969/ 160 cms, Fair, Musically Talented M.Sc. PGDSM, MBA. Invites Horoscopes From BE, CA, MBA. Box No. SH46493, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FROM Tamil Brahmin U.K/ Europe Citizen girls for India based Electronic Engineer, Iyengar Srivatsa 37/ 180 Boy interested in relocation. E-mail: rchkp@yahoo.com Box No. SH46497, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHACHARANAM, KOUNDINYA Gothram, Poorattadhi, 25/ 158, B.Com., CA., Bank Officer seeks Graduate Girl. Box No. SH46503, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Contact 044-4956689.

IYER KOUSIGAM, Chithrai, 38/ 175, Central Government Officer, 18,000/-, Well Placed, Unencumbered Divorcee seeks Educated, Good Looking Girl. Box No. SH46508, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Vadamal Koundinyam North Arcot 27/ 180 MS H1 Visa, Handsome Engineer, Clean habits, Medicos preferred- 044-4940523. Box No. SH46509, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, KERALA Iyer, Vadhoolam, Bharani, 26/185/MS/MBA in USA seeks Professionally qualified, Goodlooking, very fair, 165 above, below 23 years from decent well todo family.Box No. WW55762, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER,B.E.Senior Software Engineer, U.S.A 27/176 seeks suitable Girl preferably professionally qualified Box No. WW55774, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. ap2975@yahoo.com

VADAGALAI SHATAMARSHNA - Bharani - 1964 / 170 M.Com., Officer National Bank - suitable Bride Box No. WW55778, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM Haritha, maham(I) 27/175 smart B.E. Software Engineer Ramco Systems, Chennai seeks Good Looking Girl - respectable family below 25 employed B.E./Computer. Subsect no bar. Reply Box No. WW55781, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SISTAKARNAM (PILLAI) - Patnaik, 30/ M.Tech., Software Engineer, Seeks Fair, any Hindu Caste. Box No. ZM64075, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002. E-Mail: vijayavith@yahoo.com

KAMMA NAIDU, 25/ 180, B.E., Engineer, well placed seeks educated fair complexion, home loving girl from respectable family. Reply with horoscope, biodata, photo (returnable) Box No. KR42851, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA, VERY handsome, 27/ 175/ B.E, MS, USA seeks bride. Phone Chennai: 6192524/ Coimbatore: 214696.

BALIJA, KARTHIGAI (4th), 30/ 175, fair, DME, AE- Limited Company, Chennai seeks fair goodlooking graduate bride from respectable family. Reply Horoscope/ Photo (Returnable) Box No. DM34141, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002/ (044-6555944).

GAJULABALIJA, MRIGASEERSHAM, 29/ 167/ BE, employed Multinational Company- Pune, seeks goodlooking, preferrably BE/ MCA bride. Same caste. Respond Horoscope, Photo: Box No. DM34159, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU 27/ 174/ 3 Lakhs P.A. B.Tech, MBA, Poosam, working MNC Chennai, running Parallel Business, Handsome, seeks good looking, fair, slim, beautiful, Professionally Employed preferably MBBS/ BE/ MCA/ MBA, above 160cm, below 26. Send Horoscope Photo (returnable) Box No. HA39892, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

REDDY 28/ 180, Fair, M.S. Software Engineer U.S.A. seeks well qualified girl, India/ abroad from same Community. Reply with Horoscope, Photo (returnable) Box No. HA39902, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMAVARNAIDU CHITHIRAI 27/ 174, B.E Software Executive in Hongkong, only Son, Seeks Goodlooking Professional, same community. Send Horoscope, Bio-data: Box No. ST52033, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU 31/ 169/ B.E, M.Tech, MBA/ Punarvasu, Employed MNC in Spain, Seeks Goodlooking Fair, B.E, MCA with Computer knowledge, same caste. Reply with family background, Horoscope: Box No. ST52035, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARYA VYSYA Grandasila/ Ganasrila, 27/ 172cm, MS/ USA, seek B.E., MCA, PG, fair Vysya bride. Box No. HY7482, THE HINDU, Hyderabad- 500016.

GAJULA BALIJA Naidu, 27/ 182, Swathi, B.E., employed with decent salary in Chennai reputed Birla group company as Executive handsome clean habits seeks good looking fair girl age 22-23. Respond with horoscope/ bio data/ photo. Box No. HB1092, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIDU, AGE 41, smart, businessman seeks bride. Caste no bar. Divorcees/ Widows acceptable. Box No. HB1080, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ARYA VYSYA, 34/ 166, fair, B.Com., CA & ICWA-Inter, DCA, Accounts Manager in Travel Industry seeks suitable bride, same caste, horoscope. Box No. HB1120, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GAVARA NAIDU parents seek PG Bride for their son, very broad minded, friendly and cheerful, 31/ 176, M.E., senior position in reputed organisation. Box No. HB-1269, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: dejanin@hotmail.com

BALIJA NAIDU, B.Sc., 33/ 170, well settled, seeks educated Bride from decent family. Language and caste no bar. Box No. HB-1268, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAPU, 34/183, 20,000/-, owning Internal Auditing Firm seeks slim, fair, beautiful girl. Reply photo, biodata. Box No. HB1181, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU, B.Tech., (IIT, Chennai), Ph.D., (USA), Scientist, New York, 65,000$, 29/173, White. 0422-214696, 044-6204953. Email: navee@vsnl.com

ARYA VYSIA, Software Engineer in USA, 28/ 167 seeks MBBS bride from same community. Send biodata, horoscope, photo. Box No. 1198, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA NAIDU, 26/ 178/ B.E. M.S. USA, MNC, well settled, fair seeks slim, fair, goodlooking, BE/ MCA/ MBA girl from good status Kamma family, preferably studying MS/ working USA. Reply with horoscope, bio-data, photo family details. Box No. CB3877, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

KAMMA, 47, Divorcee, well positioned seeks educated bride. Caste/ widow/ divorcee/ no bar. Reply with horoscope to Box No. HY7480, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

VAIDIKI SANDELYASA, 37, MD Psychiatry, Residency, USA, Greencard require Doctors, Engineers with computers. Correspond: Biodata, photo, horoscope. Subsect no bar. Box No. HY7462, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. E-mail: telaka26@yahoo.com

PADMASHALI, 23/ 180, B.E. handsome Software Engineer employed Chennai likely to go abroad. Father Central Government, Senior Gazetted Officer seeks fair, educated girl, willing to go abroad, same caste from well settled family. Send family details, bio- data, photo, horoscope. Box No. CB8497, THE HINDU, Coimbatore- 641018. E-mail: bhandarinag@yahoo.co.in

GAVARA NAIDU, only son, 24/ 163, Telephones, 5,000/-, own house, seeks home loving, god fearing girl, main consideration. Send details. Box No. CB8501, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TELUGU HINDU, 32/178, fair, divorcee, U.S.A., resident, working in software seeks good looking/ educated girl. Caste no bar. 040- 7712918.

NAIDU GIRL, professionally qualified for Gavara Naidu, Engineer, permanently well employed in America, 27/182. Contact: G. Purushothaman, 43/15, Vadukakaval Koda Street, Madurai-625001.

KAMMA NAIDU, 32/ 165, S/W Engr., Singapore (080-6690472). Email: babu@netlife.com.sg

TELUGU DEVANGA, 31/170, B.E., Wheatish, Poorattathi, Program Manager in Software MNC Bangalore. Looking for fair, educated girl from decent family. Send horoscope. Phone: 0422-476874. Box No. BA-2804, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

REDDY, 31/183, M.Tech., Software Engineer, USA, seeks B.E., M.Tech., M.C.A. professional bride. Send complete details with photo to: Box No. HB-1332, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: nag1970@123india.com

KAPU, HANDSOME groom, 36/169/MHM Management Consultant, Chennai. Seeks qualified bride. Box No. HB1335, THE HINDU, Chennai. Cell: 98410-82355.

KAMMA NAIDU 30/173 Handsome Boy B.E.,Computers employed in U.S.A seeks Kamma or Kapu Bride Fair, Good Looking 163/165 M.S. B.E.,M.C.A. M.B.A. in India or Abroad. Early marriage send biodata with photograph Box No. WW55764, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

TELUGU, VELANADU, Harithasa, Uthirattadi, 31, B.Com., ICWA, ACA, BGL, Cost Accountant need Graduate, Employed Girl from Velanadu/ Mulakanadu. Box No. ZM64054, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU MULAKANADU Brahmin, PG, Executive 31/ 185/ 14000/= seeks fair graduate preferably employed. Sub-sect acceptable. Reply horoscope, Photo Box No. DM34153, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E- mail: ramasubbu1@netaddress.com

TELUGU NEOGI Brahmin - Bharadwajasa - Sravanam - very fair - 27/ 175 - Final M.S (Ophthal) seeks Medicos only - Send Photo, Bio- data. Box No. HA39894, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED BRIDE for 30, well Employed, Pubba, Nagan Girsha Gothram, ShresthaKarnalu. Mail Horoscopes to: Subha Ramesh, 64-A, R.K.Shanmugam Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai - 600 078.

TN BASED Telugu 6N Srivatsa, B.E., 27, 168, Dhanishta(IP), software project leader Bangalore seeks bride B.E., MBA, MCA. K. Ramakrishnan, 68, P&T Colony, R.T. Nagar, Bangalore-560032. Ph: 080-3330648.

SATTHADA SRIVAISHNAVA, 28/180, fair, Mechanical Engineer, Singapore seeks fair, educated girl from decent family, same community. Phone (04171) 20288. Email: naresh-ram@hotmail.com

PROPOSALS INVITED from educated, good looking, smart, above 25/162 cms, South Indian Brahmin Iyer girls, Telugu/ Tamil presently in India/ Abroad for fair, handsome, Gautama Mulakanadu Telugu/ Iyer South based, Sadhayam, Ph.D. Immunology, 180 cms, 31, presently employed USA, H-1 visa, send proposal with bio- data, horoscope, family details, recent photo (returnable) to Box No. HB1130, The Hindu, Chennai-600002.

BRAHMIN (MBA), Bharadwaj, 28/ 159/ 10,000, MNC, Chennai, seeks fair, beautiful, educated girl. Apply horoscope, photo (returnable). Box No. HB-1274, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU BRAHMIN boy, Mulakanadu, Chaunaga Vishakam (4), DoB 8 July 1976, 172, M.S., employed in USA as a Hardware Engineer under H1B visa seeks good looking and well educated girl. Subsect no bar. Contact: 011-649 2408, S. S. Baskaran, 284, Asiad Village Complex, New Delhi-110049 or Email: s-s-baskaran@hotmail.com

M.TECH (IIT) boy (29), Niyogi Koundinyasa Software Engineer, MNC requires beautiful girl, decently employed from Brahmin families. Box No. HY7488, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

VISHWA BRAHMIN, 28, B.E./ P.G. Comput., 190, H1 USA employed, now India, seeks 168, B.E./ MCA/ M.Sc. Comp./ Maths. Contact: 040- 3022116. E-mail: munigant@cracker.com

ALLIANCE INVITED for Telugu, Mulakanadu, Brahmin, Kasyapa boy, 26/ 175, B.E. Software Engineer, working in MNC USA, from professionally qualified, girls, with decent cultured background. Subsect no bar boy is coming in July end. Send early biodata, horoscope, photo Box No. HB1223, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BRAHMIN 6N, Non-Kondinyasa, very fair, MCA/ M.Sc./ B.E. Boy, 25, S.W. Engineer, salary 6 lakhs annum, Bangalore, reputed company. 040-3347659.

GOOD LOOKING, fair, Telugu Brahmin boy, Kausika Gothram, Mrigashiram, 167/29 years, M.S., Ph.D., seeks well educated, affectionate, outgoing girl. No horoscope. Reply to Box No. HB1250, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUSLIM, 27, DFT, Private Satellite Channel Technician, 20,000/-, own houses. Phone: 044-4312667. Post Box: 8669, Chennai-41

SUNNI, FAIR, slim, affluent, Post Graduate, below 24, for USA employed, highly qualified 175 cms, handsome groom. Box No. KR42867, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

URDU SPEAKING 25/ 172 cms., B.E., working MNC, seeks good looking educated bride. Send biodata with photo returnable. Box No. HB-1081, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SUNNI PATHAN, 30/170, fair, graduate, working Riyadh, family visa after one year, arriving July, early marriage seeks fair graduate below 25. Reply with bio-data, photo. Box No. HB-1163, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

URDU SUNNI Muslim, 28, Post-Graduate, Central Government employed seeks professional/ educated girl. Box No. HB1275, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

URDU MUSLIM, 32/ 175, graduate, exports business, highly placed, divorcee, without encumbrance, seeks fair, tall, graduate bride from decent family. Box No. HB 1307, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

URDU MUSLIM Engineer, 26/ 172/ 60,000, Saudi, Family Visa, no dowri. Wanted Bride B.E., MBBS, MCA only. Box No. MA-4097, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

URDU MUSLIM Shaikh, 28, 162, fair, graduate Computer Literate employed New Delhi, seeks B.Ed., graduate, Diploma, Computer Literate bride below 25, 160. Phone: 04364-25329. Reply with photo (reutrnable) to Box No. HB-1295, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

URDU MUSLIM, Sheik parents seek alliance, for their son, 29/ 170, B.Sc., Hotel Management and Catering Technology working for a cruise liner in England, Earning 80,000 p.m. from fair, slim, good looking, English speaking Graduates with a good back ground, very decent, early marriage. Contact: 0423-233553. E-mail: citylinks786@hotmail.com

SUNNI URDU parents seek religious and educated bride for their son, 25/M.Sc., doing business. Box No. HB1329, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

URDU SPEAKING Syed Parents seeks alliance for son aged 27/ 165 D.M.E. in U.A.E. family status seeks graduate, fair, religious, with Computer Knowledge. Box No. SH46498, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

PROFESSIONAL MATCH for Punjabi boy MBA, IT, 29/ 168, working in MNC. Send bio-data recent photo: Box No. XA71014, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MATHUR PARENTS seek family oriented, educated bride for handsome, US born, California based son, employed as Director of eCommerce, 26 yrs., 170, double B.Sc., completing MBA in 2002. Box No: HB1262, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.