Bridegrooms Wanted

INTER-RELIGION parents from educated, decent family seek Christian or Hindu Groom, below 35, broad minded, well settled for their only daughter, aged 29, fair, tall, good looking, M.Com, ICWAI, MCSD (M.S.), working as Software Engineer in Singapore. Box No. HB-5462, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARENTS OF well settled Telugu girl, 32/ 165/ B.Com/ MNC, Chennai/ 15,000/- invited alliance from well employed Protestant grooms - Telugus and Non-Telugus, early marriage preferred, since sister migrating abroad. Reply with bio-data, photo. Box No. HB- 5485, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Gujarathi girl born Nov 79/ 163 Arts Graduate. Reply Box No. AA24207, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E- mail: balaji5723@yahoo.com

KESARVANI (North Indian Vaishya) 23/ 158/ B.A Doing Law III year, wheat complexion, sub caste no bar. Madras residents only. Box No. CC27598, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MADHWA KANNADA, Gowthama, Visagam, fair, 25/ 160, graduate seeks employed bridegroom. Box No. DM34935, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. (044-6570633).

MUMBAI BASED, Orthodox Syrian Christian parents, seek alliance from professionally qualified, Kerala Christian boys, (brought up outside Kerala) working in the USA for their daughter, aged 25 yrs./155, currently working in NY. Reply with scanned photograph, details to junasphilips@usa.net

ALLIANCE SOLICITED from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, decent Indian Christian Catholic (Malayalam), self employed preferably vegetarian for well settled, beautiful slim girl, 21/ 160, please respond to Box No. HB5476, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BEAUTIFUL NAIR, MS (Computer final year), 167, Visakam, 22 years Girl's (on vacation) parents seek preferably US postgraduate professional below 27/ 28 years. Box No. DM34964, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SALIYA-PILLAI, CHOTHY, 24/156, B.E., goodlooking, employed seeks same/ Nair, Professionally settled. Box No. DM34966, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAMBIAR GIRL, 24/ 150, 10th Std. fair. Send horoscope, biodata. Box No. HB5420, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIR GIRL, 31/160, M.A., B.Ed., Teacher Anizham Doshajathakam seeks suitable alliance from well employed Nair boys. Send biodata and horoscope. Box No. HB5372, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIR GIRL, 25/ 157, Bharani, M.A., M.Phil, UGC, Net, (MBA), good-looking, Lecturer, Chennai. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HB5385, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-2485306.

PROPOSALS INVITED for Nair girl, 22/165, Thiruvathira, B.E., slim/fair, MNC, employed, Chennai, from parents qualified, employed boys, below 26 with biodata, horoscope. Box No. HB5357, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Hindu Nadar girl, 24/153, convent educated (Lawyer) fair, slim, good looking (Sadayam, Kumlam) seeks professionally qualified grooms (Defence Officer, IT professionals, CA, etc.). Reply to Box No. BA3344, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VISWAKARMA HINDU, 24/150, B.Com., PGDCP parents seek Graduate, employed groom. Box No. HB5478, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIR PARENTS seek alliance for daughter, 30/ Moolam/ Lecturer. Apply with bio-data and horoscope. Box No. HB5524, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ENHUTHASSAN GIRL, 34, Palakkad unmarried, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil. Maths, working Chennai 10,000/- Father, Retired Officer seeks suitable educated, employed grom with horoscope details. Box No. CB4430, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

KERALA VADAMA Iyer Parents, Garga, Thiruvatira, 21/ 165, Fair, Good Looking Girl, B.E (Computers) seeks Professionally Employed Boys from Affluent Family of Kerala Orign upto 29 Years only. Reply to Box No. SH46953, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-Mail: hilcrest@emirates.net.ae

NON-GAMADHAGNI, well settled graduate, Madhwa, Desastha groom for slim, graduate, 35, Moola 4th Pada. Send horoscope, bio-data. Box No. HY284, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

SAINI SIKH girl, 25/157, fair, Lt. in Defence Hospital require suitable match. Box No. VZ60, THE HINDU, Viskahapatnam-530013/ (0891) 587423.

TAMIL MUSLIM Slim, Fair, 153/ 23, M.Sc Computer Seeks well Qualified/ Settled Bridegroom from same Community. Box No. ST52233, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL MUSLIM parents seek alliance for daughter, 27/ 167/ B.Sc., fair. Write to Rahmath Mustafa, 195, Arni Palace Road, Kodappamund, Ooty/ Email: rahmath@vsnl.com

RC NADAR 26/ 152/ MBA, good looking, Tamil, US Citizen girl, seeks Doctors with high USMLE Score and want to relocate to US. Respond with Photo to E-mail: afrex@aol.com or Box No. HA35685, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI MBBS 28, Doing PG, strong Christian values cultured good looking respectable family seeks professional groom. Reply Box No. AA24203, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ROMAN CATHOLIC Vanneir Tamilian Parents from Dindigul, residing at Delhi invite Alliance for their Daughter 28/ 155/ 10000/ M.A., B.Ed., Convent Educated, slim, wheatish, working in public School at Delhi. Reply Box No. AA24208, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ROMAN CATHOLIC A.D 25/ 153, Good Looking, Medium Complexion, Graduate, Fashion Designing, seeks well settled R.C groom. Caste Immaterial. Box No. KR43500, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. charles_maniraja@yahoo.com

AD, CSI Christian, born again, 25/ 155/ BPT, employed seeks professional grooms. Caste no bar. Box No. DM34959, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. (044-6230432).

TAMIL RC Vellalar, 26/158, B.E., M.Sc. (Pro)MGT, (Singapore), seeks suitable alliance from smart, goodnatured, well qualified professionals, like Managers, Engineers, Doctors, below 30. Contact: A. Selvaraj, 16D, Duraisamypuram 2nd St., Palakarai, Trichy-620001. Ph: 0431-300125.

CHRISTIAN SAMBAVAR, 24/153, M.A.(M.Phill.) Private School, seeks groom below 35 P.G. Govt. employee. Box No. HB5410, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Chennai settled, 24/165, Tamil R.C. Mudaliar M.A., fair, only daughter Rs. 10,000 p.m. and in possession of passport from respected family well qualified M.C.A./ B.E./ M.E. and settled groom. Apply with photo and biodata to Box No. HB5361, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI NADAR, Post Graduate, 157/ 37, fair, employed. Seeks groom from respectable Christian family. Box No. TV-36, THE HINDU, Thiruvananthapuram-695008.

RC NADAR, 22, B.E. Computer Science, very fair, goodlooking. Apply photo, bio-data. Box No. HB5454, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI CHRISTIAN Girl, 31/157, B.Sc., B.Ed., (Maths), Matriculation Teacher, 6,000/-, well-to-do, God fearing, seeks B.Ed./ any in sound. Box No. HB 5499, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC KALLAR, 30/155, goodlooking girl, B.E. (C.S.), NGO seeks suitable groom. Box No. HB5527, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PROPOSALS INVITED from parents of well placed Doctors with P.G. qualifications only for CSI Nadar, Christian girl, 28/152, MBBS, good looking, God fearing, P.G. student from respectable, financially sound family. Reply Box No. HB5516, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC PALLAR 30 / 154 B.E. Medium Complexion seeks educated / settled Groom. Contact 4771343. Box No. WW56179, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NELLAI SAIVA Vellala B.E. 26/157 Karthigai Very Fair, Slim, Good Looking Software Professional employed in Bangalore seeks suitable qualified Software Professional in India / Abroad. Reply Box No. WW56178, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU ADI-DRAVIDA-PR 27/162 Medium Complexion B.Com.,PGDCA HDSE working with MNC seeks Professionals of same caste. Reply with horoscope and biodata Box No. WW56185, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

US EMPLOYED Software Engineer, Fair, Hindu Girl Spinster convent educated MCA, 33/160 cm H1B $90,000 P.A. Brother also employed in U.S. seeks US employed, Green card, Citizen, Professionals, probably Software Engineers. Caste no bar. Send biodata, photo Box No. WW56188, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SEER KARUNEEGAR 22/154 B.B.A Fair Girl Moolam 4th patham seeks alliance from suitable bridegroom. Box No. WW56190, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KARUNEEGAR, B.E., 24/ 165, Software Engineer, Seeks Suitable Groom, Send Bio-data, Horoscope, Photo. Box No. ZM64422, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL, YADAVA, Fair, Tall, 23/ 165, B.Com., DCA, Well To Do, Avittam, Only Daughter, Seeks, B.E., Below 29, Chennai Employed. Bio-data, Horoscope Box No. ZM64436, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SENGUNTHA MUDALIAR, Poorattadhi, Very Fair, 25/ 163, B.Sc., PGDCA., (MCA) Course Completed, Decent Family, Chennai Based. Subsect No Bar, seeks suitable alliance. Reply Box No. SH46946, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SEEKS SMART, Professional groom for fair, good looking, attractive bride 27/164, Rohini, B.Sc. Sozhiavellalar, working MNC Chennai, US return. Box No. HA35686, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VANNIYAR UTHRADATHI 4 Padham, 23/ 157/ MBA, Lecturer - Engineering College, seeks below 30. Box No. HA35687, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VEERASHAIVA LINGAYAT, Kannadiyar 26/ 169/ M.Com. girl, seeks well settled Professionally qualified employed groom. Apply Box No. HA35690, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002 or ragamindia@yahoo.com

MUKKULATHOR GIRL, 26/ 165/ B.E. M.S. (USA) seeks Professionally qualified in USA, preferably M.S., M.E. Caste no bar. Reply with Horoscope. Box No. HA35697, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SAIVAITE GIRL Chennai, Uthradam, Divorcee Single 36/ 158 MBBS, DGO seeks settled PG Groom, Horoscope, Biodata. Reply BoxNo. AA24193, THEHINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Mudaliar young Widow 28, GNIIT, M.C.A final semester, trainee in Multinational. Widowers without encumberence prefered. BoxNo. AA24205, THEHINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL, VISWAKARMA, MBBS, 24/ 156 (Shudha Jatakam), slim, good looking seeks Doctors or well settled professionals from the same caste. Reply with Bio-data, photo & horoscope. Box No. KR43430, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

S.C, A.D. Parents seek alliance. Daughter 26 fair, USA based graduation Business Administration, Accounting. Studying Computer. Doctor, Software Engineer preferred. Send Bio-data. Box No. KR43486, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIAR BHARANI 25/ 173, M.A, (MCA), Ford Employee seeks suitable Groom. Same Caste. Box No. KR43491, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

THANJAVUR KALLAR, 28/ 165, fair, slim, B.A., B.A (Music- Veena), Hastham, Surname- Vanniar seeks well placed groom. Box No. KR43502, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 04362-55470.

SC, AD, 28/ 159, fair, B.Com., 3000/=, seeks suitable groom. (044-6224121)/ Box No. DM34938, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA-VELLALA, 23/ 161, Moolam I, M.Sc, Micro-biology, goodlooking, well settled seeks suitable professional alliance. Subsect no bar. Box No. DM34942, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

YADHAVA, BHARANI, 25/ 164, MCA, fair, employed seeks Software Professional/ well settled groom. Box No. DM34944, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA-VELLALA MUDALIAR, B.E. Computer Science, 23/ 168, Bharani, fair, beautiful, working in reputed Computer Company, Chennai, seeks well settled professional- India/ Abroad. Send horoscope, bio-data, photo: Box No. DM34947, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

PARENTS OF Mudaliar Girl, B.E., 28/ 162, Project Leader- Software Company, medium complexion, goodlooking, very decent, cultured background seek well qualified, employed groom, decent family. Parents contact: Box No. DM34948, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HINDU, 48, Divorcee, International Airlines, seeks suitable alliance. Caste no bar. Box No. DM34961, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HINDU, 30/ 153/ MBE, Wheatish, employed seeks well settled professionals, India/ Abroad. Apply: Box No. DM34962, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KARKATHAR VELLALA, vegetarian, 23/ 160, B.S.M.S., Siddha Doctor. Professionals from same caste. Send Horoscope: Box No. DM34968, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THEVER MARAVER 23/153cm, B.E.(ECE) Karthigai Kanni seeks alliance from employed Govt./Private. Reply with bio-data in same community. Box No. HB5402, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ADI-DRAVIDA HINDU, 27/ 155, slim and attractive, M.A., M.Phil., Lecturer in Reputed Private College (Evening). Seeks suitable alliance. Religion no bar. Phone: 04142-355810. Box No. HB5416, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NATHAMAN Udayar, 24/165, Uthiram B.E., ECE, fair seeks suitable bridegroom. Contact: (04329) 20204/ (04344) 62638.

KAMMAVAR, GOVERNMENT Engineer's daughter, 28/ 166, Poorattathi, B.Sc., B.Ed., Cuddalore District, homely good looking seeks, educated, employed/ business Kammavar groom. Send horoscope, photo. Contact: 04142-363505. Box No. HB5418, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HINDU NADAR, 24/ 162, M.C.A., employed good looking girl cultured family seeks suitable match. Box No. MA25, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

ALLIANCE FOR Mudaliar spinster, 40/158cms, B.A. B.Ed., propertied good looking of good heritage and comfortable status family background. Grooms affectionate educated employed from moderate status background apply with horoscope and family particulars. Caste widower no bar. Box No. HB5379, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU AD, 33/ 154, B.Com., seeks Govt., Public Sector employed groom. Box No. HB5351, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 25/162, M.A., M.Phil., fair, Punarpoosam, Medical Transcriptionist, affluent seeks suitable alliance. Box No. HB5369, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU VANNIYAR, Kettai, 24/ 165, MS, New York, Software Engineer, CISCO, California. Box No. HB5407, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

SOZHIYAVELLALA PARENTS seeks alliance from well employed groom for bride, 21/165, B.A., PGDGE. Send biodata, horoscope. Box No. HB5375, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SC-AD 21/167, Thiruvonam Software Engineer U.S. Company, Chennai smart seeks handsome groom below 26, same field with good education background. Send bio-data, horoscope, recent photograph. Box No. HB5163, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

24 MANAI, Telugu Chetty, 34/ Lecturer. Seeks Graduate boy from 8 house. Udayakumar, 38, `B' Block, Walaja Road, Chennai-2. Ph: 5391230.

NELLAI HINDU, Nadar, 23/ 165/ B.E., Anusham, goodlooking, job, Chennai. Parents Govt. employees. Box No. HB5353, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NELLAI SAIVAPILLAI girl, 24/158, Magam, M.Sc. (Maths) + Computer Diploma, employed seeks suitable groom. Send bio-data, horoscope. Box No. HB5434, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIAKULA KSHATRIYA, 29/165, M.Sc., B.Ed., Magam Govt. job, good looking, seeks B.E., M.Sc., Professionals PGs in and around Chennai. Send bio-data, horoscope. Box No. HB5365, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

DEVENDRAKULAM PALLAN, 32, M.Sc., B.Ed. girl, seeks alliance from Hindu/Engg., College Teacher. Contact: 09842404470.

SEGUNTHAR MUDALIAR, 35, MBBS, Canada. Seeks suitable groom, sub- caste, no bar. Phone: 0422-311449. manjulashalu@yahoo.com Box No. CB4424, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

REDDIAR PARENTS invites proposals daughter, Pooradam, 25/164, B.Tech. Software Engineer, MNC from employed grooms. Send horoscope, biodata. Box No. KA1573, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

SAIVA PILLAI, 25/ 156, M.Com., Uthiram, fair. Seeks employed Govt., Private, good family from same caste. Box No. HY282, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 26/153, Poosam, M.Com., employed, (Insurance) seeks decently employed groom of same caste. Box No. HB5422, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU DOCTOR, intercaste parentage, (M.D.), 27/153, seeks Doctor/M.B.A./B.E./C.A. 28-32 yrs. Send biodata, horoscope. Box No. HB5423, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SAIVAPILLAI PARENTS, Chennai settled, invite alliance from professionals, PG, India/U.K. for their daughter, 27/168/Poorattathi, M.D. Pediatrics. E-mail: holymat@yahoo.com Box No. HB5393, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NATHAMA - Udaiyar, 28/156, goodlooking, Asst. Surgeon, undergoing D.G.O., MMC seeks suitable alliance. Send bio-data. Box No. HB5355, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VELLALA GIRL, M.E./32/165, Software Engineer, alliance sought from Post-graduate Engineers, Class-I Officers. Send details, horoscope. Box No. HB5359, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SAIVA PILLAI parents, Chennai settled, seek alliance for daughter, B.E. Computer, 30/165/32,000, gross, professionals, Chennai based, alliance required grooms, transferable for Chennai can also apply. Reply bio-data, horoscope. Box No. HB5446, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUTHURAJA, SWATHI, 21/ 155, B.Sc., working seeks alliance from well employed. Caste any of OCS and BCs. Box No. HB5405, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Punarpoosam IV Patham, Adidravida/Pillai, intercaste, 23/160, M.A. Computer Literate, goodlooking girl, caste no bar, grooms settled abroad may also apply Box No. HB5451, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADAVA Moolam Fourth Padham Graduate fair complexioned city employed girl 24 years, 163 cms, seeks educated employed bridegroom. Reply with biodata and horoscope to: Box No. HB5447, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VELLALA, 24/153, Uthiram, M.B.A., employed, slim bride, seeks professional groom, below 30. Horoscope must. Box No. HB5469, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA parents, seek suitable alliance for P.G. daughter, 28/ 162, 10,000 p.m. (MNC) from well educated, well placed grooms. Box No. BA3345, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VEERASAIVAM, 23/161/B.E. CS, Pooram, fair, slim, Sr. Software Engineer, leading software company, Bangalore, invites well qualified, employed groom, below 28 from same caste. Send biodata/horoscope. Box No. BA3351, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

SENGUNTHAR GRADUATE girls aged 28 and 26 of Poosam and Mirugasridam respectively require suitable bridegrooms. Reply to Box No. MA30, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

VISWAKARMA 25/ 155, fair, pretty, good family background, seeks employed, qualified, handsome. Send horoscope, photo (returnable). Box No. HB4774, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU ADIDRAVIDA only daughter, goodlooking, Government emloyed, 38/BA/11,000/-, seeks suitable groom. Box No. HB5471, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, VANNIYAKULA Kshatriya, 22/ 150, BBA, seeks alliance graduate, Govt./ public sector, India/ abroad. Send photo, horoscope, bio-data. Box No. CB-8673, THE HINDU, Coimbatore- 641018.

ADI DRAVIDA Hindu Tamil parents invite alliance for only daughter, 28/ 158/ M.Sc., fair, good looking from educated well employed respectable decent family. Box No. HB-5463, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VELLALAR, 28/ 158, Moolam, M.L., Lecturer seeks qualified groom. Reply Box No. HB-5457, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Email: raaji_5@rediffmail.com

SOZHIA VELLALA Pillai parent seeks Chennai based decently employed in Govt./ Bank/ Reputed organisation groom in the same Caste for 23/ 165, Poorattadhi, B.Com., fair, slim and employed daughter. Send Biodata, horoscope, Photo - Box No. HB-5443, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Email: sskrishnan47@yahoo.co.in

KONGU VELLALAR, M.Sc (Agri) doing Ph.D, Officer, Canara Bank, 27/ 162, fair, Doctors, Engineer, Government servant can apply. Box No. CB-4439, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

SAIVAPILLAI PARENTS seek strictly Chennai based securely employed/ well settled doctor, engineer, bank, PSU, MNC groom around 41-45, same caste/ other FC traditionally Tamil vegetarian community for their Chennai employed doctor girl, 40, innocent divorcee. Marriage lasted few days only 1985, did MBBS 1991, PG 1996. Widower unencumbered considered. Full bio-data, family background to Box No. HB-5438, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU PILLAI highly qualified pretty girl, 30/ 155/ 11,000 p.m., requires well settled professional groom caste/ abroad no bar. Box No. HB-5503, THE HINDU, Chennai-2 also E-mail: sashik_21@yahoo.com

HINDU PARAYAN, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., 27/152/10,000/-, Chithirai, fair seeks suitable alliance. Send biodata. Dharmalingam, 62, Thadikondaiyyanar Kovil Street, Pudukkottai- 622001. Ph: 04322/ 65820.

VANIA CHETTIAR, 25/160, M.Sc. (Physics), ACCP (Computer), good looking girl seeks alliance. Box No. HB5409, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Gounder girl, BE/MBA/152/33, slim, very young looking, employed senior level, reputed organisation at Chennai from suitable Chennai based boys. Box No. HB5466, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR beautiful, Sozhia Vellala girl, 24, M.Sc. (Bio- Chemistry) employed as Lecturer in Chennai city college. Apply with bio-data, horoscope. Box No. HB5431, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

MUDALIAR GIRL, fair, MCA, 28/155, Software Engineer, Rs. 25,000/- , Sadhyam, Shiva Kumbha seeks good looking, employed groom, same community. Box No. BA3360, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

ARCOT MUDALIAR, Postgraduate Doctor, Poorattathi, 25/ 165, good looking seeks well placed professional from decent family. Send biodata, horoscope. Box No. HY-294, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Saiva Mudaliar girl/ 27/ Star Bharani/ M.A/ belonging to rich family, from Doctor or Engineer, Saiva Pillai may also contact. Box No. HB-5512, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, VELLAN Chettiar, fair, 24/163, MBA working MNC seeks decent, employed, gentle, match, below 29 (Defence Officer/ BE/ MBA/ MCA/ MS/ B.Tech.). Send BHP (Returnable). Box No. CB4432, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

ADI-DRAVIDA HINDU, 24/162, MCA, SWE, fair, beautiful seeks alliance from BE/MS (CS), 26-29 years, India/abroad, decent family. Send horoscope, photo (returnable). Caste no bar. Box No. CB4429, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

GROOM FOR Tamil Vadama Iyer 29/M.A. Nythrubakasyapa Poosam. Reply horoscope Box No. WW56192, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAGALAI BHARADWAJAM Ayilyam(4) 27 / 165 MA/HDSE Software Professsional MNC seeks well qualified Groom India / Abroad mssg@satyam.net.in Box No. WW56193, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED By Parents of Iyer, Vadamal, Bharadwaja, Karthigai, Good Looking, Computer Engineer, 27, Employed in Leading I.T. Company, Chennai, Earning Rs.20,000/- p.m., An Innocent Divorcee with 4 Year Old Female Child, from Educated, Decently Employed Groom (Iyer of any Sub-Sect/ Iyengar) Upto the Age of 35, with an Open mind to accept and Live with the Child. Widowers / Divorcees with Child No Bar. Reply: Box No. ZM64434, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER GROOM below 45 for legally separated Girl, 36, Thiruvonam, Teacher. Widower/ Divorcee acceptable .Box No. SH46942, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA KOUNDINYA, Swathi, 1970/ 156, M.B.A Well Placed, Kuja 7th, Seeks PGA Professionals Well Placed, India/ Abroad. Box No. SH46950, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. 044-4996490.

PALGHAT IYER Girl, Brahacharanam, Gauthama, 26/ 151, Wheatish, CA (Inter) seeks Professionally Qualified Boy from Good Family, Kerala Origin upto 31 years Reply Horoscope, Family Details Box No. SH46958, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL, ATHREYA, Poorattadi, 26/ 157/ M.Com. PGDCA ACS (Final) (MBA) MNC Medium complexion, only daughter, own house, seeks well settled, well qualified Professional upto 30. Box No. HA35694, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMAL, Koundinya, Avittam, MCA, fair, 25/ 163, affluent family, having hearing loss, seeks broadminded/ Saidevotee grooms. India/ abroad. R.Venkatraman, New.15/1, Postal Colony, III Street, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033. 044-4893740. maala2k@yahoo.com

VADAKALI VISWAMITHRA, Chitrai, 23 /153, Fair, Good looking, B.A. Corporate seeks professionally qualified boys, Well employed. Box No. AA24202, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

UTHIRADAM, ATREYA, Brahacharanam, 24/ B.E. (CS)/ 165, fair, seeks alliance from Professionally qualified (Software) employed MNC. Contact: K.Subramanian, D1, Divyam Apartments, 5, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600 092.

POORADAM, KOUNDINYA, Brahacharanam, 27/ MCA/ 155, seeks Software Professional MNC. Subsect no bar. Contact Box No. HA35707, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR South Kanara Graduate Brahmin girl 24 years/ 155, fair, working for the Reputed Software Company in Chennai, Kasyapa Gothram, Star Visakam. Box No. HA35713, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, HARITHA, Uthiram 24/ 156, B.Com, MBA rank, fair, home loving, Bank employed seeks Professionally Qualified in India. Box No. KR43485, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA, Naithrubakashyapa, Ashwini, MS (Eng), 36/ 155, US citizen, seeks US Based citizen only. Contact: 044-4424584. Box No. KR43495, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Visit: myth_maha@yahoo.com

IYER VADAMA, Naithrubakashyapa, Mirugasheersham, MBA, 27/ 160, US citizen, seeks US Based citizen only. Contact: 044-4424584. Box No. KR43496, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Visit: myth_maha@yahoo.com

1972 BORN, Hastham, fair, tall, slim, PG Diploma, Business Co- ordinator in Coimbatore. Requires non-Bharadwaja groom. Horoscope details to Box No. HB5037, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BHARATWAJAM, Moolam Fourth Patham, no dosham, September 76, 152, B.E.S., PDGCS, employed USA seeks B.E., M.C.A., MBA, CA Professionally qualfied boy preferably USA employed. Sub-sects acceptable. Apply Box No. HB5411, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-8413418.

IYER, BRAHACHARANAM, Kausigam, Sathayam, +2/38/150, seeks decently employed groom. Sub-sect no bar. Reply Box No. HB5452, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Vadagalai Iyengar, very fair, Sadamarshana, Mrigaseersam, 46/162, never married, highly educated, Ph.D., U.K., employed U.K. from Iyengar/Iyer, preferably employed, U.K./USA within age 47/54. Box No. BA3355, THE HINDU, Bangalore- 560001.

PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED, well settled boy from respectable families for Iyer, Vathima Haritha, Rohini, 23/ 165, fair, goodlooking MBA, employed girl, decent salary. 011-5551928, 011- 5526279. Email: sri_apso@yahoo.com Box No. ND4578, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

VADAGALAI, SRIVATSA, Punarpoosam, 22/165/very fair, good- looking, B.Com., M.C.A. (Final), seeks Tamil Iyengar Engineer with M.S./M.B.A., employed in reputed company in India/Abroad with clean habits. Contact: (0413)-252701. E-mail: rgsrinivasan@rediffmail.com

VADAMA BHARADWAJAM, N.Arcot, Pooradam-I, 25/ 157/ M.A.C.S., goodlooking seeks well employed, teetotaller. Box No. HB-5507, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER/VADAMA/ Sreevatsam/Uthrattadi/ 25/156/fair/Post graduate/Central Govt! Seeks well qualified, well employed grooms. Box No. TV42, THE HINDU, Thiruvananthapuram-695008.

AFFLUENT IYER, Kowsikam parents seek handsome, highly qualified professional, India/Abroad for beautiful daughter, 26, Thiruvadhirai, M.B.A., MNC, Manager. Box No. BA3350, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

U.S. BORN/ Raised Iyengar, 26/ 170cm, dignified, elegant, fair, slim, beautiful, religious, family-oriented, Engineer, strict vegetarian, Bharadwaja/ Pushya: Parents seek God-respecting, strict vegetarian, tall, handsome, clean-shaven, Iyengar/ Madhwa boys, well settled in USA. Email: iyengar100@yahoo.com

TAMIL IYER Vadama Pourukuthsa Rohini, 24/164/ BE/MBA, working with parents industrial family business seeking professionally qualified groom from affluent background. Apply Box No. HB5474, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PALGHAT IYER, Vadamal, Thiruvathirai, Kowsika, June 67, very fair, slim girl from parents of Post graduate/graduate, well employed boys, upto 39, Palghat origin p referred. Respond with horoscope to Box No. KA1582, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

IYER VADAMA, Haritha, Visakam, 23/ 158, B.E., software employed, good looking girl from professional employed boys Ph.D., MS, MBA, CA. Apply with horoscope, family details to Box No. BA3353, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001. Tel: 080 6552290.

IYER, BRAHACHARANAM, Kapi, Rohini Mars/ Sat in Eighth place, 27/ 177, fair, M.Sc., working MNC, sub-sect no bar,seeks alliance P.G. employed, Government/ Defence/ MNC. Box NO. HY-291, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

VADAMAL IYER, 28/ 157, Sankrithi, Moolam-1, M.A., PGDCA, slim, very fair goodlooking seeks professionally qualified grooms upto 33 yrs. Send details, horoscope, photograph. Box No. HB-5437, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAGALAI BHARADWAJAM, Thiruvonam, 33/ 164, P.G. working girl seeks professionally qualified, well settled groom, below 36. Kalai no bar. Box No. BA-3340, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM, Athreya, Anusham, 27/ 169, MCA, fair, goodlooking, working seeks professionally qualified, well settled groom. India or Abroad. Reply with horoscope. Box No. BA-3338, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

SUITABLE MATCH for Iyer Vadama girl Koushikam, Hastham, 22/ 150, MBA. Send horoscope. Box No. HY-286, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. Phone: 040-3399993.

IYENGAR UNCONSUMMATED girl, 33 years, working in USA (MCA), separated after 11 months of marriage living alone for 7 years. Seeks well qualified persons. Apply with horoscope, India, abroad. Box No. BA3343, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED boy for Iyer Vadama Kousiga Pooram, 1971 born, engineering graduate currently working as senior software engineer. Box No. HB-5505, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Palghat Iyer, Vadamal, Thiruvathirai, Kowsika, June 67, very fair, slim girl from parents of Post-graduate/ Graduate, well employed boys upto 39. Palghat origin preferred. Respond with horoscope to Box No. KA1589, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

ALLIANCE FOR Vadama, Iyer girl, B.Com., AICWA, age 27, Chithrai, Naithrupa Kasyapa, employed, Pharma, MNC, Mumbai from preferably Mumbai based, professionally qualified boys. Box No. HB5445, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002./ Email: ssg48@rediffmail.com

ALLIANCE FOR Tamil, Vathiman, Bharadwaja, Pooram, 27/165, M.Sc., Software Professional, employed Bangalore from M.S., MBA, B.E., upto 31 with clean habits, brother US Green Card holder. Box No. BA3357, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VADAMA BHARATWAJAM, Thiruvathirai, 22, Computer Diploma seeks Graduate employed, good family. S. Venkatesan, North New Street, Thanippadi-606708, Thiruvannamalai. Phone: 04188-47453.

VADAMA BARADWAJA accomplished Lecturer, M.Phil, 30/165, Ayilyam/Fourth only child propertied seeks Professionals, Lecturers. Box No. HB5517, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA IYER, Kousikam, Moolam Second, 22/ 155, B.Sc (CS), GNIIT, MCA, Software MNC employed, very fair, good looking seeks Professionals with clean habits. Subsects acceptable. Reply with Horoscope: A.N. Ramanathan, B-12, Venus Flats, 30, Maharajasuryarao Road, Alwarpet, Chennai-600018. Phone: 4361819.

IYER, VADAMA, Athreya, Visakam, BE/MS, 25/163 smart US Employed Architect H1 Visa seeks US settled professionally qualified Boy below 29. Girl visiting India January 2002. Respond with Horoscope. Box No. CC27592, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Email: mercuryship@vsnl.com

CASTE NO bar educated groom for beautiful Kshatriya Bride 22 / 165 / PG. Chennai - 6192524 / 8215090, Coimbatore - 213343 aanyay@hotmail.com

KAMMANAIDU / RICH Beautiful / 21 / 158 B.Sc., seeks decent family groom. 94, GKD Nagar, Papanaickenpalem, Coimbatore - 37. 214696, Chennai - 8215090 / 6204953. shivayalamanchi@hotmail.com

KAMMA NAIDU, 27/ 164, Magam, Medium Complexion, B.E.Computer, Software Employed, Seeks Suitable Groom. India/ Abroad. Send Bio- Data, Horoscope: Box No. ZM64429, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

REDDY GIRL 33/ M.E., Ph.D/ Asst.Professor, seeks well settled Engineers, Doctors and Professionals. Contact Box No. HA35692, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA PARENTS invite alliance for daughter, M.A., 41/ 167, Karthikai- Rishabam, very fair. Bachelor below 47, decently employed/ business for early marriage. Box No. DM34945, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU, 23/ 169, Mirugaseersham, M.B.B.S., fair, good- looking from well placed, cultured family seeks well settled groom from respectable family India/ Abroad, PG in Medicine/ Engineering/ Business Management, 26- 28 Yrs, good-looking with clean habits. Subsect no-bar. Send horoscope, bio-data. Box No. DM34960, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA, INNOCENT, divorcee with male child of six years, 36/162/M.A., B.Ed., State Govt., 7,000, seeks decently employed, Govt./Private, decent habits, good family background. Reply with bio data and recent photograph. Box No. HB5406, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA GAVARA, 25/150/+2, Uthiradam, Shevadosam seeks suitable alliance. Send horoscope, biodata. Box No. HB5382, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA GAVARA, 23/160/10000/- Roghini Advocate, Computer knowledge, fair, seeks professionally qualified well educated, well settled family, bridegroom. Send horoscope, biodata. Box No, HB5381, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU/ Visakam Ist Padam, 22/165, post graduate employed as Lecturer bride seeks well educated employed bridegroom from respectable family. Please send horoscope, biodata. Box No. HB5415, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Gavara Naidu Uthiradam, 32, 155, DM(Neuro) Doctor girl. Apply with horoscope. Box No. HB5362, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Gavara Naidu, Karthigai, 27, 162, MSW Lecturer in Chennai, girl. Apply with horoscope. Box No. HB5363, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA, CHENNAI employed, 10,000/-24/162, M.Sc., seeks qualified, well settled. Respond biodata, horoscope, photo (returnable). Box No. HB5424, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Gavara Naidu Chithirai Thula, 35/155, M.Sc., M.Ed. Teacher. Apply with horoscope. Box No. HB5364, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

B.D.S., 25/154, fair, good looking, seeks Reddy/Reddiar, Medicos/professionals from decent family, Abroad/India. Send horoscope, photo returnable. Box No. HB5427, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

MULAKANADU TELUGU Bharadwaja, graduate, 35/6,000, private employed, conception through test tube. Brahmins, below 40 years preferred. Box No. HB5430, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA PARENTS seek alliance for their daughter, 26/ 163, fair, beautiful, MS (USA) Green card holder, innocent divorcee without encumbarance. NRI below 31 years qualified forward community may respond with all details. Box No. HY-285, THE HINDU, Hyderabad- 500016.

GAVARA BALIJA Naidu, 25/ 154, MCA, Aswini, goodlooking seeks employed Graduates/ professionals. Box No. HB-5519, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU, 153/ 30/ M.A., B.Ed., Revathy, daughter of bank officer seeks same caste, employed/ business. Box No. HB-5506, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GAVARA, B.A., B.L., 25/155, very fair, invite horoscope from Gavara/ Balija grooms, settled Professionals/ Officers. Box No. MA31, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

GOOD LOOKING Arya Vysya girl, 37, M.Phil., divorcee, without encumbrances, working in USA, seeking alliance, preferably without encumbrance settled in USA. Box No. VZ65, THE HINDU, Visakhapatnam-530013.

KAMMAVAR NAIDU, 25/160, MCA, Mirgasirasham, wheatish, Coimbatore seeks well settled Professionals, India/abroad. Contact: 0422- 563411. E-mail: kaminik@eth.net Box No. CB4433, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TELUGU VANNAR, 30, 10th, Utratathi, seeks groom, caste no bar, send horoscope, biodata - Box No. HB-5533, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

GOWDA HINDU, 30/157, M.A. Computer, slim, fair, MNC employee seeks suitable groom. Caste no bar. Ph: 044-8223254/ E-mail: mrbt@rediffmail.com Box No. HB5513, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU 30/ 160/ Bsc Serving Private firm, good looking, dark complexion, highly cultured. Madras residents only. Box No. CC27597, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU Graduate, 37, Rohini fair seeks well settled Groom. Send Horoscope. Box No. CC27599, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU BRAHMIN, Bharadwaja, Pooram, 27/ 155, B.Sc. (MMM), IATA, Seeks Well Qualified Groom. Box No. ZM64426, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002. / 044-2345963.

TELUGU BRAHMIN (Mother Iyengar), Sisters - Kousika, Pooradam, 28/ 168, Poorvapalguni, 25/ 162 - Both doing MD. Expects Professionals. Box No. ZM64431, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PROPOSALS INVITED from Professionally Qualified Well settled South Indian Brahmin boys for Telugu Velanadu, Good Looking Healthy girl of Cultured Religious family Koundinya Gothram, M.D. Pathology, currently Employed near Delhi. Family Economically well placed. Girl`s age 28, Height 168 cms Insulin Dependent. Girl`s parents and only Brother well settled at Delhi. Reply with Family details to Box No. SH46941, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU BRAHMIN, Srivatsa, Poorattadhi, 30/ 164, B.Com, ICWA, well employed, seeks professional groom - India/ Abroad. Reply Horoscope. Box No. HA35708, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU BRAHMIN girl, Vela Nadu Koundinya, M.Sc. Chemistry, PGDCA, 26/ 153, Moolam seeks professional/ decently employed. Subsect no bar. Contact: 044-2241055. Box No. HB-5440, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SUNNI MUSLIM Parents seek alliance from Professional Boys from respectable educated family working India/ Abroad for their daughter 24/148, Graduate doing C.A. very fair, good looking. Contact: 5548168, after 7 p.m. Box No. BA 3342, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

ALLIANCE INVITED for C.S.I. Protestant, Christian girl, fair, goodlooking, 25/ 162, doing MDS, from well settled, Protestant Christian Doctors, Engineers, Professionals. Box No. BA3336, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

HINDU SC/AD, 27/ 155, B.D.S., M.D.S., goodlooking. Seeks Doctors, Engineers, Professionals. Send bio-data, recent photo. Box No. BA3335, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

TELUGU BRAHMIN (Mother Iyengar), Sisters - Kousika, Pooradam, 28/ 168, Poorvapalguni, 25/ 162 - Both doing MD. Expects Professionals. Box No. ZM64431, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

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