Bridegrooms Wanted

FEMALE,28, if you believe in manifesting your own destiny, seek the highest possible love, have a great passion for life, an unquenchable fire in the spirit, see potential in people, believe in the beauty & magic of life, then lets meet! Email: lakshcarpedium@yahoo.com

ALLIANCE INVITED from Smart, Successful, Never Married Indian Men Based in USA, for Intelligent, Good Looking, Tamil Iyer Girl, 33, Well Placed in a Fortune 500 Company. Horoscope Optional. Please Contact with Photograph and Details. Box No. ZM64248, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VAIDEEKI BEAUTIFUL Brahmin Bride, 36/160, M.Com., CAIIB, 15,000 p.m. Bank Officer seeks non-Savunikasa, Professionals/ Class-I/ Bank Officer. Bachelor between 39-44. Subsect no bar. Box No. HY136, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

MUDALIAR, TAMIL, 27, MBA, MNC, 18,000 p.m. employed, seeks educated, well employed groom. Caste no bar. Box No. HY-143, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. Phone: 040-4053959. E-mail: siddant19@yahoo.co.in

PROGRESSIVE HINDU Mudaliar Parents for their daughter, 26/ 162, MMS (Bits Pilani) ICWA, HBSE, Software Engineer require minimum B.E/ Professionally settled below 30 years, tall, handsome, rational minded, language and caste no bar. May contact with Photograph: Box No. DM34535, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAYASTHA DEVGON 27/164, M.A., working in Limited Company at Chennai as Junior Officer, good looking, seeks demandless qualified Govt./ MNC employee. Box No. HB3539, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SEEKING ALLIANCES from well settled, Industrialist families, preferably from South for 24/159, M.Com., fair, homely, Industrialist Nagar - Brahmin family girl. Reply with photo/horoscope. kmproposal@yahoo.com

ALLIANCE INVITED for Rajput-Bondil girl 23/165 cm, BDS Dentist from Doctors/ Engineers/ Civil Services/ Professionally qualified/ Govt. employed with good family background. Send horoscope and bio-data to Box No. HB3565, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VEERASAIVA JANGAMA, parents, invite alliance for 25 goodlooking, postgraduate girl, well educated, employee, Jangama elder son (or) only son. Send biodata with photo (must). Box No. HB3404, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KANNADA DEVANGAR Balilar, fair looking girl, Rohini, 32, Graduate, decent family, slightly stamering, merciful to overlook defect need. Reply with full family details strictly same caste. Box No. CB4179, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

PROFESSIONALLY WELL placed Brahmin India/ abroad for Madhwa Bharadwaj girl 31/150, M.Com/CWA, employed Chennai. Contact: 044- 8312274. Email: kanchi@md2.vsnl.net.in

ALLIANCE INVITED for Smart, Good Looking Marthomite girl M.Sc, B.Ed (Maths), 26/ 162 ancient respectable family. Parents of Boys well employed with Professional Degrees or Post Graduate Degrees may respond to Box No. KR43154, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SYRIAN CATHOLIC family settled in Chennai seeks alliance for daughter, 30/161, MCA. Box No. HB3375, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RCSC PARENTS of Ernakulam Archdiocese living in Chennai invite proposals for their daughter, 24/ 160 cm slim, fair & beautiful B.E. (CSE) and PGD Software working as programmer in MNC Software Division in Chennai. Respond Box No. HB3471, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

PROPOSALS OF computer engineers for good looking RCSC girl (27/162 cm), MBBS from Germany, doing House Surgency in famous Hospital in Ernakulam, (MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech). Box No. KA1471, THE HINDU, Cochin-16.

NAIR 23/160 MCA 15,000/- PM Uthiram seeks Professionally qualified Groom Box No. WW56002, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.PROPOSALS INVITED for Nair Girl, Pooruttathi, 25/ 153, Beautiful, Fair, B.Tech, Computer, Employed. Reply Bio-Data, Horoscope and Photo Returnable. Box No. ZM64245, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Nair girl, aged 25, Chadayam, medium complexion, 165 cm, B.Com., computer knowledge, working sister concern of Multinational Bank, salary Rs. 12,000. Reply with horoscope and bio-data to Box No. HB3157, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

NAIR GIRL, B.A., PGDCA, 29/156, slim, very fair, settled Chennai, middle upper middle family seeks alliance. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HB3382, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BEAUTIFUL NAIR girl, 23/164, Chitra, M.A., English, hailing from respectable business family from North Malabar. Proposals invited from parents of accomplished, Professionally qualified and well settled in business/ employed Nair boys. Box No. KA1468, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

EZHAVA POST Graduate, Teacher in Tamil Nadu, 26/157, fair and beautiful seeks suitable alliance. Box No. HB3421, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIR GIRL native Ernakulam, fair, Chathyam, 27/167/ MBBS financially sound seeks alliance from Doctors/ Engineers preferably stars Chothi to Uthradam. Apply Box No. KA-1470, THE HINDU, Kochi-682016.

THIYYA PARENTS of Vadakara settled in Chennai seeks suitable alliance for their daughter, 24/fair, 157, M.A., Pooradam. Respond with bio-data and horoscope. Box No. HB3349, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for post-graduate, Nair girl, 38, Teacher, well settled, daughter of Senior Executive. Reply with horoscope to: Box No: HB3442, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARISTOCRATIC NAIR girl, 26/162, fair, beautiful, Chothi (slight Dosham), doing Ph.D. (professional course) at Bangalore, CSIR, fellowship parents Professors. Alliance invited from well educated, employed in India/abroad. Respond with biodata to: Box No. KA3698, THE HINDU, Thiruvananthapuram-695008.

NAIR GIRL, 27/ 150, Chathayam (Kunjan, 7th slight papam), M.Tech. Software Engineer, TCS Chennai, medium complexion, seeks alliance from professionally qualified well employed Nair boys preferably from Chennai, Bangalore, Bombay or Delhi. Please respond with horoscope and biodata. Box No. KA3701, THE HINDU, Trivandrum-695008.

PARENTS FATHER Naidu, Mother Menon seeks alliance for daughter MCA, 25/ 164, employed fair, slim, goodlooking. Boy below 29 yrs from respectable family well qualified employed. Reply horoscope biodata with family background. Box No. HB3508, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAMBIAR GIRL, 25/ 160, Graduate, Advanced Computer Diploma, Moolam, parents Chennai settled, seek alliance. Box No. HB3507, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AFFLUENT NAIR parents from Palghat, seek alliance for beautiful graduate daughter, 23/162, from parents of professionally qualified, well settled Nair boys upto 30. Reply with particulars, horoscope. Box No. BA-3076, THE HINDU, Bangalore- 560001. Phone: 0832-227925.

EZHAVA GIRL, 25/ 165, fair, slim, M.Pharm, Pooradam, Doshajathakam, working in Pharmaceutical Company, Hyderabad. Parents seek alliance from P.G./ Graduate employed boys. Send details with bio-data horoscope. Box No. KA3699, THE HINDU, Thiruvananthapuram-695008.

EZHAVA, 24/157, Pooram, B.E., Civil, middle class, native Palakkad, settled in Tindivanam, seeks educated, employed groom, same caste. Contact: Vatsala, 48, Gopalapuram, Tindivanam-604002. Phone: 04147-51476.

EZHAVA, ONLY girl, 26/164, Pooram, M.A., M.Phil., medium complexion, working as Guest Lecturer, good family background, settled in Tamil Nadu, near Chennai seeks suitable alliance from well educated and employed groom. Box No. HB3570, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MARATHI, VASISTHA, 30, B.A., Employed, Seeks Suitable Educated Groom from Same Community. Reply Box No. ZM64260, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FINAL MBBS Tamil Muslim 21, Daughter of Senior Executive of Leading Company- Chennai seeks alliance from Doctors/ Engineers/ CAs. Reply Box No. ST52126, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL MUSLIM, M.Com., 25/160, slim, fair seeks professionally qualified Groom. Box No. HB3407, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WANTED U.S. based well settled groom for Tamil Muslim, Post- Graduate, Computer educated, 23 yrs., beautiful girl working Multinational Bank Chennai. Box No. HB-3513, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

CSI CHRISTIAN, 29/ 160/ M.Sc/ 6,000, Central Government, Chennai seeks suitable bridegroom. Box No. KR43179, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

C.S.I. NADAR 22 years B.E. (Comp.Sc) working as a Software Engineer, pretty, homely, god fearing girl from a respectable family. Need tall, Professionally qualified with good habits, goodlooking either in or abroad. Send Bio-data with returnable Photograph. Box No. HA35289, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL CHRISTIAN, Protestant, 26/160, good looking, medium complexion, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Saudi employed, on leave in India October-November. Caste no bar. Box No. HY139, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

CSI GIRL, aged 29, B.E. Civil, Diploma in Software, employed as Principal in a educational institute seeks Professionally qualified groom, 30-35 aged. Reply with bio-data, photo. Box No. CB4164, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

RC VELLALAR, 23/165, MBA, computer knowledge seeks suitable groom, India/abroad. Send bio-data: K. Alphonse, 24, Gandhinagar, Gundur, Near M.I.E.T. Airport. Post, Trichy-620007.

CSI NADAR girl, 26/161, 28,000, B.E., T.C.S., Chennai, wheatish, god-fearing seeks Professionals, working in India/abroad, same community and religion. Reply Box No. HB3346, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

CSI NADAR, 22/161, B.E. Computer Science, employed Chennai, wheatish, good looking, god fearing girl parents seek well settled Engineer with clean habits from decent family, same caste and religion. Send bio-data, photo returnable. Box No. HB3348, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI NADAR, 22/162, B.E., PGDCA, God fearing, fair, slim, goodlooking Convent educated seeks suitable Groom, below 27. Apply with recently taken photo returnable. Box No. HB3411, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI M.Sc., 27/160, God-fearing, employed, Private concern seeks suitable Groom. Ph: 04175-24024. Box No. HB3412, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI CHRISTIAN, 24/155, slim, wheatish, M.Sc. Bio-chemistry, passed, SLET Lecturer seeks God fearing, employed, broad minded person. Send bio-data, photo. Box No. HB3387, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

RC VELLALA, 21/151, fair, Graduate, employed seek professionally qualified, employed/ settled groom. Send bio-data, photo. Box No. CB 4173, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

CHRISTIAN AD/26/160, BE, Electronics, with computer knowledge, seeks professionally qualified, employed groom from respectable family. Caste no bar. Phone: 0431512560. Send bio-data to Box No: HB3427, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CSI NADAR, M.Sc., 25/166, fair, good-looking, well placed seeks same caste. B.E./ MCA, MBA, well settled professionals. Reply with full biodata to Box No. HB3505, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC VELLALA, 27/160, MCA, Lecturer, passport holder, seeks, well qualified Groom, India/ abroad. Same Caste. Send family details. Box NO. HB3506, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

RC AD, 26/160, B.Com., D.C.A., medium complexion, only daughter, well settled family. immediate marriage. Box No. HB3521, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL VELLALA RC, fair complexion 25/ MCA/ 165cm presently employed seeks alliance preferably Computer Engineers, local or abroad. Reply with photo (returnable) to Mrs. Alexis, 11, Cardinal Newman Street, Colas Nagar, Pondicherry-605001. (0413- 358582).

BORN AGAIN Christian, 34/156, B.Sc., M.B.B.S., doing PG, seeks qualified, professionals. Contact with bio-data and photo returnable. Box No. CB4184, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

CSI CHRISTIAN Tamil girl, 29/ 170, pleasant, fair, good looking, employed in USA on work visa, invites alliance from CSI Christian boy with clean habits preferably settled in the USA. Contact with resume and photograph: Box No. XA71117, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

AD, RC Christian alliance invited from professinally qualified grooms for goodlooking M.Sc, B.Ed, B.M.R.S. bride 34 years, working as PG Assistant at Reputed Institution, Vellore-6. If interested we will arrange job in our own factory, Chennai/ USA. Contact USA- 0016318413141 / 0017189697539 or Vellore: 04171- 44249 or Chennai: 044-6300640.

RC VELLALA, 24/ 155/ M.Sc Computer Science, fair, goodlooking girl, well settled family seeking suitable Professionals, same caste. Photo, bio-data Box No. DM34555, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

CSI CHRISTIAN, Goodlooking, Fair Bride, 22/ 165, employed Chennai, seeks Engineer Groom of committed Christian Faith. Box No. DM34567, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL, BORN-AGAIN, Christian, Post-graduate, Professional, 23/ 170, employed in US seeks professionally qualified, US employed, committed Christian Groom. email: rcdcpeter@hotmail.com Box No. HA35298, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CHRISTIAN GIRL 29 Fair, Govt Employed, proposal invited from decent families with Photographs. Box No. HA35325, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR - 27/155/Ayilyam/B.Sc.,GNIIT,ICWA(I) - Bank - seeks Professionals / PG / Subramani B-98, 7th Street, Periyar Nagar, Chennai-600 082. Phone: 5505754.

SEER KARUNEEGAR, 29/ 163, M.Com., Vishakam, Good Looking Girl, Seeks Suitable Groom. Box No. ZM64250, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AYIRAVAISYA CHETTIAR, 27/ 162, Ph.D., Seeks Ph.D., B.E. Groom. Send Horoscope. Box No. ZM64252, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU PARAIYAR, M.A., D.C.A., (MBA)., 25/ 150, Revathy from Tirunelveli Settled in Chennai, Invite Suitable Alliance. Contact with Horoscope, Bio-Data. Box No. ZM64255, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

PALLAR, HINDU, 26/ 159/ M.B.B.S Girl, Seeks Doctor/ Engineers/ Highly Placed Officers. Caste No Bar. Reply Box No. ZM64257, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZHIYA VELLALAR (Mudaliyar), Non-Vegetarian, Aswini, 23, DCE, Central Government Employed in Bangalore (Slight Deformity While Walking), Seeks Suitable Groom, Employed in Bangalore. Box No. ZM64258, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR, 22/ 155, B.E., Fair, Software Engineer, Chennai (Multinational Company), Seeks for Professionals in Chennai. Send Horoscope. Box No. ZM64261, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SEER KARUNEEGAR / 29/ Graduate/ 8000/ Reputed Private Concern, Sub-Sect Acceptable, Seeks Groom. Box No. ZM64264, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADHAVA, 35/ 150, B.A., Uthram-I, fair, seeks groom from same caste. Contact 04406223208. BoxNo. AA24082, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR/ 32/ B.Sc./ V.Fair/ 157/ Ashwini seeks well settled Professionals/ Business/ employed from good family background. Send horoscope/ photo. BoxNo. AA24089, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MADRAS BASED, Hindu Adidravida SC girl, God Fearing, employed in Nationalized Bank, 153/ 30, B.Sc./ 7700 p.m. seeks government employed groom, preferably Madras based. Reply BoxNo. AA24092, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AD HINDU B.Sc., MBA., HR Executive IT Company, 27/ 163 fair, beautiful seeks professionals. BoxNo. AA24093, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL, YADAVA, MBBS, 24/ 170, fair seeks alliance, well employed, PG (Doctor/ Engineer), same caste. Reply horoscope, biodata, photo Box No. KR43160, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR, 29/ 158, M.A., DCA, Uthiradam, well employed in E- Publishing seeks alliance from qualified Central/ Govt/ Defence/ well employed groom. Subsect acceptable. Box No. KR43165, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Email: muralisumi2001@yahoo.com

HINDU NADAR, 25, MCA Bride seeks professionally qualified, preferably BE, ME. Contact: N. Ramachandran, 657, A.V ThomasNagar, Nagercoil-4 with Horoscope, Biodata and Photo (returnable).

AGAMUDAYAR DEVAR, 26/ 157/ MCA employed seeks well settled boys from respectable family. India/ Abroad Box No. KR43180, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-2460948.

THULUVA VELLALA, Mudaliar girl, 31/ CA, Inter, employed seeks employed graduate. Contact: 2461490, Chennai

HINDU/ SC/ M.A. M.Phil/ 30. Needs suitable Government Job bridegroom. Phone: 044-5584377. Box No. ST52125, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

CHENNAI SETTLED Malayali (BC) Tamil Vanniar parents seeks Graduate, Post Graduates, Software Engineers for daughter BE age 23/160 very fair, Software employed, from abroad/ India. Box No. HA35285, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SETTI BALIJA, 27/157, B.Tech., Java, C, white, employed, financially sound seeks Setti Balija/ Gowda, B.E/ MCA/ SWE/ MBA. Contact Phone: 0866-414222.

VANNIAKULA KSHATRIYA, MCA, 28/155, Lecturer, smart girl seeks groom. Box No. CB4162, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018. rajsree@yahoo.co.in

ADI-DRAVIDA, MBBS/MD, 150/28, well settled seeks groom. Send photograph. Box No. CB4161, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

PALLAR, 35/155, Spinster, smart, Section Assistant, Collegiate education department seeks groom. Box No. CB4163, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

SAIVA PILLAI, 26/160, MCA, Revathy, Software Engineer, Bangalore seeks Software Engineer or Management groom, preferably in USA. Phone: 0427-332355.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 33/158, good looking, Software Professional, employed in a reputed firm seeks well settled grooms. Caste no bar. Box No. HB3389, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WELL SETTLED Udayar family invites alliance from broad-minded, educated family for their sister, 35, well educated, employed, widow with 5 year old son. Caste immaterial. Box No. HB3354, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARCOT MUDALIAR, 22/155, Pooradam III, B.Com., ACIM, Java, slim, wheatish, propertied seeks boy, clean habits, good status, Professionals, ICWA/CA/ Bank Officer/ MNC. Box No. HB3353, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU ADI-DRAVIDA, 29, MBBS, 160, Govt. seeks alliance from Govt. employed Professionals, same caste. Box No. HB3357, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL VISHWAKARMA, 25/154, MBA, good looking invites well settled Engineer, good looking, same caste, India/abroad. Ph: 044- 8554572. E-mail: jamthree3sis@yahoo.co.in

AD HINDU, 30/160, B.E., Rs. 7,000, employed private firm, Chennai seeks suitable alliance. Box No. HB3361, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SMART BEAUTIFUL, 25/163, M.Sc., B.Ed., employed, Adi-Dravida seeks Professionals. Caste no bar. Box No. HB3381, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SC, AD, B.Sc., PGDCA, M.A., fair, 24/150, Chennai based. Box No. HB3377, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

M.Sc., 27/160, Midhunam, Vanniar, Private Company. Rs. 6000/p.m. seeks graduate/ postgraduate employed in Govt./ Private. Box No. HB-3406, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR GIRL 37, goodlooking, well-to-do family, Post-graduate, Computor Diploma seeks well qualified Groom. Box No. BA3065, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, 26/160, M.B.B.S., fair, goodlooking (Parikara Chevvai) girl's parents, seek grooms from P.G. qualified/ Govt. Doctors from same community. Send bio-data, photo, horoscope. Contact: 04252-25200. Box No. CB-4169, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, Kannan Gulam, 29/ 152/ $8,000, B.E.(USA), fair, homely, seeks fair, caring qualified groom(USA). Ph: 04151- 22585.

PILLAI, 24, B.Com, fair, Srilankan origin settled India seeks well settled groom. Caste no bar. Send horoscope, bio-data, photo Box No. HB-3402, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC HINDU 1974, M.B.B.S. seeks Govt. employed Doctor/ Engineers. 080-5466347. Box No. BA-3059, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

NEED SUITABLE match for 24/165, beautiful fair slim Australian born Mudaliar Law Graduate working in Canberra. Need Mudaliar NRI Doctor below 30/178 or above willing to move to Australia. Contact: Sumathi, 080 3367218, Box No. BA-3064, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

HINDU PALLAR, 31/148/ M.A/ 7,800, Government Teacher, seeks groom from same caste. Contact P. Rathinam, 0422-829352.

PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED for a fair complexioned M.Com GNIIT passed Saiva Vellala Pillai girl 23/165, Uthiram Daughter of Senior Executive in a Central Govt. Company Subsect no bar. Box No. ND4523, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

TIRUNELVELI PILLAI, beautiful, B.Sc., 23/160 cm., domestically accomplished, middle class family. Reply with horoscope, photo. Box No. HB3423, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KALLAR PARENTS invite alliances for their daughter 29/155, Master Degree and Software Courses from employed Kallar grooms settled in India or Abroad. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HB- 3393, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR VEERASAIVAR wealthy parents Chennai seeks groom from wealthy educated good looking professional business for daughter 23/BA/ 160, Mudaliar sub-sects accepted. Box No. HB-3384, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU SC AD, 29/158 B.E. (CS) working in U.S.A. seeks Software Engineer boy in U.S. Reply with bio-data and photo (returnable). Caste no bar. Box No. HB-3383, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FROM professionals for Iyer, Vadamal, Koundinyam, Punarpoosam, 25, fair, MCA, TCS employed. Subsect acceptable. Contact: 044-4745178. Box No. HB3434, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU, AD, 25/165, MBA seeks alliance from qualified, cultured, Govt. employees/ Engineers/ PSU's based at Chennai. Box No. HB3430, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZIA VELLALA Pillai, vegetarian, Mirugasiradam, 28/164, MCA, Software Executive, TVS, Bangalore seeks professionally qualified, well employed groom. Reply with horoscope, biodata. Box No. HB3431, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU S.C. A.D. 29/M.E., Rs. 16,000/-, Central Govt. seeks suitable bridegroom, caste no bar. Box No. HB3443, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR GIRL, 32/167, M.Tech., Software Engineer (MNC), seeks well educated and settled Bachelor groom from respectable family, India/ Abroad. Caste no bar. Photo & bio-data. Box No: HB3440, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KARKATHAR, VEGETARIAN, Sadhayam, 27/165, smart, fair, good looking, MCA, working in IT company seeks alliance India/abroad. Box No. HB3451, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADAVA, 31/150, Thiruvonam, M.Sc., M.Phil., lecturer seeks suitable alliance. Send horoscope, bio-data. Box No. HB3455, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, MA, PGDCS, MCA First Year, 25/162cm, Visakam, slim, fair parent seeks suitable graduate professional, fair, same caste, good family background. Send bio-data, horoscope, recent photo (returnable). Box No: HB3450, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GAVARA, BALIJA Naidu, 33/165, fair, simple and homely girl, Post Graduate, Computer literate, Teacher seeks suitable groom. Subsects no bar. Box No. BA3068, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

SC PARAYAN, 23/150, MS (IT), Astham, fair, seeks professionally qualified, employed/ decent family groom. Reply with photograph and horoscope. Box No: HB3426, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

A.D. GOUNDER parentage girl good looking, 26/163, B.Sc.,/B.Ed., seeks government, Doctors/ Engineers/ Professionals. Caste no bar. Box No. MA4316, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

VISWAKARMA, FINANCIALLY very sound, educated family, seeks Viswakarma, professionals, abroad/India, for 26/162, very fair, pretty, Medical Professional. No horoscope belief. Send bio-data, photo. Box No: CB4177, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

HINDU, VANNIYAKULA Kshatriya, 32/156/6,000, Private, M.C.A., M.Sc., M.Phil., seeks Class I Officer/Post graduate/Engineer, decent family. Box No. HB3468, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED, for goodlooking, vegetarian girl, Mudaliar, Menon parentage MA, PGDCA, 34, 156, Swathi from well-settled, educated Hindu Grooms. Srivinayak 9/3, Zakria Colony Main Road, Choolaimedu, Chennai-600094.

ALLIANCE INVITED from wealthy or groom in good job for Hindu Chettiar, wealthy +2/ 25, fair Bride. Caste, divorcee no bar. Box No. HB3418, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA VELLALA, 23/165, B.E. (CS), fair, Software Engineer, MNC, seeks groom, Software Professional, B.E./M.B.A., India/Abroad, below 29, same caste. Box No. HB3486, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADAVA, 25/158, fair, M.A., (M.Phil.), B.Sc., B.Ed., Pooradam, Teacher, seeks suitable alliance. Send horoscope. Box No. HB3483, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZHIYA VELLALA, Visakam, 168/28/M.E. Communication Systems, working as Project Associate with IIT, Chennai, seeks well educated and well settled family. (Subsects acceptable). B. Vasudevan, 89. Mela Raja Veedhi, Mannargudi-614001. Ph: 25778.

ARUNTHATHIYAR, B.Sc., Agri, 26, fair girl, seeks well employed professional graduates with good family background, same community. Send horoscope with biodata to Box No. HB3458, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU PARAIYAR 32/165, B.E., wheatish complexion, Anusham, Sevvai Dosham, home loving, god fearing, seeks decently employed B.E./MBBS, Bank Officer groom. Contact with horoscope, Photo. Box No. HB3491, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL YADHAVA Viswakarma parentage 22/152, Swathi (3), B.E., MNC, Software Engineer, Bangalore, requires professional Yadava/ Viswakarma Groom. Apply with horoscope/ bio-data, Photo (R). Box No. BA3074, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

HINDU SC Adidravida, 30/165/B.E., 18,000, Senior Engineer, Chennai, seeks professional. Send bio-data, horoscope. Box No. MA4319, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

HINDU, INTER-CASTE (24 Manai Telugu Chetty, Nair) parents invites alliance from suitable professional boy for daughter 24/160, Uthiradam, B.Sc., fair girl, caste no bar. Reply with horoscope and photographs (retunable). Box No. HB-3446, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VANNIYAKULA KSHATRIYA, 31/165, Swathi, B.E., Comp. Sci., Software Engineer, 28,000/-, Information Technology MNC Chennai, seeks employed B.E./MCA groom. Immediate response with biodata, horoscope, photograph. Box No. HB-3525, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002. Phone: 4817470.

SC HINDU, B.E., 27, 157, Assistant Engineer Highways, seeks professionals in and around Chennai. Box No. HB-3531, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GROOM FOR Tamil Vishwakarma, 22/165, fair, B.A./M.C.A., Chithirai (2 Padam), Kanya Rasi, groom same community, B.E./M.C.A., MNC Firm, India. Contact: Phone: 080- 3443093/3443091. E mail: Shashikala_32@hotmail.com

SENGUNTHAR, VEGETARIAN, 29/155, M.Sc., B.Ed., 10,000, Private School, Chennai, seeks well qualified, employed groom. Box No. HB 3534, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KONGU VELLALA Gounder, 23/155, B.E. (EEE) bride, seeks suitable groom, preferably B.E./M.E. Box No. CB-4178, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

AGAMUDAYAR, B.E., 24/158, fair, Avittam, Software Engineer, MNC, Chennai, seeks alliance from well placed, Engineers/Doctors, India/Abroad. Subsects acceptable. Send biodata, horoscope. Box No. HB3496, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: dr_ramak@yahoo.com

HINDU ADI-DRAVIDA, 29/ 158, Uthiradam, B.Sc., M.B.A., seeks professionally qualified, employed bridegroom, preferably B.E./ M.B.A./ Bank/ L.I.C. Officers. Box No. HB-3557, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUDALIAR GIRL, B.Arch., 26/ 160, alliance from same community professionals, below 33, (080-5253311)/ 09845022400. E-mail: jaganathk@hotmail.com

PILLAI (N.V.), 26/165, fair, B.E. Project Leader, (Software), seeks Engineers, 30/180, handsome. Send bio-data, horoscope. E mail: matrimony12@yahoo.com Box No. CB4182, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TAMIL HINDU, vegetarian, 24/B.Com., doing A.C.A./A.C.S., father, Retired Central Government Officer, Brother practising Chartered Accountant, seeks groom from professionals,(preferably Chartered Accountants/company Secretaries), Government Lecturers/PG Teachers with clean habits in and around Salem. Post Box No. 708, Salem-636007.

HINDU CHETTIAR, Tamil, B.E., 23/160, fair, good looking, seeks Chettiar groom, B.E./M.C.A./Software Engineer, employed in India/Abroad. Send bio-data, horoscope and photo. Box No. MA4314, THE HINDU, Madurai-625020.

SOZHIA VELLALA, 25, 159, M.A. English, Anusham, Sudhdha Jadhagam, B.Ed., seeks any professionals below 30 years from decent family boy. Box No. HB-3544, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR girl, +2/27/155, fair, seeks educated, employed/ business groom. Contact: 044-6552057. Box No. HB3548, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ADI DRAVIDA, Hindu, 29/157, B.Sc., BEd., employed in State Govt. Chennai 5000/p.m. Seeks employed in Bank, Teacher, Lecturer, Government Officer groom. Contact: 04142-351455, Jayapal, 17A, Ty-II Qts, Block-6, Neyveli-607803.

WANTED WORKING Graudate groom for SC, 25/154, Dietician girl, working in Chennai Hospital. Contact: (0413) 253607. Krishnan, 16, Paari Street, Moullai Nagar, Pakkamodeanpet, Pondicherry- 605008.

HINDU NADAR, 27/160, M.A., B.Ed., Kettai, fair, employed, seeks alliance graduate, employed. Contact: Box No. HB3555, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA VELLALA MUDALIAR 22/ 169, fair, B.Sc., seeking same caste employed alliance from decent family. Send Horoscope. Contact:044-4717570. Box No. HA35297, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZHIA VELLALA - Pooram 22/158/ B.D.S. Doctor Girl, fair, smart - seeks Doctors/ professional below 28. Subcaste no bar. Horoscope : Box No. HA35300, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GOOD LOOKING GRADUATE fair, Kallar girl, 28/ 165, seeks well settled Mukkulathor Boys from India/ abroad. Send Horoscope, resume with Photo. Box No. HA35302, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from Hindu Grooms for Mudaliar Girl 36/ 164/ B.Sc, Fair, Unemployed. Box No. DM34532, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ALLIANCE FOR 28/ 162, B.Com, employed, Hindu seeks employed Professional grooms, 31- 33 years. Reply with Horoscope, Photo must: Box No. DM34534, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.BEAUTIFUL, SLIM, Graduate Engineer, Kongu Chettiar, Pooram, April 73 invites correspondence from same sects. Box No. DM34541, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-6502721.

DEVAR, AGAMUDAYAR, Coimbatore based 23/ 160/ B.A, fair, homely, good looking seeks suitable alliance. Send bio-data, horoscope, same community. Box No. DM34543, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SOZHIYAVELLALAR (VEG) Anusham, 22/ 162, B.A., very fair seeks BE, B.Tech, MCA, below 29, subsect no bar, send Horoscope, Details, Photo (Returnable). Box No. DM34547, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002. E-mail: sweetroses@bharatmail.com

VANNIAKULAKSHATRIYA GIRL, 25/ 160, B.A (English Literature) PDGCA, working seeks groom from decent family, caste no bar. Box No. DM34550, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-5570265.

MUDALIAR, THULUVAVELLALA, Revathi, 29/ 160, Meenam, M.Com, PGDCA, Chevvai Dosham- 7th place seeks educated, well employed groom. Apply Box No. DM34552, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC/ AD, 23/ 148, ITI- Draughtmen, Private, 2500/=, well settled (Bow leg) seeks Government/ Railway. Contact: 044-5560413.

ARCOT MUDALIAR, 27, fair and good looking, Maham, employed, seeks well settled groom. Box No. DM34569, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

GOVERNMENT DOCTOR doing M.D, Early Divorcee, No Encumbrances, Hindu Udaiyar, 28/ 150 seeks employed Doctors/ Engineers, Willing to settle in Tamilnadu. Caste no bar. Reply with horoscope. Box No. DM34570, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TAMIL VELLALA, Hindu, Unmarried Executive girl, pious and god fearing, 44 years, slim, fair and looking young, Citizen of Malaysia seeks suitable Doctor/ Engineer/ Executives, preferably settled in Foreign Country. Sub-sects no bar. Box No. DM34572, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARCOT-MUDALIAR, 23/ 165, (M.Sc) beautiful, Ayilyam seeks professionals, well employed groom.Box No. DM34573, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGAMUDAIYAR 24/155 M.Sc., PGDPHM employed in MNC seeks suitable Groom. Caste immaterial. Send Photo, Horoscope Box No. HA35304, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THULUVA VELLALA Mudaliar Girl Fair, Slim, Age 23, MCA seeks alliance, Professional from decent family. Contact with Horoscope, Biodata. Box No. HA35305, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ADI-DRAVIDA M.A., 33, Govt., 11,000/- Seeks Employed Groom. Reply Ramachandran, 20, Sundaram Main Street, Chennai-600039.

MBBS MEDICAL Officer 30/ 155, SC/ FC parentage MD/ MS Govt. Doctors/ Engineers. Send Horoscope, Bio-data. Caste no bar. Box No. HA35314, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

HINDU NADAR B.E.(ECE) Software Engineer, working in MNC Chennai, 27/ 160/ Bharani, beautiful, homely girl. Parents seeks a similar, qualified groom in same caste. India/ abroad. Send Bio- data, Horoscope & Photo. Box No. HA35316, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

HINDU, SC/AD 28, B.E.,fair, Software Engineer, Private Company seeks suitable alliance. Please send bio-data and horoscope. Box No. HA35320, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

YOUNG SOZHIAVELLALA 1972, slim, fair, M.Sc., B.Ed., Computer Literate, 6000/- seeks decently settled Groom, any caste. Box No. HA35323, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARANAM, Moudhgalya, Ashwini, Good Looking 25/160/MCA seeks Boy - B.Tech / M.S / B.E / MCA / MBA well employed India/Abroad below 30 Brahacharanam / Vadama only. Send horoscope, biodata Box No. WW55997, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, North-Arcot, Bharadwajam, Pooram, 23/ 163, M.Sc (Maths), HDSE, JAVAPRO, Seeks Well Qualified Groom. Box No. ZM64246, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-2510112.

VADAKALAI, BHARADWAJAM, Punarvasu, 23/ 155, B.D.S., Very Fair, Seeks M.B.B.S Groom. Box No. ZM64253, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 080-5726680.VADAGALAI, KOUSIKAM, Kettai, 23/ 165, B.Com., Diploma in Computer, Employed in MNC at Bangalore. Contact: 080- 5733656, 044-2315747.

WANTED SETTLED Bridegroom for Koundanya Moolam Vadamal, 24/ 169, M.Com., ICWAI, Employed. Contact: 2435681, Chennai.

ALLIANCE FOR Iyer, Ashtasahasram, Bharathwaja, Pooradam, Fair, Slim, 25/ 150/ 7,500/- Net, B.A., PGDCA, Ford Employed, UK Trained, Smart Girl- from Well Qualified, Well Employed Groom, Strict Vegetarian with Modern Views. Subsect No Bar. 044-4970082. Box No. SH46744, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FAIR, SLIM, Beautiful, Iyer, Vadoolam, MBA, Employed 26/ 160, Moolam seeks alliance from well Employed Professionals. Box No. SH46756, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

AGE 22 B.Sc (MBM) Computer Programmer, only daughter Iyengar with Hindu parentage need professionally highly qualified with Iyengar Brahmin Customs, only brother working in U.S.A early marriage is possible. BoxNo. AA24080, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER KOWSIKA Spinster 41/ Kettai(4) B.Sc., homely seeks Bachelor Graduate well employed and settled aged upto 46. Horoscope details to BoxNo. AA24084, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044- 6442305.

ALLIANCE FROM Non-Bharadwaja Gothram Qualified Boy for a MBBS Doctor, 23/ 162/ Ayilyam, First Padam. Contact: K.N. Subramanian, 044-6500664/ 6504313.

THENKALAI KOWSIGAM Ayilam- 4 Padam 153/ 21/ B.Com Final, very fair, slim expects Professional India/ Abroad. Kalai no bar. Box No. KR43156, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. 044-2470398

SRIVATSA, SADAYAM, Ashtasahasram, Graduate, 32/ 152, employed, divorcee seeks alliance. Box No. KR43157, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

VATHIMA SRIVATSA, Ayilyam- I, Suddha Jadhagam, 23/ 173, MBA, Chennai employed seeks professionally, qualified Iyer Boy, below 30. Subsect acceptable. Box No. KR43159, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

TANJORE VADAMA, Koundinya girl, Tiruvonam, 23/ 158, B.Com, Doing CA, Computer literate, good looking seeks Professionally qualified, well placed Boys, below 30. Subsect acceptable. Send horoscope Box No. KR43162, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from Professionally qualified Chennai/ Singapore/ Hongkong employed Boys below 29 for Vadamal, Viswamitra, 160/ 24, B.Com, C.A, I.C.W.A., Girl Employed Chennai MNC. Box No. ST52119, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BOMBAY BASED well Educated, well placed Parents, Seek alliance from Postgraduates/ Doctors/ Engineers/ M.B.As- Iyer, Vadama, Non-Kousika Grooms Studying/ Settled U.K/ India, Age 26- 29/ Height 177 cms above, Fair, Good looking for Daughter 25/ 165/ Fair, Very attractive, MBBS Doing PCH., Subsects no bar. Respond with Bio-data/ Horoscope/ Photo (R) to Box No. ST52121, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Please contact: 022-6336796/ 6266653 Between 7- 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m. Email: kpriya@bangalorelabs.com

IYENGAR/ NON Brahmin parents required Cosmopolitan, well-placed groom - Brahmins/ similar parentage for very fair/ pretty/ 1974/ 158/ Punarpusam/ MBA/ Executive/ MNC/ Chennai - strict vegetarians. Box No. HA35283, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BRAHACHARNAM, Shadamarshanam Avittam 25/163 M.C.A., employed, seeks professionally qualified groom. Contact: 3710122/ 4717282 or email: eswari@md4.vsnl.net.in / ems1@vsnl.com

ALLIANCES INVITED for Iyer girl, Srivatsam, Brahcharanam, Karthigai-I, pretty, slim, very fair, 22/163, B.Com. with computer knowledge, doing MBA, from parents of Kerala origin, any sect. Boy BE/MS/MCA, 27-28, employed in USA, clean habits. Send horoscope, details: Box No. HY138, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016. E-mail: meenakshiramakri@hotmail.com

ALLIANCE SOUGHT for Vadula Uthiratadhi Iyer, Suddha Jathakam, 28/160, 5,000, M.Com., computer literate, employed private company, fair from well-educated, decent salary boys with Suddha Jathakam from India/abroad. Reply with horoscope details. Box No. HB3364, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, TAMIL Iyer girl, Srivatsa, Thiruvathirai, 28/150, 42,000$, P.A., MBA, employed, Professor, Caribbean Institute of Technology, Jamaica, West Indies. H1 B Visa holder, trying for USA seeking alliance, employed in USA, Engg./ Professor. Sub- sects no bar. Contact: M. Parthasarathy, 38, College Main Road, Rajaji Nagar, Ariyalur-621713. Phone No. 04329-22986 (Res.). E- mail: babu5000@yahoo.com

ASHTASAHASRAM, KASHYABA, Pooradam, 25/155, MCA, employed, MNC seeks alliance, India/abroad, sub-sects acceptable. Respond with horoscope. Box No. HB3363, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from Professionally qualified boys with clean habits for Vadamal, Professionally qualified Iyer girl, CA/CS/CISA, 25/168, Koundinyam, Pooradam, 3rd Padam, fair, good looking, employed in semi-Govt. in Mumbai. Write to Box No. HB3366, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ASHTASAHASRAM, KOUNDINYA, Smartha, Ayilyam, 29, Chemistry Ph.D., Lecturer seeks groom. Lecturers/ Doctors preferred. Box No. HB3371, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KERALA IYER, Vadamal, Bharadwajam, Revathi, 160/B.E., 23, fair, Software Engineer, Bangalore seeks equally qualified, well employed grooms. Contact: S. Viswanathan, 58, 7th Street, Tatabad, Coimbatore-641012. Ph: (0422) 497199.

TANJORE KOUSIKA, Vadama, Magam, 21/165, fair, beautiful, B.Sc., Computer with APTECH ACEP, M.Com., seeks same sub-sect groom well qualified M.S., MCA, employed preferably USA, reply with horoscope to Box No. CB-4167, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

VADAMAL, SRIVATSAM, girl Uthiram(2), 24/161/fair, Palghat Iyer, M.C.A.. Box No. CB-4165, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

SUITABLE ALLIANCE sought for Tamil Iyer, Vadama, Vathula girl 167cms., born July '76, goodlooking, B.Tech., M.B.A., working in an MNC in India. Contact Box No. HB-3135, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002 with horoscope.

KOUSIKAM THENGALAI Bachelor, Journalism, Astrologer, Government employee, Bangalore. 26/163, Pooram, PB-9536, Bangalore-560095. Phone: 5538660.

ALLIANCE INVITED from U.S. based M.S./MBA grooms, H1 visa, below 31, for Kaushika, Shuddha Jathagam, Iyer girl, 25/163, B.E., PGDTM. Contact: akil252001@yahoo.co.in Box No. HB3416, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, POURUSYA, Ashtasahasram, Avittam, fair, 24/155, GNIIT, MCA, employed in MNC, Chennai seeks well employed Grooms, preferably in Information Technology, India/ abroad. Respond with horoscope. Box No. HB3390, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

THENKALAI POORVASIGAI Kowsigam, Visakam, 27/165, M.Com, Postal Asst. seeks well qualified employed groom in India below 32. Kalai no bar. Send horoscope with bio-data to Box No. HB-3399, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

FAIR IYER, Brahacharanam, Koundaniya Gothram, Swathi, 27/168, B.E., working reputed concern seeks alliance. B.E./ M.E., Software Engineer preferred. Box No. HB3417, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

FOR VADAMA Bharadwaja, Bharani, 29/155, M.Pharm., MMM, Brand Manager, Multinational Pharma, Mumbai from B.E.'s, C.A.'s, MBA's. Box No. HB3419, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA SRIVATSA, Tamil Iyer, Aswini, (Suddha Jathakam), 24/165, MCA, very fair seeks professionally qualified, well placed, clean habits, below 28 years. Box No. HB3422, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

FOR IYENGAR, Kousigam, Ayilyam, 2, 29/160, BE, TCE employed girl, groom from decent family and well settled India/ Abroad, Kalai/ Iyer no bar, respond with horoscope/ bio-data to Box No. BA3067, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VADAGALAI, BHARADWAJAM, Makam, B.Com., 36/160, MNC, Chennai, four lakhs annum, healthy, beautiful with white skin looking like foreigner, domestically accomplished girl seeks broad minded, well settled, qualified groom. Box No. HB3444, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from well educated, employed South Indian Brahmin boys around 40 years for Tamil Iyer girl Sandilya, M.Phil, 36/162, well placed. Reply Box No. ND4525, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

WANTED MATCH for smart, 29/155, Senior Computer Programmer, Tamil Iyer girl. Contact: 011-2289876, J.K. 15-C, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-110095.

IYER, BRAHACHARANAM, Haritha, Visakam-I, 23/153, BE (ECE), M.S., (IISc) girl, looking for post graduate/ Ph.D., Tamil, Iyer, professionals upto 27 years. Send horoscope. Box No. 3454, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA SUKLAYAGUR, Mouthgalyam, Pooradam, 29/149, MCA, Software Engineer, seeks Bangalore based, professionally qualified groom upto 33. Box No. HB3465, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, ATHREYA, Brahacharanam, Pooradam, fair, good looking, Bangalore girl, 24/165/I.C.W.A. Inter/MNC, seeks professionally qualified, well employed Iyer groom. Box No. HB3470, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA, Bharadwaja Girl, Krithikai, 21/163, very fair, goodlooking B.E. Seeks alliance from professionally qualified boys below 26, well settled abroad. Reply with family details/ horoscope to Box No. HB3473, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL BHARADWAJA, Maham, 30/ 165, Postgraduate, employed Mumbai, seeks professionally qualified, decently employed, below 36 yrs. Box No. HB3485, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for tall, fair, pretty Iyengar, interior designer, 36, from highly qualified professionals, preferably architects. Divorcees without encumbrance welcome. Box No. HB3493, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMA, SRIVATSAM, Uthiradam girl, 22/155/B.Sc. (Computer Science) seeks suitable alliance. Subsects no bar. Box No. HB3464, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Bharadwaja, Moolam (4), 26/163, MCA, fair, seeks professionally qualified, well employed bridegroom, below 32, same sect. Contact: Ph: Cheyyar, 04182-20781.

IYER VADAMAL, Vadoolam, Poorattadhi/ M.Com, DCA, very fair, 23/ 168, seeks suitable bridegroom, same sect. Box No. HB3459, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

LOOKING FOR a bridegroom, preferably Doctors from a good family, well settled, either in India or abroad, for an M.B.B.S. Doctor girl, aged 24 years, 160, Maka Star, Goundinya Gotharam, well accomplished, fair, well to do Vadama Iyer girl. Sub-sect no bar. Respond to Box No. BA3069, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

FOR KERALA Vadama, Koundinya, Thiruvonam girl, 33/162, M.E., U.S. employed (Software), 82,000 dollars, preferably Engineering post-graduate. Reply with horoscope Box No. CB4180, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

IYER VADAMAL Viswamithram, Magam, 25/167, B.E. (ECE), M.S., (C.S., USA), working in Sanjose, CA, fair, slim, seeks MS/ Ph.D., USA, working in Bay Area, below 29 with clean habits. Box No. HB3489, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SEEKING ALLIANCES from well educated US based boys for Tamil Aiyer girl, 33, slim, beautiful, employed in California. South Indians preferred. Contact: n_lakshman@yahoo.com / Box No. HB3529, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PALAKKAD IYER girl, Kasyapa, Tiruvonam, 25/167, C.A. Final-I, seeks professionally qualified Iyer groom. 080-5250366. Box No. BA3071, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

VADAGALAI SHADAMARSHANAM Moola-I, 26/162, B.Sc., GNIIT, slim, good looking, seeks well placed alliance. Box No. BA3072, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYENGAR 25/165 Uthiratadhi, Sadamarshanam, CA/ACS, looking for suitable Iyengar groom. Email: pasan3@rediffmail.com / Box No. BA3073, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER VADAMAL, Bharadwaja, Uthiram, with Kethu, Sevvai, Surian in 7th house, 23/160, slim, fair, good looking, MFT, working in MNC, seeks well settled professional boy. Send bio-data, horoscope. Box No. CB8603, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TAMIL VADAMA Iyer Srivatsa, Mrigasirsha, 24/158, Pharmacist, from boys, settled in U.S. Call (0422)-446431 or Email: kartiga@aol.com with horoscope and photo.

UPPER MIDDLE class, Vadama, Bharatwaja, 22/157/M.Sc., Uthiradam 1st Padam, Makara Lagnam, seeks well qualified/employed boy with Raghu in 8th House. Contact Phone: 044-4333927 or Box No. HB- 3498, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Vadama Iyer girl, Kaushika, Visakham, 27/155, fair, M.B.A. employed in Advt. firm, seeks professionally qualified and well placed groom with clean habits. Apply box No. ND-4530, THE HINDU, I.N.S. Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

ALLIANCE INVITED from Professionally qualified, well placed Bangalore based Brahmin Groom for well placed Tamil Iyengar, Bharadwajam, 28, fair, goodlooking, issuless divorcee after brief marriage. Box No. HA35292, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. E-mail: srinivaslakshimi@hotmail.com

FOR VADAMA, Medico, 21/168, fair and good-looking, completing Internship by December 2002, horoscopes invited from highly qualified and well placed grooms, below 28. Box No. HB3533, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA girl, Srivatsa, Rohini, 25/157, fair, good looking, B.Com., HDSE, cleared GRE/TOEFL, Private Bank employee, seeks well employed boys, India/ Abroad. Box No. HB3523, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Iyengar girl, Bharadwaja, 33/ 165, M.Sc., from professionally qualified Bangalore based Brahmin boys. Reply Box No. BA3085, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

IYER VADAMA (No bar), Srivatsam, 34/175 cms, graduate, Businessman, seeks working groom, less expectations. Contact: Box No. HB3541, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SARYUPARIN BRAHMIN, (North Indian), 26/153, slim, fair, beautiful, only daughter B.Sc. Diploma, Computer and Air Transport (IATA) from abroad working as Executive in Airlines Delhi, father NRI brother Software Profo. Send biodata, horoscope, photo. Ph: (011) 2438471, New Delhi & reply Box No. HB3566, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER BOY well qualified, well employed for girl Bharadwajam, 10- 12-1972, Uthradam 160cms, fair, slim, B.Sc. ACA. Contact: Padmanabhan, Cholakkal, Downhill, Malappuram. Phone: 0493- 731386.FAIR LOOKING Iyengar, Krithigai, 24/165, M.C.A., employed as Software Engineer, Tengalai, seeks alliance from well settled, non-Vadhoolam grooms. Reply to Box No. HB3558, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE FOR Vadama, Baradwaja, Magam, 22/160, very fair, slim, B.E. (Comp.), employed, MNC, Bangalore, respectable family. Box No. ND4527, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

PROPOSALS INVITED for Tamil Iyer, Vadoola, Chitirai - Ist Ashtasahasragam, good-looking, 26/155, U.S. educated, employed girl from boys studied and employed in U.S. from respectable Tamil Brahmin families. Sub-sect no bar. Phone: 022-8990939. Box No. HB3559, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED, from well qualified, well employed boys, below 32 years, tee-totaller for Kerala Iyer girl, B.Com., DISM (Aptech), Koundinya Gothram, Brihacharanam, age 26, fair, good- looking, Vishakam, 4th Padam, Mars in 7th house, only daughter, father Supdt. Engineer in ONGC. Respond with horoscope and other details to: Box No. HB3571, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER VADAMA, Bharadwaj, Sadhayam, fair and good looking, 19/ 160, studying 2nd year B.Sc (Computer Science) seeks B.E./ B.Tech Iyer Boys below 24 years,India/ Abroad. Reply with Horoscope to: Box No. XA71115, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Haritha Vadama Iyer girl, Visakham-2, December 75 born and raised in India, slim, light complexioned, 160, MS, employed in USA, H1-Visa, interested in Fine Arts, with a good balance of East and West. Parents of Tamil/ Kerala Iyer, graduate and higher professionally qualified (non-software) USA settled boys born after October 1970, please respond with horoscope and family details to Box No. XA71119, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002 and E-mail: rcslatha@hotmail.com

IYER VADAMAL, Athreya, Krithikai, November 1974/ 156, fair, MBBS, DA, Govt. Service. Subsect acceptable. Doctors preferred. Box No. DM34529, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAGALAI, HARITHAM, Thiruvonam, 33/ 162/ Wheatish, Senior Software Engineer- MNC, Chennai, 4 Lacs/ Annum seeks suitable alliance from India/ Abroad. S.Bharathi, Plot. 121, Door. 27/3, Kamaraj Salai, RamakrishnaNagar, AlwarthiruNagar, Chennai-87. Phone: 044-4867258. E-mail: vamana6000@yahoo.com

ALLIANCE SOUGHT for Tanjore Iyer, Vadama, Bharatwajam, Magam, B.Com., ICWAI, ACA, ACS (Final), Public Sector, Chennai, November 1974/ 165 girl, from parents of highly qualified, decently employed- India/ Abroad boys. Sub-sect nativity no bar. Send horoscope, bio-data: Box No. DM34538, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Phone: 044-6372954.

VADAMA, KOUNDINYA, Thiruvonam- 4th padam, 28/ 165, B.Com., C.A. (Inter), ICWA (Inter), fair, domestically accomplished girl's parent seeks professionally qualified, well employed groom upto 31 years with clean habits, respectable family background. Box No. DM34545, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMA, Srivathsam, Sadhayam, 24/ 160/ B.E/ (MS) BITS, employed Software Engineer- Chennai, seeks professionally qualified, employed groom, below 29. Reply Horoscope, Bio-data: Box No. DM34560, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PALGHAT IYER, Brahacharanam, Athreya, Pooratadhi (4), 23/ 162, MBE (MDHRD) seeks Professionals India/ Abroad, good family. Subsect acceptable. Reply with horoscope: Box No. DM34564, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

IYER, VADAMAL, Garga, 1974/ 164 Aswini, fair, M.Com., ICWA (Inter), Computer Literate, Employed seeks qualified, well employed groom- India/ Abroad. Reply Box No. DM34576, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VADAMAL, PARASARA, Anusham 23/ B.E/ Software/ Chennai, Seeks Professional India/ Abroad. Box No. CC27502, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ROMAN CATHOLIC Padmasali, 153, 27/ years MCA, normal complexion, Chennai, 25,000/- per month. Wants well qualified. Contact: Slevaiah Door Number 7-912, Nellore-1. 0861-339584.

TELUGU CHRISTIAN Madiga (BC-C) born again 29/160, fair, M.Tech (MBA) AE State Govt. seeks same caste born again IAS, IES, Engineers, Doctors, State/Central Govt. abroad. 040-6637325, 9848190571 Box No. HY-147, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

GAVARA NAIDU Uthirattathi Sevvai 7th House, 24/165 B.Com.,(C.A.) with Computer knowledge seeks professional graduate employed groom. Send horoscope, biodata Box No. WW55986, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PADMAVELAMA NAIDU 23/153 Bharani Good Looking MCA Software Professional Chennai seeks BE/MS/MCA/MBA working in India/Abroad. Subsect acceptable. Box No. WW55992, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARENTS FATHER Naidu, Mother Menon seeks alliance for daughter MCA, 25/ 164, employed fair, slim, goodlooking. Boy below 29 yrs from respectable family well qualified employed. Reply horoscope biodata with family background. Box No. HB3508, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA NAIDU / B.Tech(Comp)/22/160/seeks professional. Coimbatore - 0422- 213343, Chennai-044-8215090. shivayalamanchi@hotmail.com

BALIJA/RICH/(M.Sc-Comp)/24/162/seeks Groom. Chennai - 044- 6204953, Coimbatore - 98423-14444, naveenay@hotmail.com

ANDHRA KAMMAR, Avittam, Kumbam, 21, M.B.B.S (Final), Seeks Well Placed, Sophisticated, Propertied, Only Doctor Groom. Reply with Details. Box No. ZM64247, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

GAJULA BALIJA 23/ 161 Sadhayam B.Com., C.A Inter, Willing to go abroad, daughter of affluent parents in Chennai. Reply with Horoscope. BoxNo. AA24085, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU 24/ 163/ Uthirattadhi/ M.Sc (Bio-Chemistry.,) employed seeks alliance from well qualified, employed groom from good family. Reply with Horoscope and Bio-Data BoxNo. AA24087, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

WORKING WELL settled Naidu Graduate groom for Balija Naidu working Graduate Bride 27 years from respectable family. Please send Biodata, Horoscope. BoxNo. AA24088, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

TELUGU, MEDARA, B.E., Software, 23/ 160, Pooram (Pubba), Rs 14,000/-, MNC Chennai seeks qualified groom, same caste. Box No. KR43158, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA 24/ 167, good looking, MBA, Rohini seeks groom, Abroad/ India. Apply with horoscope, biodata, photo (returnable). Box No. KR43183, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

6,000, NIYOGIS invite proposals from reputed Niyogis for their beautiful, 24 year old daughter, M.Com., Rank holder. Boy should be Professionally qualified, well placed. Box No. HR3368, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ARYAVYSYA GRADUATE girl, beautiful, fair, Moola Fourth, 26/165, Moolakula Mathyakula. Box No. HB3352, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

S.C. MALA Telugu Hindu, 33/10th std, fair, good looking, Chennai settled, any caste. Reply Box No. HB3360, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

BALIJA 24/155, D.E.C.E., Uthram seeks suitable alliance, below 30. Box No. HB3359, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA KAPU Naidu, wheatish, Shatabisha, 24/158, M.Com., employed, reputed, MNC seeks well employed groom from respectable family, same caste. Send horoscope, bio-data, photo. Box No. HB3367, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

JANGAM B.E. (EEE), 22/155, employed seeks employed, same caste. Send horoscope, photo and bio-data. Box No. HB3380, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

PARENTS OF goodlooking 160/20, B.Sc., Padmavelama girl seeks alliance from the same caste, preference Bank/ Insurance/ State/ Central Govt. employees. Box No. HB3409, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED for Telugu Devanga girl, 23/150, M.S. (USA). Contact Bhaskaran, B/9, Ashok Co-op. Society (behind Gelani Petrol Pump), Nizampura, Baroda-390002. Phone: 0265-7839161. Email: bhaskaranr46@hotmail.com

KAMMA 23, B.Com, unemployed girl required employed boy from respectable family. Send bio-data, horoscope, Box No. BA-3057, THE HINDU, Bangalore-560001.

BALIJA NAIDU, 30/Revathy/ M.A. B.Ed./153, seeks alliance from same caste, Government employed/business preferred, send horoscope. Box No. HB-3395, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU YADAVA, 23/160, Kiruthigai, B.Es, MCA seeks Software/ Engineering professional Groom send biodata, horoscope. Email: dhinu_raju@hotmail.com Box No. HB3347, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

REDDY CONVERTED girl, 28/160, fair, SWE, USA seeks suitable boy. Send bio-data with photo. Box No. HB3405, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

KAMMA B.VSc., 26/155, Uthiradam, well mannered, beautiful, respected family seeks professional/ business groom. Box No. HB3453, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA NAIDU, 28, Poosam, M.Com., seeks educated, decently employed groom. Sub-sect no bar. Box No: HB3449, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ALLIANCE INVITED from well settled, well qualified, Balija Naidu boys, around 35 years, for divorcee, B.Tech, Municipal Engineer, Wheatish, 140 cm, 30 years girl. Reply Box No. HB3461, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

NAIDU GIRL, 31/159, M.A./Convent, computer qualified, seeks suitable groom. Send horoscope, biodata. Box No. HB3509, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA/GAVARA, educated, employed, well settled grooms, are invited for two sisters, 25/23 years, 155/162, M.Sc./M.A., M.S. Office/Graphics, Multimedia. Contact: Box No. HB3522, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002 with biodata, horoscope, photo (returnable).

BALIJA NAIDU parents seek affluent professionals for their daughter 22/B.E. Reply with horoscope. Box No. HB3502, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

KAMMA NAIDU, 28/154, M.Sc., M.A., Private College, Asst. Professor, Chevvai Dosham, seeks professionally qualified, well settled bridegroom. Send biodata/ photograph to J.K. & Co., Post Box No. 3906, Coimbatore-641018.

KAMMA NAIDU parents, seek professionally qualified bridegroom for P.G. Doctor, daughter 28/160, respond with biodata and horoscope. Box No. CB-4192, THE HINDU, Coimbatore-641018.

TELAGA KAPU, bank employees, M.Com., 29/162, B.Sc., B.L.,27/161 seek grooms. Well settled employees. Photo, bio-data must. Box No. VZ-26, C/o THE HINDU, Visakhapatnam-530013.

HINDU PARENTS seek alliance from decently employed (India/ abroad) grooms around 30, Telugu speaking Castes with Ragu/ Kedu in Seventh/ Eighth house for their employed daughter M.A./28/165 with Diploma in Computers. Apply with full details. Box No. HB3540, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA/ GAVARA Naidu, 27/ 155, B.E. (Comp), fair seeks Engineer/ Doctor groom. Apply with bio-data and horoscope to Box No. HB3563, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. Ph: 04286-20620, E.mail: ramadoss_k_s@yahoo.co.uk

BALIJA KIRUTHIGAI Muthal padam, 21 (MCA), fair, seeks well employed Engineers. Box No. HB3545, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

BALIJA SPINSTER, 40, parents invite from well educated employed Naidu Groom. No widower, divorcee. Box No. ND4528, THE HINDU, INS Building, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

PADMASALIYAR, PURAM, 24/ 153, Post-graduate, goodlooking. Parents seeks alliance same caste, Employed/ Business. Respond with full details, horoscope: Box No. DM34551, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

DEVANGA CHETTIAR, 23/ 160, fair, good-looking, B.Com., ICWA, MNC, seeks suitable qualified well employed groom. Send horoscope/ Bio-data: Box No. DM34566, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

SC MADIGA, Telugu, 24/ 165 M.Sc., Fair seeks same caste to Box No. DM34571, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MUTHURAJA NAIDU, 24/ M.Sc/ Fair, Goodlooking, Well Settled family Seeks BE/ MBA/ MCA Grooms below 30, Same Caste. Reply Box No. CC27501, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

NAIDU BALIJA Swathi, 25/159, M.A., M.Phil., fair, Sevai 4th Place seeks qualified employed groom. Subsect acceptable. Send Horoscope. Box No. HA35311, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002. pt- chandran@yahoo.co.in

NAIDU CHIEF Executive daughter, Anusham, 34/ 160/ 15000, fair, Chennai Bank Employed, Post-graduate, seeks well settled qualified groom. Reply with Horoscope. Box No. HA35326, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

TELUGU BRAHMIN Atreyasa 26/160 beautiful P.G working ground staff Private Airlines seeks Good looking professional Grooms India/Abroad. Box No. WW55994, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VEGINADU BRAHMIN Bharathwaj Sisters, Uthirattathi 42/ 168 MA Phd.; Maham 35/ 163 MA, B.Ed., both Self Employed Seek Grooms. Subsect No Bar. Contact: 044-4996322; 044-4984697.6000N B.SC. (Phy.), HDISM (Aptech) (MCA - Ist yr.), 29/154 cm, computer Teacher, Rohini seeks suitable alliance. Reply with horoscope, bio-data. Contact: (044) 6452753. Box No. HB3350, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

VAIDEEKI BEAUTIFUL Brahmin Bride, 36/160, M.Com., CAIIB, 15,000 p.m. Bank Officer seeks non-Savunikasa, Professionals/ Class-I, Bank Officer. Bachelor between 39-44, Sub-sect no bar. Box No. HY136, THE HINDU, Hyderabad-500016.

KOUNDINYA PARENTS invite alliance from Veg., never married, well educated groom for 32/163, Research Engineer, green card, fair girl. Phone: 040-3515495/ Sarma: 12-2-826/A/7, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.

ALLIANCE FOR Telugu, Telanganyam, Brahmin, Kaundinyasa, Hastham, 28/162, B.Sc., employed, well placed, slim, fair, beautiful seeks Doctors/ Engineers/ Officers, preferably Chennai based. Subsect acceptable. Box No. HA35313, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

MANGALOREAN CHENNAI, settled fair, goodlooking, Tulu girl, 31/ 150 cms, M.A., DCA, State Govt. employee. Moily Devadiga Community. Subsect no bar. Reply Box No. HB3469, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

URDU SUNNI Parents seek alliance for their daughter 26/ 165/ M.A. slim, beautiful, fair, from employed highly- qualified grooms- Doctors, Engineers, MCAs, MBAs- around 30 very tall fair handsome broadminded. Reply with bio-data, photograph. BoxNo. AA24081, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.

ELDER BROTHER Sunni Sheik invites proposals from well settled groom for his parentless youngest sister 24, 155, fair, beautiful doing MCA Correspondence. Box No. HB-3400, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002.

"WELL PLACED Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim parents from Karnataka, living in the Gulf since 16 years invite alliance for their only daughter 22/ 160, fair, good looking, Graduate Teacher. South Indian Urdu speaking Muslim parents of bridegrooms - 27 to 30 years, well qualified and placed, religious, please send Bio-data & Photo (returnable) to Box No. HA35328, THE HINDU, Chennai- 600002"

PRETTY WOMAN from Poland - Age 45, Canadian Citizen, Living in Canada at Present; Divorcee, Owns Retail Business in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Interested in Serious Marital relationship with an Indian Male Medical Doctor. No Restriction on Caste, Religion, Marital Status. Preferred age 45 or less, can Sponsor Husband to Canada. Reply to dnyanadamenon@yahoo.ca (or) rajeevkpmenon@hotmail.com

IYER, POURUSYA, Ashtasahasram, Avittam, fair, 24/155, GNIIT, MCA, employed in MNC, Chennai seeks well employed Grooms, preferably in Information Technology, India/ abroad. Respond with horoscope. Box No. HB3390, THE HINDU, Chennai-600002.