Brexit: Support for Goans with Portuguese passport

The Goa forward (GF), a recently floated regional political outfit, has offered support to Goans holding Portuguese passports, who face uncertainty after Britain opted out of the European Union (EU).

In a statement issued here, the GF has demanded setting up of a task force to help Goans who might be forced to come back to the country of their origin.

Mr. Vijay Sardesai, Independent legislator, who supports the GF, said: “We are with you. After Brexit, we @GoaForwardParty empathise with Goan Diaspora facing uncertainty in the UK. Goa government must swiftly set up a taskforce to help Goans.”

Several thousand Goans, who obtained Portuguese nationality via a unique Portuguese citizenship clause, are among the three million European citizens residing in the U.K., and face an uncertain future after Brexit.

After its liberation from the colonial rule of Portugal in 1961, all Goan natives were granted Indian citizenship by the Union Home Ministry by a common notification.

However, the Portuguese government allowed those living in Goa during the Portuguese regime to register their birth in Portugal and avail citizenship and Portuguese travel identity documents. This facility was later extended to two more generations of Goans. The Government of India is presently grappling with this dual citizenship issue, which is affecting a huge number of Goans, particularly from Catholic community.

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