BMP standing panels poll today

BANGALORE Dec. 4. Election of 56 members to the eight standing committees in the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) Council will be held on Thursday. Even as members are lobbying to grab plum posts in the committees, sources said that senior Congress leaders met here on Wednesday to decide the memberships.

The sources said that it had been decided not to nominate the same members and chairpersons of the four committees of Works, Town Planning and Development, Taxation and Finance and Appeals again this year.

``We want to give a chance to all senior corporators. Those who were appointed as members to these committees last year, will not be accommodated again,'' the sources added.

This leaves four senior corporators, G.Padmavathy, Venkatesh Reddy, N.Venkatesh and Shantakumari, in the fray for the posts of chairpersons of the committees. They would be "accommodated" based on their seniority, the sources said.

The election to the Taxation and Finance Committee would be held first. Election to the other committees, Works, Appeals, Town Planning and Development, Public Health, Horticulture and Markets, Education and Social Justice and Recruitment, would follow. The election of chairpersons of the panels would be held later in the week, the sources said.

The election process is likely to be a smooth affair with the Congress leaders having decided on the members already. The leaders were trying to convince members to accept posts allotted to them, the sources said.

With the leaders deciding not to appoint members who held prominent positions last year to the same posts, the Galeyara Balaga corporator, M.Nagaraj, is likely to be made the ruling party leader, according to the sources.

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