Bid to make Coimbatore malnutrition free

COIMBATORE, AUG. 14 . In a bid to make Coimbatore district malnutrition free, the administration is planning to set up 398 more anganwadis, the Collector, S. Kosalaraman, told a press conference here on Friday.

He pointed out that each anganwadi on an average took care of 25 children of three years of age and the district already had 1,702 such centres. The proposed anganwadis would be mostly in tribal areas.

As medical facilities had been the major lacuna in eight blocks where the tribal settlements were situated, mobile dispensaries had been proposed for the first time in the State. Each block would have one mobile dispensary that would cover all the remote areas at least once a week.

At least 30,000 people would benefit. "In principle this has been accepted by the Chief Minister," the Collector added.

Educative steps

The Joint Director of Health Services, (In-charge), K. Chandra Mohan, said that the children in the tribal areas suffered mostly from worm infestation and respiratory infection. The Health Department had taken steps to enlighten them through Information, Communication and Education (ICE) activities.

The Collector said that though the district had a sex ratio of 951 women as against 1,000 men, as against the State average of 929 females, the administration would be very vigilant against female infanticide and foeticide.

He had ordered the health officials to bring the scan centres under the administrative scanner as some of them had been alleged to be abetting foeticide through sex determination. They had been asked to maintain a register also. At present the district had 178 registered scan centres and 20 more had sought registration.

The Joint Director said foeticide would entail five years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5 lakhs.

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