Bengal tense over fresh Midnapore killings

CALCUTTA, NOV. 27. Tension is running high in West Bengal over the killings of three Trinamool Congress supporters and a CPI(M) activist in Chherua village in Midnapore district in a bloody clash on Sunday.

The ruling CPI(M) is worried, as it thinks that restoring peace in the trouble-torn Midnapore would be difficult if the Trinamool supporters do not surrender the illegal arms they allegedly possess. ``Let the Trinamool leaders ask their supporters to surrender arms,' Mr. Anil Biswas, CPI(M) secretary, said.

Things took a nasty turn today when the Trinamool leaders, after a meeting with Chief Minister, Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattarcharya, called for ``a mass upsurge''.

Mr. Pankaj Banerjee, Trinamool's policy-making body chief, along with a few MLAs, met Mr. Bhattarcharya to protest the killings as well as the police action on Sunday. ``The communists unleashed terror the moment the evicted Trinamool supporters started returning home,'' Mr. Banerjee said.