Bedi concludes week-long coaching at NCA

BANGALORE, JULY 12. Indian cricket may have been stained with match- fixing allegations, but hopes do linger, especially at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore.

The academy's initial euphoria did lose some sheen when marching orders were given to Murali Kartik, Harbhajan Singh and Nikhil Haldipur on disciplinary grounds. Bishen Singh Bedi, however, felt that the NCA was here to stay and all that required now was `patience.'

The former India captain concluded his week-long coaching session with the NCA trainees here on Wednesday. ``We got to be patient with the lads. The facilities are excellent, they got people totally committed to sport running the show and now its up to the boys. They (trainees) should realise that they are not here on a holiday. They are here with a definite purpose,'' he said.

He lauded the NCA's progress since commencing on May 1. ``Their (trainees) progress has been remarkable. Its just two months since the academy started. I see a lot of good things coming out of this academy. Its the formative phase, lets give three years for the academy to stabilise,'' he said. On the trainees' acumen, Bedi said, ``I do see promise and I am sure that they can handle more workload. I always believed in stretching human tenacity.''

Praise continued to shower in the NCA. Bernard Savage, the athletic coach, who flew in from Australia last week, said, ``I am impressed with the fitness levels attained by the lads.'' He singled out Reetinder Singh Sodhi for special praise.