Bajaj Auto's market share improves

MUMBAI, MAY 8. Bajaj Auto has announced that it has gained in market share in all of the two wheeler segments that it services. Two-wheeler sales in April have recorded an 18 per cent growth over April 1999. This has resulted in a higher overall market share in two and three wheelers at 34.2 per cent.

According to a company release, Bajaj Auto has registered a 3.1 per cent growth in the scooters segment in April as compared to the same month last year where the entire industry has shown a negative growth of 3.8 per cent with all the other manufacturers posting a negative growth. The company increased its market share in the scooters segment to 68.7 per cent in April from 64.1 per cent last year.

Tuning itself to the market shift in favour of scooterettes and motorcycles, Bajaj Auto has registered the best growth rates of 28 per cent in Scooterettes and 65 per cent in the motorcycle segment where the industry registered growth rates of 17 per cent and 33 per cent respectively.

With this, Bajaj Auto enhanced its market share from 23 per cent to 25.3 per cent in scooterettes; from 55.8 per cent to 64.5 per cent in step-throughs, and from 14.3 per cent to 17.8 per cent in motorcycles resulting in a two wheeler market share growth of 32.2 per cent as compared to 31 per cent in the same period last year.