Army denies JNU students' charge

NEW DELHI, MAY 1. The Army Headquarters today denied the charge of students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNC) that two of its officers had misbehaved during a Mushaira and said some students addressed the officers in a ``disrespectful'' manner.

Giving details of the incident, an Army spokesman said two officers, Maj. K.K. Sharma and Maj. L.K. Sharma were watching a Mushaira on April 29, along with their brother Sharad Sharma. The officers had obtained ``proper permission'' from the JNU security staff.

Some students addressed the officers in a ``disrespectful'' manner and asked them to leave. This resulted in a scuffle, in which a bag carried by Maj. K.K. Sharma fell down and a revolver came out of it. The weapon was licensed.

Terming media reports as ``exaggerated'', the spokesman said the students, on seeing the revolver, beat the officers.

While Major K.K. Sharma is still in Army hospital, Major L.K. Sharma and Sharad Sharma were discharged from the Safdarjung hospital.

He said according to preliminary information, the officers did not disturb the Mushaira.


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