Are some more equal?

Sir, - Reference to Mr. V.R. Krishna Iyer's article, `A crime by a crude khaki crowd' (July 2): It is unfortunate that the humiliation showered on the police officer and his team who went to arrest the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Mr. M. Karunanidhi, has been omitted conveniently to evince human right violations.

This has always been the case in India - the police are always on the wrong. Don't they have any rights?

The former Chief Minister dressed himself and got ready to leave with the police. The situation however changed with the arrival of the Union Minister, Mr. Murasoli Maran.

Do the powers of a Central Minister extend to assaulting an officer on duty? Does his power extend to intimidating the police team? Should the DIG present his other cheek to be assaulted again?

Don't the Minister and his entourage become an unlawful assembly because of the violence they exhibited? Did not their resistance in turn give the police right to use the minimum force required to proceed further? Is there any rhyme or reason in blaming the police?

We talk of equality before law. Does it not extend to the police? Don't Articles 142, 32 and 226 cover the police as well. The Tamil Nadu Police have always been just and upright.

By looking through the dejected NDA glass, a blurred vision has been presented. When the events are reassessed, I am certain that all will praise the restraint and patience of the DIG, the assaulted SPs and constables.

L.N. Venkatesan,