Sun sign Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18)

The new moon solar eclipse in cancer will awaken questions about the nature of your every day routines and reality. This may seem like a mundane aspect of your life, but it actually has a profound impact upon your ability to feel free and available to life's deeper experiences. Assess the condition of the routine aspects of your life: your office, telecommunications equipment, your kitchen, appliances, and even your file cabinets. Wherever adjustments are needed, this is the time to make changes.

Moon in KUMBHA (Stars - the last two quarters of Dhanishta, Satabhishak, and the first three quarters of Poorvabhadrapada)

Women - employed and otherwise - do well. Marginal gain possible for those in defence and police through a promotion. Moneywise, you will be very well off. The home is set to see bright, auspicious events. Investments will give you the return you had banked on. Be careful in your speech at home and with outsiders. New ventures progress to your satisfaction.