An unwise step

Sir, - The present move of the Maharashtra Government to initiate proceedings for arresting Mr. Bal Thackeray the president of the Shiv Sena, which is a constituent of the Centre is prima facie improper. The Commission of Enquiry, which went into the riots of 1992 in Bombay, gave a report which was rejected by the then Maharashtra Government.

The report and its recommendations having been rejected, should not have formed the basis for initiating prosecution of the reputed leader at this distance of time, when things are normal.

The Maharashtra Government should note that even the Blue Star operation in the Golden Temple which gave rise to commotion in the past, has been forgotten and a healing touch is given to all sensitive issues in the present juncture.

Wiser Counsel must prevail and any attempt to arrest Mr. Bal Thackeray will aggravate and not solve problems.

R. Chellappa