All set for `The Rasmus Live in Concert'

TODAY'S THE DAY: A file picture of The Rasmus — Photo: AP/Jasper Juinen  

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Bangalore's rock music scene has a lot to cheer about. On Sunday, Palace Grounds will come alive to "The Rasmus Live in Concert", winner of multiple awards worldwide, at 7 p.m.

The group's last single, "In the Shadows", had shot to the top of the charts across music billboards in the country. This year, its latest video, "No Fear", has been steadily climbing to the top.

The four Finnish lads — Rasmus, Paul, Lauri, Eero and Janne — formed the group in 1994 at the age of 15 with a vision to change the music scene in Finland, which, according to them, needed a fresh approach.

They named their band Rasmus, meaning "Trash and Mosh". "Trash" means "music" and "Mosh" means "Pit", in Finnish. Since their debut, they have received several gold and platinum records as well as numerous Finnish Grammy awards.

On a cold winter day, nine years ago, Rasmus stepped onto stage for the first time at their high school in Helsinki, Finland.

Since then, they have received several gold and platinum records as well as numerous Finnish Grammy awards.

At the peak of their career, Rasmus did supporting acts with groups such as HIM, Roxette and the Spanish rock band Dover. At the Finnish Grammy Awards in 2001, the group swept the major categories by collecting new Grammies for Best Band, Best Single, Best Rock/Pop Band and Album of the Year.

The event is presented by the Hero Honda Campus Rock Idols, along with WorldSpace satellite radio, Hutch, VH1 and Nokia, the concert. Rasmus will play with the winner of this year's regional winner of Pepsi, "Campus Rock Idols" and the winner of "Campus Rock Idols 2004". More than 10 of the best campus groups came together on Saturday to present their skills. The competition that lasted for more than two hours included grunge, heavy metal and alternative rock. The overcast clouds had a slightly dampening effect at the start of the show, but with the heady music, the crowds quickly got into the act.