All set for a `tough' fight

IT IS undoubtedly the summer of uncertainty for them. As the sun beats down mercilessly, the candidates have to come out and beseech the voter, who enjoys his transient hour of glory.

Sunday was no exception. Candidates were out on the roads with hands folded, endearing and smiling. Amidst the din and bustle of North Chennai, Perambur reverberated with the sound of drums heralding the arrival of the sitting MLA and the DMK candidate, Mr. Chengai Sivam. A `mobile party of volunteers' carrying the party flags kept announcing the visit of the candidate at the scheduled spots. No stiff visage now, just an appeal for support from an open jeep painted in the party colours.

But the focus was on another but equally busy corner in the constituency. Here it is the turn of Mr. Vellai Ravi alias S.Ravi, to seek votes. This youth, who recently put his running battle with the law and the reputation of a violent life behind him, is one of the independent candidates. He has been allotted the `candle' symbol. Mr. Ravi's supporters, standing beside him in an open vehicle, go around with giant models of the symbol. His women supporters are more realistic, as they wave colourful candles.

Out on Sunday, Mr. Ravi's supporters distributed pamphlets and even a mini election manifesto full of promises includes provision of drinking water and taking steps to get `pattas' where they had not been distributed.

By K.T.Sangameswaran

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