AICC to review Govt.'s performance on July 11

BANGALORE, JULY 6. The Krishna Ministry is being made to appear for a `supplementary examination' by the AICC which is undertaking a review of the Government's performance within seven months of the previous exercise. The review will take place on the evening of July 11.

This time, the review of the performance of the ministry in implementation of the party's election manifesto will be undertaken by a panel known as the coordination committee. The committee consists of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Ms. Ambica Soni, AICC General Secretary in charge of the State, Maj. Vedprakash, AICC Secretary, and Mr. Shivaraj Patil, MP and former Speaker of the Lok Sabha. The previous review was carried out on November 29 and 30 last year, and those who sat in judgment over the performance of the ministers were the present Kerala Chief Minister, Mr. A. K. Antony, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, who was the then AICC General Secretary in charge of the State, and Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy, former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.

The KPCC President, Mr. Allum Veerabhadrappa, today confirmed the visit of the committee. While Dr. Manmohan Singh would be here on July 10, Ms. Soni, Mr. Patil and Maj. Vedprakash would arrive the next day.

Asked why the performance was being reviewed within seven months of the previous one, Mr. Veerabhadrappa said that it was because of the setting up of the committee.

This time, the presence of Dr. Manmohan Singh on the committee invests it with some authority given his eminence as an economist and experience in government. Unlike him, Mr. Azad had strong critics within the party as he had been in charge of party affairs in the State for too long.