Admissions: State team to meet Manmohan

BANGALORE, AUG. 21. The Chief Minister, N. Dharam Singh, is leading a high-level official team to New Delhi which will meet the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, seeking enactment of a Central legislation on admission of students to private professional colleges.

The team, which will leave here on Sunday, will meet Dr. Singh on Monday. The team will comprise the Chief Secretary, the Law Secretary, and secretaries of some other departments.

Sources in the Government said on Saturday that several proposals relating to the admission of students to engineering, medical, dental, and other graduate courses, the fee structure and the role of the State in the admissions, and the selection process would be submitted to the Prime Minister. The State, sources said, would impress upon the Prime Minister the need to bring in a Central legislation to end the admissions imbroglio. They said the problems on the admissions front this year, the uncertainty faced by students, and the adamant stand of managements of some private colleges in repeatedly questioning the admission process would be placed before the Prime Minister.


Sources said the proposals had been examined by the Law Department and other departments. The team is also expected to brief Dr. Singh on the need for the State to enact legislation to overcome the Supreme Court judgment. Though the Supreme Court had directed the State to restrict the admission of students in the ratio of 50:50 (50 per cent of seats to be filled by the Government and 50 per cent by the managements), the State came out with a law fixing the ratio at 75:25.

Meanwhile, the Government is in the process of filing several documents on the issue in the Supreme Court. The State had said that the admission of students to professional courses were on merit. Besides, it had followed the reservation system. Hence, its admission system was transparent and according to law.

A two-judge Bench which had heard petitions by the Karnataka Private Medical Colleges Association and others, had directed the State Government and the private colleges to file affidavits on the admission of students.

The State is likely to claim that if it went by the admission norms stipulated by the Supreme Court, meritorious students would not be able to get seats.