Abuse of freedom

Sir, - The news (The Hindu, July 15) about the police having seized some obnoxious literature from the house of Ibrahim, a suspect behind the recent bomb blasts in churches, is very disturbing.

That the police also see a growing competition between Muslims and Christians in converting people to their faiths is equally disturbing.

The dangers of competitive religion are frighteningly unfolding and if not checked, would have terrible consequences.

While it is true that Ibrahim and the cult he represents are only a lunatic fringe in the Indian Muslim community, these diabolical and primitive tendencies should be nipped in the bud.

I am afraid the freedom of spreading one's own religion granted by our Constitution is being blatantly abused and is fast becoming a major cause for communal unrest in the country. Freedom is sweet so long as it is used, but when abused, it becomes poisonous.

While a self-imposed discipline is called for to give up the mindset which looks upon other religions as inferior to one's own, steps need be taken by the government to curtail abuse of freedom.

It may even become necessary to ban religious conversions on the Indonesian lines, if the disturbing trend continues.

T. S. Rao