About Random Notes

SIGNED columns have a tendency to go on forever, rarely because of the sheer pressure of "public" demand and mostly because over time they become a part of the "furniture" and editors - like interior designers - are reluctant to move it around too often. Sometime, columnists themselves are reluctant to sign off for obvious reasons.

Random Notes - going on for sometime now - was started to lighten the burden of intellectual heaviness thatinevitably sits on literary pages. The idea was to take an irreverant, even tangential, look at books, writers, publishers and the literati in general. The intention was also to give readers a flavour of what goes on behind the scenes in publishing. Whether the column has served its purpose is for readers to decide, but one enjoyed writing the column despite occasional brickbats.

Now, it seems time has come to stop this monthly infliction, though one is not promising that one would not return to these pages in another form. So, beware!


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