Aavin launches health insurance for dairy farmers

COIMBATORE, FEB. 26. The Coimbatore District Milk Producers Union (CDCMPU-Aavin) has launched a health insurance scheme for dairy farmers of the district, the District Collector and Chairman of CDCMPU, N. Muruganandam, said recently.

Talking to reporters, the Collector and the Managing Director of Aavin, A. Subramanian, said that scheme for milk producers launched in association with the United India Insurance would benefit as many as 21,968 milk producers coming under the umbrella of 531 primary dairy co-operatives.

The Commercial Taxes Minister, S.M. Velusamy, formally launched the scheme recently by issuing policies to the dairy farmers of Samigoundampalayam, Pulliampalayam and Zamin Kottampatti dairy co-operative societies.

The policy would provide the farmer up to Rs. 30,000 for medical expenses incurred in a year. For one-time hospitalisation, the amount given would be Rs. 15,000 besides a solatium of Rs. 1,00,000 in the event of untimely death of the insured dairy farmer. The insurance premium for an individual dairy farmer would be Rs. 365 per annum; for a family of up to five persons, it would be Rs. 548 and for a family of seven persons, it would be Rs. 730. There would be a concession of Rs. 100 for those Below the Poverty Line (BPL).

The CDCMPU would provide these farmers with an identity card for the purpose of authenticity when these insured dairy farmers report at the designated or notified hospitals for treatment. Of the 23 hospitals identified so far, about 15 of them are in urban areas including Tirupur and Pollachi. More hospitals would be identified and brought under the scheme, they said.