A tottering empire

Sir, - This refers to the article `A tottering empire' (TheHindu, May 2). Like human life, which is a mix of good and bad tidings and ups and downs, an organisation has its high and low, and political outfits too are no exception to this rule.

The Congress is in a difficult situation today. It is definitely down but not out. For a political party which commanded the nation's destiny not long ago, the Congress' climbdown is alarming and painful.

Who is responsible for the party's present state? Undoubtedly, the ones who ruled the roost when the party was enjoying power in almost all the States. Most of those who have deserted the Congress and claim that they are a force to reckon with, have had their political innings in the party. Having got the training, these disgruntled elements have turned against the party, particularly at a time when it needs them most.

The Congress leadership - both the past and present - should also own up the responsibility for the party's present state of health, as they too have handsomely contributed their mite by taking irrational and highly questionable decisions. Here again, the leadership must have been forced to take such decisions by those who are eager to capture power. Rather than remaining a prisoner of sorts, the leadership should come out from the clutches of such ``evil forces'' and purge the party even if it means taking some hard and bold decisions in the overall interest of the party.

V. S. Jayaraman,