A novel signature campaign

BANGALORE, AUG. 14. The passion for things big must be catching. Prarambh, the city-based NGO promoting social activism in different fields, will display a 15-metre tall canvas opposite Foodworld on Mahatma Gandhi Road on Sunday.

According to its chairperson, Geetha Priyadarshini, a group of young artists led by murals expert, Ashutosh, has agreed to work on the painting which will have the theme of independence and the myriad social problems people have to overcome. Sudheer, Jeetu, and Sanjeev will be the other artists working on the large painting.

Part of the canvas will be reserved for signatures from citizens express their solidarity and, perhaps, give a message.

The artists will start working from 11 a.m. and finish by 1 p.m. after which it will be for passers-by to sign.

"We will try to preserve the painting in our own offices. If someone comes forward to buy it and makes a substantial offer, we will use the money to support as many causes as possible," Ms. Priyadarshini said.

Not many drawing rooms may be able to accommodate such a large painting.

Prarambh hopes its novel "signature campaign" will show that art and artists can serve a social purpose.

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