Good work deserves instant recognition

Recognising an employee for a job well done is a great thing. But it isn’t enough. It should be done in a manner that would remain etched in the employee’s mind.

Maveric Systems, a technology assurance partner to banking and telecom companies, recently launched ‘High Five Corner’, a space where the manager could head to, if he comes across exceptional work.

Once there, he would ring a bell and let the world know of the commendable work a team member had done.

A bell is hung on a wall in each of the floors of the offices of Maveric Systems.

Whenever an employee has come up with an out-of-the-box solution or gone the extra mile or just done something out of ordinary in the interests of his team, the manager rings the bell inviting all the floor members to gather at the High Five Corner.

The employee is given a card and a small memento, as one can imagine, to the sound of applauding colleagues.

“There is great significance attached to the bell,” says Dhanabalan R.K., vice president, Human Resources, Maveric Systems. “We have cut out the rigmarole that would precede any traditional recognition programme. No calling for nominations. No filling of forms. No assessment processes. This recognition mechanism is instantaneous.”

The High Five Corner is spreading positive vibes among the employees at the offices of Maveric Systems, which has over 1,000 employees across the globe.

“In Chennai, for instance, every day we see two to three employees being rewarded this way across the six floors,” says Dhanabalan.

“We have many other recognition initiatives, but it is essential that it is customised according to the business requirement,” says Dhanabalan.

(We invite other organisations to share similar reward mechanisms they may have put in place for their teams. Write-ups, not exceeding 300 words, should be sent to empower@thehindu.co.in. The best ones would be published in these pages.)

“We have cut out the rigmarole that would precede any traditional recognition programme”

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