5 p.c. quota for Kannada medium students in jobs

BANGALORE, NOV. 1. The Chief Minister, Mr. S.M.Krishna, on Thursday announced five per cent reservation to Kannada medium students in employment opportunities.

The Chief Minister made the announcement after inaugurating the Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations at the Kanteerava Indoor stadium here.

He said a Government Order (GO) to this effect would be issued shortly. Candidates studying in Kannada medium from class 1 to 10 already had five per cent reservation in professional courses. This would be extended to all such courses and the students would also enjoy reservation in employment, he added.

The Government was working out the modalities of the reservation scheme, which was aimed at encouraging students in Kannada medium and also to give a boost to the language, Mr. Krishna said.

He believed that it was essential to ``think'' in Kannada first rather than ``translate something in English to Kannada.''

``All Government orders are first framed in English and then translated into Kannada. This should be done away with,'' he said.

The Chief Minister regretted that Kannada was not used in science and law. ``Efforts must be made to use the language in these fields,'' he said. He pointed out that the State Government had given prominence to Kannada in its ``Mahithi'' (information) policy.

Kannada was being used in information technology. For this, the Government had also developed Kannada software. ``English should be used in such a way that it does not threaten the status of Kannada,'' he said. Mr. Krishna felt that the language needed to be given due importance throughout the year ``and not merely during the month of November.''

The Chief Minister condemned those ``within the State'' who were demanding separate statehhood. He called upon all Kannadigas to uphold the unity of the State.

``Our friends must realise that the Government cannot develop all those areas which have remained backward. They have been neglected for ages and it is not possible for one Government to set right everything,'' he said, adding that his Government had formulated specific programmes for those regions.

The Government was also committed to implementing the recommendations of the D.M. Nanjundappa Committee on Regional Imbalances, he said.

``Though we are geographically divided, in our minds, we are one,'' he said. Moreover, the demand for a separate state was meaningless when ``several Kannada-speaking areas (outside the State) are yet to be added to Karnataka,'' the Chief Minister said.

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