4 nominations rejected in Coimbatore

COIMBATORE, APRIL 24. Four out of the 16 nominations filed for the Coimbatore Lok Sabha seat and five of the 12 filed for the Pollachi (Reserved) Lok Sabha seat were rejected by the returning officers during scrutiny of nominations today.

The nominations filed for the Coimbatore Lok Sabha seat were scrutinised by the Returning Officer and the District Collector, N. Muruganandam. The Returning Officer and the District Revenue Officer, M. Rahim, scrutinised the nominations for the Pollachi (Reserved) Lok Sabha seat. The process took place in the presence of observers and candidates. Following the acceptance of nominations of candidates of recognised political parties, the nominations filed by substitute candidates were rejected automatically.

In Coimbatore, the Returning Officer declared that the nominations of K. Subbarayon of the Communist Party of India (CPI) and a nominee of the Democratic Progressive Alliance (DPA), C.P. Radhakrishnan of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), A. Noor Mohammed of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), P. Govindasamy of the Tamizh Desiya Katchi, Mookambigai Mani of Shiv Sena, and Rajendran of the Janata Party as valid.

The six independent candidates whose nominations were declared as valid are: Anna Durai, R. Anbarasu, K. Subburaj, O. Rangasamy, R. Rangasamy and S. Vellingiri.

The substitute nominations of A.N. Chandrasekhar (BJP), R. Devaraj (CPI) and Dasarathan of Shiv Sena were rejected. A nomination, which was not signed by the candidate, Eriyitti Ekambaram of Tamizhar Munnetra Kazhagam, was also rejected on the grounds of being incomplete. After the stipulated time for the withdrawal of nominations on Monday, the Returning Officer would allocate the symbols for the final list of candidates in fray.

For the Pollachi (Reserved) Lok Sabha seat, the substitute nominations of R. Shanmugam of AIADMK, C. Ponnusamy of MDMK and the nominations of the independent candidates, N. Krishnan, C. Sakthivel and A. Tamizharasi were rejected by the Returning Officer. The nominations of the independent candidates were rejected on the following grounds: incomplete nominations, proposers not signing the form, electoral rolls not tallying with the details given in the nomination, proposers' name absent in the electoral rolls and so on.


The Communist Party of India (CPI) has filed a representation with the Returning Officer for the Coimbatore Lok Sabha seat pleading that symbols identical to that of the CPI (sickle and corn) should not be allocated to any independent. The representation has come in the wake of a plea by an independent candidate K. Subburaj, for allocation of either a sickle or corn as symbol. The CPI, in its representation, stated that identical symbol and names would confuse the electorate. Unlike ballot papers, the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) would display the symbol and the candidate's name in a very small size, which may confuse the electorate. The CPI also cited a similar incident during the previous elections, where an independent candidate walked away with a chunk of votes because of identical symbols.

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