1,506 engineering seats vacant

BANGALORE Oct. 3. The Casual Vacancy round Engineering seat selection for Non-Karnataka quota candidates ended on Thursday with 1,506 seats remaining unfilled. Friday would have the casual vacancy round Medical/Dental seat selection for reserved categories of Karnataka quota candidates.

Medical/Dental seats pertaining to 1G, 1R, 1K, 2AG, 2AR, 2AK, 2BG, 2BR, 2BK, 3AG, 3AR, 3AK, 3BG, 3BR, 3BK, SCG, SCR, SCK, STG, STR, STK, GMR and GMK would be offered for selection the same day. GM and PKA Medical/Dental seats would not be offered. Medical seats available include: 2AG — 1; SCR — 1; total — 2. Dental seats available include: 1G — 2; 1R — 1; 2AG — 10; 2AR — 1; 2BG — 1; 3AG — 1; 3BG — 2; GMK — 3; GMR — 1; SCG — 5; SCR — 6; total — 33.

Medical/Dental seats that remain unfilled would be merged with the General Merit seats and offered on Saturday along with PKA seats.

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