This Day That Age - (dated January 23, 1964)

(dated January 23, 1964)

(dated January 23, 1964)  

1,000 killed in riots

At least 1,000 persons were killed in communal riots in Dacca last week, authoritative sources reported. An American Peace Corps nurse, breaking the official curtain of silence on the casualties, said on January 21 that there were 600 dead at Dacca Medical College Hospital alone. A Pakistan Army Officer on the scene is reported to have put the deaths in “the order of 1,000”. The majority of those killed were women and children, the authoritative sources said. These facts emerged as the army brought Dacca and neighbouring Narayanganj fully under control. The Peace Corps nurse who reported the 600 fatalities was one of several, who, with missionaries, bore much of the chaotic strain on medical resources. Hospitals were choked with wounded arriving in truckloads during the mass killings and burnings of homes, business premises and whole villages.

Minister without portfolio

A communiqué from the Rashtrapati Bhavan on January 22 announced the appointment of Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri as Minister without Portfolio and Mr. D. Sanjivayya, former Congress President, as Minister for Labour and Employment. Although there has been no official indication as to what particular work has been assigned to Mr. Shastri it is believed that the Prime Minister has indicated to the President that Mr. Shastri would deal with all the papers which normally come to the Prime Minister either from the External Affairs Ministry or elsewhere. It is assumed that Mr. Shastri would consult the Prime Minister and deal with the affairs not only of the External Affairs Ministry but also matters relating to the co-ordination of the activities of the Central and State Governments.

Research in Physics

Sir Laurence Bragg, Nobel Laureate, said in an interview in Madras on January 22 that most of the research being done in India was first rate. Madras University could be justly proud that it had contributed a lot towards research, especially in physics. Sir Laurence who came here as visiting Raman Professor in the Madras University said there was a scope for greater research work.

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