The Hindu Crossword 11084

Solution to puzzle 11083


1Sailor drunk and ruddy (6)

4Firm’s high officials finish off snakes (6)

9Say, Shakespeare’s armour piece! (4)

10Monkey which had egg soup cooked endlessly lacks liveliness (10)

11Copied a single in CD (6)

12Wife led here in confusion by charmer (8)

13Suspended Jordan due for reform (9)

15She follows American guide (5)

16Handheld song source for prayer (5)

18Emergence of crooked generalissimo off Lima (9)

22Save lion injured in a republic (8)

23Run away from English player’s cover drive finally (6)

25Changed Indian pop singer’s pupils indeed (10)

26Camp’s head replaced by English guide (4)

27Cummerbunds given as prize following series lead (6)

28Cherished an affair by Bolshevik (6)


1Used audiovisual and spread ideal (7)

2Overloaded learner before maverick dean (5)

3Alloy having iodine is harder (7)

5Works on old prince’s causes (6)

6Church screens warped predecessor for misplaced PC (9)

7Sweden monarch nearly unknown for English press (7)

8Aware of weekend global convergence (13)

14Insensible Open House one side (9)

17All of you, perhaps! (7)

19Refined English soldiers’performance lacks energy (7)

20No war on fake soap powder has been defied (7)

21Princess includes former spouse in expansion (6)

24Applaud rebel on comeback again (5)

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