The Hindu Crossword 11053

Solution topuzzle 11052


1Silly removing son to put Penny on the spot (6)

4Works of one kinky spouse (6)

9Fix monsieur’s demise (4)

10Priority in file to exclude nothing but include point (10)

11Joiner provides crumpled cover for rookie (6)

12Worn out deity returned with pink note before (3-5)

13Security booth built by stern ox (6,3)

15Mellow: self-pity cured on elf’s exit (5)

16Honour engineers for being overweight (5)

18Ignoring felon’s boss is no good firstly (9)

22Ill disposed ire behind misused bribe ends in disorder (8)

23Club’s move is cunning (6)

25My melodist composed boldly (10)

26Hideous fruit, by the sound of it (4)

27Steel grey building let out for hot spring (6)

28Corrected boss’s foolish diet (6)


1Introduce President’s rewritten decree (7)

2Detectives with them returned to Doctor (5)

3Polyester dressing without drug for chronic infection (7)

5Promise quiet step (6)

6Doubt on Corps’ pious sin undone (9)

7Ducks duck out of two-wheelers (7)

8People studying trees refix oldest son’s grid removing bend (13)

14Evidence provided in crusty surroundings of one doctor’s opponent (9)

17Mysteriously submerge skipperless vessel (4,3)

19Deceived firm unknown indeed (7)

20Prodded miss then escorted (7)

21Remove envoy who smuggled molten silver out (6)

24Eject new troupe giving out nothing (5)

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