The Hindu Crossword 10928


1Flummox, kidnap monarch in silence and place head there (6)

5Mouth a composition about animal trainer (6)

10Old horse escaped outside when whipped (7)

11Teju alongside Manu scrambled to release reserves to gather Jack’s intestine part (7)

12In between, meat found related to blood vessel (6)

15Collect Bill’s team for the audience (6)

16Bird, without enthusiasm goes with another bird (7)

17Worry about tyro’s reign (4)

18Stations stranger aboard ship (4)

19Perfidiously downplay Prince’s desertion and surrender (3,4)

20German approval overturned to get short hacker programming web development techniques (4)

22Charge for time spent in the celebrations (4)

25Animal in retreat with difficulty accepts first solution and matures (7)

27Stained and endlessly sad Rajasthan Royals’ year starts … (6)

28Plunge without hesitation and evolve (6)

31Hundred plastic tawa with the regular bloke brought to the stage (7)

32Revealed chromium work on the rock formations above the soil (7)

33Unruly cast at the university misbehaves (4,2)

34Prison key-head lost in the game (6)


2Related to wife? You ten empty devious liars, leave the son… (7)

3Unknown police officer’s final letter, a gruesome beginning but winding … (6)

4Nervous daughter took the place of girl in the whirlpool (4)

5Modus operandi by judge was to take a circular charm (4)

6Commandeer shelled ship’s sailor (6)

7Intimidate, even run helter-skelter (7)

8According to report, line in front of iron wielding priest from the east has a complaint (1,5)

9Raging seer consumed doctor to ashes (6)

13Adoringly look at Victorian sailor’s young apprentice going in front (7)

14Laid-back lawyer in ostentatious surroundings is suspicious (7)

15An empty week at the room is uncomfortable (7)

20Swedish band retiring disheartened from the church office (6)

21A queen you adored first has spasm relating to water (7)

23King with energy follows oriental fighter who has settled in another country (7)

24Let go of former spouse with a measure of odd pity (6)

25Clergies from French island arrive at the South (6)

26Step out with incharge who is infected (6)

29Jump to taste vitamin inside (4)

30Hebrew character primarily questioned on pilfered Hadith (4)