The Hindu Crossword 10897

Solution to puzzle 10896


1Lincoln cut short control to go back in South abolitions (11)

9A child back on main road with a complaint (7)

10Broadcast attack (3,4)

11No pork turns up at a part of USA (5)

12Your’s truly at Sun kingdom with no point of dissociation (9)

13Call an island as country (5)

15Gulf in island at an old kingdom (9)

18Fitful dad in ship has small amount, no doubt! (9)

21Sum up back-to-front 101 compositions (5)

22What Flipkart is known as during dispatch? (9)

24A British accountant brought up at Italy brought calculators (5)

26Ovation for boy falling along with you in a ditch (7)

27Capital’s random urbanisation unbinds naughty aunts (7)

28Shockingly air lusty COO’s orgy (11)


1NASA can do mock-up of big boas (9)

2Spanish drink at city with approval from Bonn (5)

3Using my ma to construct a school (9)

4Monarch sat uncomfortably during torrid rain (7)

5Diction from church (7)

6Royalists in a riot lost out to country (5)

7Circling navigators go out to bring modifications (8)

8Dial and shout at God (4)

14Support pinna oddly imparts to skull (8)

16In sync with cocktail topic’s aim (9)

17Bill unnaturally civil with tyro’s run out dismissal on upward climb (9)

19Brown going around in portal spots philanthropist (7)

20Swanky suburbs Ron inhabits is long-lasting (7)

22Fax about loss of a knight’s canopy (4)

23Country’s top two industrialists obtain subsidy from south (5)

25Admits an oath on Sabbath (5)

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