'Rama Nama' brings peace, comfort to all

CHENNAI JUNE 27 . Human mind is ever prone to distraction and the tendency to procrastinate is the most common cause of one's endeavours not bearing fruit. Equally, it is a natural trait to leave things half done. One may set oneself a target of an hour's steady work; but midway, pleased by the rate of progress, one takes a break and the task is not done within the original time frame. Such an attitude is the cause of many of the travails in life.

There are occasions when one begins to mentally celebrate even before achieving the stated end, forgetting that finishing ninety-nine per cent of a job still leaves one per cent to be accounted for. Regardless of whether one is beset by problems, miniscule and mammoth, one should bring to bear single-mindedness to any job or work, no matter what challenges or hardships one has to encounter. Anjaneya is a case in point.

Setting out on his search mission to find Sita, Anjaneya is challenged all along. When an invitation for a brief stay on a mountain is offered the faithful executor says, "duty calls, I will finish that first". Confronted by further trials, he states that by chanting the "Rama Nama" as paddle one can cross the ocean of life, surmounting all problems. He meets his match in the guardian deity of Lanka who protects the city with a sense of duty despite despising the ruling clan. The city's town planning, carefully laid out, leaving the common people on the outer periphery (and thus subject to the first assault by enemies), while the central township shields the lesser royals with the king's quarters being the last bastion, does not deter Anjaneya from his purpose.

Espying the peacefully asleep Mandodari, whom he mistakes for Sita, unleashes both happiness and anger in him that she could be so relaxed; and then he observes a wilting flower in her, a sign portending harm to such a person's husband. Knowing that no danger can befall Rama, he realises it cannot be Sita. When he finds Sita, She is in the final grip of despair. With a fine sense of timing and purpose he chants the Lord's name. She wonders if it is yet another of Ravana's schemes to befool her. Her confusion is resolved by Her realisation that even if it were so, hearing the name of the Lord can only bring peace and comfort to one and all, said Smt. Sudha Seshaiyan in her discourse.

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