Norms further relaxed for procurement of discoloured bajra

NEW DELHI OCT. 13. The Centre today announced a further relaxation in the quality norms for bajra procured from Rajasthan under the minimum support price scheme. Bajra procured from the State could now have discoloured grain up to 7.5 per cent.

As per norms, the per centage of discoloured grains in bajra could be up to 2.5 only. A week ago, this norm was relaxed to up to 5 per cent and now it has been further liberalised to 7.5 per cent now.

Announcing this, the Union Food Minister, Sharad Yadav, said relaxation did not mean that the Centre was compromising on the quality. But for the look, discoloured grains had the same nutritional value as ordinary grains.

``The move will have a limited impact on the exchequer as it means to only to boost the market sentiments,'' the Minister said. Although no maximum limit has been prescribed, the Centre expects to procure one lakh tonnes of bajra from the State. Also, he said, the State Government has agreed to lift 50 per cent of the discoloured grains procured by FCI for distribution through the Targeted Public Distribution System.

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