NASA gives Indian names to rocks on Mars

KOLKATA: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has given Indian names to certain types of rocks on Mars, a senior geologist on the American agency's Mars Mission said on Monday.

``We shall disclose the names soon after NASA gives clearance to make this classified information public,'' planetary geologist Amitabha Ghosh, now on a tour to India, told PTI.

The rocks were named in consultation with Indian geophysicists and astrophysicists.

For the first time, a four-member NASA team, including Michael Wyatt, Dr. James Rice and Nicole Schultz, is in India to further space science research.

As members of the Mars Explorer Rover Mission, the four have been witness to the activities of Spirit and Opportunity rovers that landed on the Mars.

``We will be talking about our experiences, our disappointments and moments of glory during the 500 days of mission through a series of lectures to create awareness of space exploration in this country,'' said Mr. Ghosh, only Asian on the mission.

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