Man of wisdom sees God in all

CHENNAI NOV.1 . Scriptural texts like the Upanishads begin with a prayer. The intention is to invoke divine grace to make every human activity fruitful, life in the world peaceful and attune the mind of the student to grasp the subject matter, which is subtle. The Kena Upanishad has two invocations, which also give insight into the importance of the acquired knowledge coming to the student's aid when necessary. Karna, for instance, forgot what he learnt when he most needed the teaching. Study of any subject will therefore be useless unless it benefits the person when it is required. It is more so in the case of spiritual knowledge as scriptural study is undertaken with the objective of realising the truth.

Everything functions in the universe because of God (Brahman), from the blinking of the eyes to the flash of lightning in the sky, says this Upanishad. The significance of this statement has to be understood to see the hand of God behind the cosmos. As for human faculties, each sense organ has a unique ability and when this is seen in isolation it is easy to mistake that it can independently function on its own. This is not so. It is the Almighty who has endowed each sense organ with the particular capacity and these faculties are only instruments. This truth must be discerned.

The Kena Upanishad explains this through the incident when God appeared in the form of a spirit (Yaksha) to teach the celestials a lesson. Once in a battle between the celestials and the demons when the celestials started losing the battle they sought the help of God (Brahman). He helped them to win it. But in their victory they forgot that they owed it to God and hence to show their limitations He tested their strength by appearing before them as a spirit. Each god individually failed the test posed by the Yakhsa until Indra, the chief of gods, submitted and was taught the truth by the Divine Mother that it was God who was behind their victory. This is applicable to human faculties and the functioning of the entire universe also. It is ego that is responsible for the ignorance, which blinds man to this truth.

In his discourse, Swami Asutoshananda said a person who could see God everywhere and in every being was truly enlightened. Such an individual does not see any difference between himself and others. Practically some saints have exemplified this in their lives. Instances of wild animals behaving timidly in their presence because of the feeling of oneness have been documented.

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