Insecurity, root of human problems

CHENNAI DEC.5 . It is unfortunate that Yoga has come to be misunderstood for contorted body postures and physical exercises today. Yoga literally means union and it is essential for everyone to understand its meaning. If a person pauses to look at his life he will be astonished to note that all his experiences and activities are limited to a very small circle. The common emotion, which lies at the bottom of his actions, is fear. All his actions are done for the sake of security in worldly life. So it is out of a feeling of insecurity that his social life is structured. A worm crawling on the earth does not have any problem except its survival but for human beings survival alone is not enough.

In the vast existence man is only a tiny speck and this reality is at the root of his fear. Yoga is the means with which he can become one with the existence so that this fear will be dispelled. Modern science is increasingly proving that all existence is energy and this manifests in different forms. For many centuries religion has been saying that God is everywhere and is a unity. What science proves logically religion arrives at by the dialectical process. The obvious question that arises is "why do we feel distinct instead of feeling one with existence?" It is due to the functioning of the intellect because its nature is to think logically.

The logical dimension in the human personality is necessary to deal with the workaday world. In day-to-day life man tends to structure his activities on the basis of how he thinks life has to be lived. He has no time, for instance, to pause and appreciate the beauty of the sunrise or behold his child's face. If the daily routine of an average person is analysed it can be seen that he engages in the same acts like sleeping, eating and working day after day. Logically there seems to be no meaning to such a mechanical existence. But extreme logic will be suicidal as it amounts to concluding that there is no meaning to life.

In his introductory lecture on Isha Yoga, Sri Jaggi Vasudev said without the wall of logic man could not survive in society. By allowing the mind (intellect) to dominate him man ends up being "what he thinks" which is not the same as "what he is". The mind is nothing but the accumulation of ideas he picks up from others and hence it becomes conditioned by education, family and other social interactions that have influenced him. Yoga enables him to become unbounded without getting entrapped within the wall of security he builds around himself to survive in the world.

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