Idols in temples represent God

CHENNAI AUG. 11 . The relationship between God and His creations is permanent and cannot be snapped under any circumstance. It is akin to that of the parents and their children. But some among the latter, who are privileged to occupy good positions all because of the former's sacrifice, show scant respect to them and on some occasion even desert them, making them look after themselves. Likewise men ignore the very presence of God forgetting how He guides them unseen. It is pertinent for everyone to remember how God protects all and hence should maintain their link with Him through Divine service. God's existence and His benign influence on men can be proved, if a contingency arises, through scriptures, which spell out His qualities and instances where He has extended His help to His devotee.

A description of His abode and how celestials there constantly adore him is given. But people here cannot go there immediately even as when a man requires water to quench his thirst, he cannot go to river (Viraja) in Vaikuntam and fetch a pail. The incarnations He took enabled only men of those days to admire His compassion. Hence so long as men exist (in this world), God reveals Himself through idols installed in temples, which are sanctified daily. They represent God and devotees can worship Him in any form they like. In some places, He is seen in a standing posture, in some as reclining and in some others as seated. Nammazhwar was in total agony that Krishna left this world a week prior to his birth and so poured out his heart on Krishna's noble deeds.

In a discourse the Jeeyar Swami of the Ahobila Math explained that God can be worshipped through special stone-like formations known as "Salagramam" in which He resides. This special Divine Stone is obtained from a sacred river. What God expects of His devotees is genuine, sincere prayer and faith they lay in Him. Everyone should hence understand that in all their activities they should depend on Him. Without His grace not a blade of grass can grow. People who have the capacity to spare money should engage themselves in serving Him. In the Bhagavatham, one of the verses portrays Krishna as effulgent and of incomparable splendour. At the same time the same attributes are mentioned about Him in His incarnation as Narasimha. An idol that surpasses description was obtained by the founder of the Ahobila Math over 600 years ago and is even now being worshipped by his successor.