Soul reaches its destination

It is important for us to live our lives without swerving from the right path. But because of our ignorance, we are attracted by the temporary pleasures of life and do not seek the lasting joy of moksha, said T. Rajarathinam in a discourse. Saint Thirumoolar laments that some people, despite being blessed to have birth as human beings, squander that birth by not focusing on the Supreme One. Thiruvalluvar says that those who seek His feet will cross the ocean of births and deaths. But those who do not worship His feet will not cross this ocean. In order that the ignorance that leads to repeated births should be got rid of, one must realise Him, says Thiruvalluvar.

In Tamil, there is a word for the heavenly abode of God. The word is ‘veedu,’ which means house or home. If we take it to mean home and look at it in a worldly context, we can see why it so aptly describes God’s abode. A person who has wandered here and there ultimately comes home to rest and finds peace in his house. Likewise, a soul that has taken many births and has faced troubles and undergone suffering in many births, ultimately is freed from all these sorrows only when it reaches His feet. That is why the word ‘veedu’ in Tamil means not only one’s house, but also God’s abode.

Attaining His feet is the way to finally be rid of worry, care, attachments and the pulls that result from such attachments. It is the ultimate resting place of the soul that has passed through several births, not knowing for a long time that the route to joy was to seek His feet. Once a person becomes God realised, then begins his spiritual journey, culminating in liberation.

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