dated September 30, 1955: Academic year

Mr. C. Subramaniam, Minister for Education, said in the Madras Legislative Council on September 28 that there was a proposal to make the academic year for schools and colleges begin from January instead of June or July as at present. "But, I am still awaiting the opinion of the various academic bodies. We have not yet taken any decision." Mr. G. Krishnamurthi asked whether the Government would place the matter before students and parents, explaining that though the academic year commenced in January, there would be a summer vacation in April-May. The Minister replied that the difficulty would be, soon after the final examinations, there would have to be sufficient time for the correction of papers and publication of results and then for admission into the higher classes. "If we have two vacations - one in December soon after the final examinations and another in the summer - I do not think there will be sufficient number of term days."

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