dated September 22, 1953: Soviet View of Portuguese Colonies in India

An article by D. Shalkin in the Soviet newspaper Pravda said: "Events of recent years show that the proximity of Portuguese colonies on the West Coast of the Hindustan Peninsula is fraught with serious danger to the interests of India. Goa and other Portuguese overseas possessions are now being converted into American military bases." The article disseminated by Tass, the official Soviet news Agency, said the policy of the Portuguese Government after the Second World War created conditions for American penetration of Goa.

Marmagao, the main port of Goa, was being fortified with American money under the supervision of American engineers. Military aerodromes were built in the port area and on the Bambolim plateau. "The establishment of a military base in direct proximity in India's territory cannot but alarm Indian Government circles and the Indian public", Tass reported.

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