dated September 22, 1953: Nahas Pasha Arrested

Egyptian Army headquarters announced on the night of the 21st the arrest of 11 people, and the placing of three prominent persons under house arrest. The Egyptian Army Revolution Command announced that the arrests were in connection with forthcoming "trial of traitors" to be held shortly. The three put under house arrest were Mustafa el Nahas, leader of the dissolved Wafd Party, his wife, Madame Zeinab el Wakil, and Hafez Afifi, a leading businessman and industrialist who at one time had been ex-King Farouk's Chief Royal Cabinet spokesman, ex-Premier Ibrahim Abdel Hady (leader of the dissolved Saadist Party) and Ibrahim Farras, one-time Secretary-General of the Wafdist Party, were the first two arrested and brought to military police headquarters

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