dated October 8, 1954: Dasara in Mysore

Lakhs of people, drenched in pouring rain, watched the "Jaitra Yatra" (March of Conquest) of the Rajpramukh of Mysore, the highlight of the Mysore Dasara celebrations on October 7, the concluding day of the Dasara week. A large number of visitors from all over India and tourists from abroad were among those who witnessed the mile-long procession in all its pomp and pageantry. Most of the way, the procession moved through pouring rain, which started around 4.45 p.m., and continued late in the night. A special item of this year's celebrations was a display of aerobatics over the Mysore Palace by Squadron Leader Bhoopendra Singh of the IAF in a HT2 aircraft, the first aircraft designed and manufactured in India. The Rajpramukh of Mysore, dressed in royal robes, rode in a golden howdah on a beautifully decorated elephant. The USSR Ambassador in India, Mr. Mikhil Alexevich Menshikov, the U.S. Ambassador, Mr. George V. Allen, the Union Production Minister, Mr. K.C. Reddi, and the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra, Mr. N. Sanjeeva Reddi, were among the distinguished invitees who witnessed the celebrations.